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The Wave

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Remembering "The Wave" I used to love watching The ABC Afterschool Specials.

Remembering "The Wave"

Airing from 1972 through 1997, the enthralling dramas tackled everything from cheesy teen romance to abortion, divorce and drugs; most unusual in those days. Though a frequent viewer, the passing years erased most of the details from those ABC Specials; until recently when I found myself flashbacking to bits and pieces of an episode that made an indelible impression on my young psyche.

I recalled fragments of the plot - a high school teacher initiating some kind of “movement” with his students...the movement rapidly growing in size and force...the student’s anticipation of meeting the national leader behind the movement...and the final scene, more vividly etched in memory - particularly for how deeply it spooked me, the students discovering the true and nefarious identity of the great and mysterious leader they all hoped and planned to revere.

The Wave: the experiment that turned a school into a police state. At the end of the week - in life and in the film - the teacher announces a new national political party, with a new leader.

The Wave: the experiment that turned a school into a police state

Only then is the hoax revealed. "We were in a state of shock; there were kids crying," recalls ex-pupil Mark Hancock. "He wound that class up as tight as a drum. " EnglishTheWave - Teaching Guide. The Wave Chapter questions. Chapters 1-3. 9781405878814. Free Study Guide for The Wave by Todd Strasser. Study Guide for The Wave. The Wave Summary. The Wave is set at Gordon High School over a period of nine days.

The Wave Summary

But this isn't your average high school drama story. Day 1: Ben Ross shows his students a documentary on the Holocaust. He' upset when he realizes that his students have questions about the Holocaust that he can't answer – he wishes he could give them more. Day 2: Ben decides to try an experiment that will help his students understand how it was possible for the Nazis to gain control without someone stopping them. The%20Wave%20by%20Todd%20Strasser.pdf. Everything about The Wave, written by Ron Jones (a.k.a. The Third Wave) Lesson Plan: The Story of the Third Wave (The Wave, Die Welle) The Wave Themes. THE WAVE by Todd STRASSER - The novel - The film. THE WAVE - LATEST WAVE NEWS/EVENTS Several countries will be showing Lesson Plan on TV (click to see networks) Mark Hancock Activities - "Mark Hancock is an original Third Wave student, the class historian, and Associate Producer of the film documentary "Lesson Plan" about the Third Wave class.

THE WAVE by Todd STRASSER - The novel - The film

He is also manager and webmaster of the primary Wave resource website" ( Message from Mark Hancock : "I am one of the students in the original Wave class in 1967, and we produced a documentary film about the class released in 2010 entitled "Lesson Plan" in which the original students and teacher re-tell the story of the experiment.

Our movie is based here: (the DVD is not available yet, and we are working on an online streaming alternative for Europe). EnglishTheWave - Teaching Guide. Feat Marc Copage. The Wave - Shmoop. The Wave Introduction It's a movie!

The Wave - Shmoop

It's a short story! It's a book! It's a scary classroom experiment! It's The Wave! 2017-wave-presentation. Ron Jones In the documentary film “Lesson Plan,” the original students and teacher share their experience and the lessons they learned in the true story of The Third Wave.


THE WAVE - Official Site (Die Welle & The Third Wave resource)