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4 system monitoring tools for Linux. Information is the key to resolving any computer problem, including problems with or relating to Linux and the hardware on which it runs.

4 system monitoring tools for Linux

There are many tools available for and included with most distributions even though they are not all installed by default. These tools can be used to obtain huge amounts of information. This article discusses some of the interactive command line interface (CLI) tools that are provided with or which can be easily installed on Red Hat related distributions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS, and other derivative distributions. Although there are GUI tools available and they offer good information, the CLI tools provide all of the same information and they are always usable because many servers do not have a GUI interface but all Linux systems have a command line interface.

This article concentrates on the tools that I typically use. How to get started with AI(Artificial Intelligence) - Coding Security. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study of computer science focusing on developing software or machines that exhibit human intelligence.

How to get started with AI(Artificial Intelligence) - Coding Security

A lot of people think that AI is just a sci-fi concept that’s being used in movies like Star Wars, Terminator or Lucy, but there is a lot more to it. AI is a very broad topic ranging from a simple calculator to self-drive technology to something that might change the future. Primary Goals and Applications of AI The primary goals of AI include deduction and reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, natural language processing (NLP), learning, perception and the ability to manipulate and move objects. Long-term goals of AI research includes achieving Creativity, Social Intelligence, and General (Human Level) Intelligence.


3D. An ancient Greek algorithm could reveal all-new prime numbers. In case you missed it, mathematicians are pretty obsessed with prime numbers - the limitless 'atoms' of the mathematical world that are only divisible by themselves and one.

An ancient Greek algorithm could reveal all-new prime numbers

Time might only exist in your head, say physicists. Out of all the pressures we face in our everyday lives, there’s no denying that the nature of time has the most profound effect. As our days, weeks, months, and years go by, time moves from past to present to future, and never the other way around. But according to the physics that govern our Universe, the same things will occur regardless of what direction time is travelling in. And now physicists suggest that gravity isn’t strong enough to force every object in the Universe into a forward-moving direction anyway.

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Top 10 Common Hacking Techniques You Should Know About. Unethical hacking can be called an illegal activity to get unauthorized information by modifying a system’s features and exploiting its loopholes.

Top 10 Common Hacking Techniques You Should Know About

In this world where most of the things happen online, hacking provides wider opportunities for the hackers to gain unauthorized access to the unclassified information like credit card details, email account details, and other personal information.


Here are the limits of humanity's space exploration. When it comes to space exploration, how far can we actually go?

Here are the limits of humanity's space exploration

Is there a true limit, even with the sci-fi tech of the future, to humanity’s reach beyond Earth? As the Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell video above explains, humanity lives in a small area of the Milky Way - an average spiral galaxy that’s about 100,000 light-years across. Like many other spiral galaxies, it's full of stars, planets, gases, and dark energy, with a supermassive black hole in the centre. Though we might think of our galaxy as crowded, most of it is actually empty space.


How to dual boot Kali Linux with windows. A step-by-step tutorial. Kali Linux is the most famous Linux distribution for hackers and penetration testers.

How to dual boot Kali Linux with windows. A step-by-step tutorial

Instructables. Worried about privacy, forget Google and try these search engines. Google is the ultimate search engine?

Worried about privacy, forget Google and try these search engines

Wrong, there are plenty of search engines that offer you same search results if not better. I Never Want To Understand Sand. One of the most rewarding parts of scientific research is the way it enriches my appreciation of the universe.

I Never Want To Understand Sand

The more I learn, the more beautiful the world becomes—it’s what drives me to stay curious, to keep asking questions. How To Watch Star Wars In Command Prompt And Terminal Right Now. I know you’ve watched all Star Wars movies a long time ago – multiple times, in multiple orders – on your television, computer, and in some cinema nearby you.

How To Watch Star Wars In Command Prompt And Terminal Right Now

But, with all the hype surrounding the just-released Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it makes perfect sense to re-watch the original series. But, why not try watching the beginning – Star Wars Episode IV – on your PC’s Command Prompt as an animated text? Girl Hacks Dad's Computer on Her Raspberry Pi. Here I’m going to tell you about a fun project to help you learn the Linux shell on a Raspberry Pi and then use it to play a prank and ‘hack’ someone’s computer.

Girl Hacks Dad's Computer on Her Raspberry Pi

In the video shared ahead, you will see little a daughter describing how they can connect to her dad’s computer using their Raspberry Pi. It’s been done using the Linux SSH tool. Learn Electronics from World’s Oldest Drum Machine. What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)? How it Works? Virtual Private Network or simply VPN is a personal network created over the internet, so that the devices connected over it can have an uninterrupted communication, regardless of any physical or digital barriers in the mid-way. How To Set-Up VPN on Android Devices. With hackers and in fact sometimes our own governments lurking around, looking for just one opportunity to steal your data, you might want to give serious reconsideration before connecting. Somehow the idea of my bank credentials and personal information resting in someone else’s hands doesn’t seem to be very enthralling to me.

So how to overcome this problem? Simple just configure a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN would allow you to connect your device up to a secure connection to another network over the internet.


All You Need To Know About Coding In One Image. Programming is very useful and valuable. This image will show you on how it works and how much you can earn per year. Which programming language can make more money and which programming language is easy and lot more information in just one single image. Windows 10: Most Important Features You Need to Know. Windows 10 was the major feature of the event. Let’s take a look at the most important Windows 10 features and related to Microsoft’s OS: Our complete Windows 10 guide is here: Windows 10 guide. Weather. Developer curses at a man using 'F word' on subway, only to find he is his job interviewer. We report news about security and technology but sometimes life throws up strange stories that we feel it obliged to bring it to the notice of our readers. What is 4D Printing and Its 4th Dimension? This year 3D printing turned 30 years old and it has emerged as one of the fastest growing technologies with endless opportunities.

The price of 3D printing has fallen below $1,000 and recently a Chinese company launched world’s first affordable personal 3D scanner and printer. Cracking WPA/WPA2 Encryption.


Domicile. Forget daylight savings, we should adopt a single, universal time, scientists say. Welcome to our Magazine // A Leatherman Bracelet Puts 25 Tools On Your Wrist  Stepper Motor + Arduino + Solar Tracker (EV) From IDEA to PRODUCTION - Cryptex. Extremely Low Cost 3D Printable 3D Printer / Plotter / CNC Machine. --Printed parts-- (all files for the parts, with matching names to each part are provided below) -X-Axis Assembly -Y-Axis Assembly. White Noise Radio. Overview: We created a simple crystal radio inspired by the following website Materials: piece of wood/cardboard Materials: 4 in piece of one inch diameter PVC pipe large paper clip. San Francisco: Past, Present, Future. San Francisco: Past, Present, Future is the result of my interest in creating an interactive mapping of the city. This work allows you to explore the history, current conditions, and projected coastline of San Francisco. By overlaying translucent maps below a clear 3D printed city topography, you can see relationships between historical ecology, urban morphology, and potential sea-level rise scenarios.

How-To Geek - For Geeks, By Geeks. Three-pass protocol. Foo Camp.


Hardware. Languages. Windows os. Nix. Data. Reference. Robotics. CodePen - Front End Developer Playground & Code Editor in the Browser. Deep Whois. How to delete Facebook from your life completely. West African Inventor Makes a $100 3D Printer From E-Waste. Imprimante 3D / Printer 3D. Artificial Intelligence and Superintelligence Explosion. Code learning. Self Sufficiency. The Benefits of Optimizing Your Workflow Can Be Massive.