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Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero - ITH. AAEON has provided an intelligent solution to improve the services of traditional vending machines - AAEON. Mobile & Efficient Management 1.

AAEON has provided an intelligent solution to improve the services of traditional vending machines - AAEON

SMART Stocking Control Operators can access a mobile dashboard application 24/7 to retrieve real-time transactions and data analysis of sales performance, which leads the operators to data and management of inventory stock levels to optimize the restocking route and effectively maximise the revenue opportunities. 2. SMART Hardware Maintenance Instant visibility through remote monitoring capability can proactively notify of any potential technical issues that need to be addressed prior to machine failure. 3. Integrated with a RealSense™ camera in the intelligent vending machine, real-time consumer behavior/demographic reports allow the operators to gather product campaign feedback instantaneously. Augmented Reality: The Future of Retail. Memory Mirror® by MemoMi/ MemoMi In the next 10 years, retail shopping is going to change more than it has in the history of retail.

Augmented Reality: The Future of Retail

Stores will be like Websites and Websites will be like stores. Several emerging technologies are going to play a paramount role in shaping the way people experience shopping. Augmented Reality (AR) is just one of those technologies, one that is going to take a central stage. The powerful combo of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will bring the future closer to our fingertips. How to Find the Best Project Management Methodology for Your Team. At the core of any project manager’s success is a series of principles, strategies, and organized techniques to guide a project from start to finish.

How to Find the Best Project Management Methodology for Your Team

These all combine into a comprehensive project management methodology, which can then be implemented by a project management tool. As a project leader, it is the project manager’s responsibility to choose a set of these strategies which will mesh effectively with their clients, stakeholders, types of projects, and team members. The world's first bionic hand that will allow patients to 'feel' sensations set to be transplanted onto a patient. Will give amputees a genuine sense of touchAttached directly to the nervous system via electrodes'We hope one day the user will just forget it's there' Dr Silvestro Micera By Nick Mcdermott, Science Reporter Published: 13:34 EST, 17 February 2013 | Updated: 03:21 EST, 18 February 2013 A bionic hand which allows the recipient to feel ‘lifelike’ sensations is to be transplanted on to a patient’s arm for the first time.

The world's first bionic hand that will allow patients to 'feel' sensations set to be transplanted onto a patient

Until now, artificial limbs have been able to pick up brain signals destined for the absent hand and translate them into movements, but they could not give sensory feedback. Sarah Bergbreiter: Why I make robots the size of a grain of rice. Home - Travelsat Competitive Index. What is Precision Agriculture? What is the meaning of Precision Farming?

Claudio Bellinzona - Musement - Speakers - WTM London. The phone that cares for people and planet. Projecting Images onto a Moving Object - NEWSROOM TOKYO - TV - NHK WORLD - English. Ishikawa Senoo Laboratory. 9 Amazing Examples of Disruptive Technology (Inspired by the WTIA) WTIA's (Washington Technology Industry Association) theme in May is DisruptiveTECH.

9 Amazing Examples of Disruptive Technology (Inspired by the WTIA)

Consider revenue growth opportunities from disruptive technologies in the past, and those projected in the future. How the Internet built a $100,000 race car. With its orange paint, muscular look and mounted steer horns, an unusual race car has been turning heads on the streets of this capital city.

How the Internet built a $100,000 race car

Electrolux Design Lab – Electrolux Group. Galleries of winning images from past MRS meetings. MINERÍA – APEX Simuladores de Manejo. Desde aplicaciones de carga y transporte, demolición, tuneladoras, la maquinaria minera está pensada para ocuparse de una gran variedad de tareas en minas, canteras y agregados.

MINERÍA – APEX Simuladores de Manejo

La necesidad de operar estas grandes máquinas con seguridad convierte la simulación en un camino garantizado de éxito. El manejo complejo de cualquiera de estas máquinas se puede convertir en una formación sencilla y al alcance de cualquier empresa en cuanto a costes. La adquisición de maquinaria moderna es una gran inversión a la cual se tienen que enfrentar las empresas mineras. Live Virtual Reality (VR) & 360 Degree Streaming Software. The Official Website TITIN The World's only Weighted Compression Gear – TITIN Tech. GXL Folding Electric Scooter - The Ultimate Commuting E Scooter.

Amp up your work or school commute with the GOTRAX GXL electric scooter.

GXL Folding Electric Scooter - The Ultimate Commuting E Scooter

With a boosted 250-watt engine, your Glider XL e-scooter can reach a top speed of 15 mph! Cruise casually to and from the grocery store or make it on time to that lecture on the other side of campus. BaselTek Automatic Car Cover Retractable Auto Electric Smart Shelter Fits Regula. VoZe Vehículos Eléctricos. Lit Motors. Armored Cars, Bulletproof Vehicles, Armoured Sedans & Trucks. Call Waiter Button System. Shouting and waving is not a sign of decency, for the alternative, Waiter call button has been introduced in most of the modern contemporary restaurants.

Call Waiter Button System

Smart Voice Instant Translator – Redtag Empire. PREXENZ-VR Studio. Foam raises concrete that weighs thousands of pounds. Amazon. EXCHANGE: Augmented reality in app for visually impaired. Contacto Silver Line. IT Compliance and Advanced Threat Protection. High-Tech Tools Show Promise for Stroke Recovery. David Tannenbaum, a lawyer turned startup executive, had been in chemotherapy for a brain tumor for almost a year when, in January 2015, he had two strokes that left him partly paralyzed on his right side.

High-Tech Tools Show Promise for Stroke Recovery

After months of traditional physical therapy, and still partly paralyzed, Mr. Tannenbaum turned to a videogame for help. He used a device at NYU Langone Medical Center in which an interactive, on-screen canoe trip retrains the paralyzed hand and brain in basic movements. New therapeutic devices for stroke recovery, made possible by advances in hardware and software, are transforming the typically low-tech world of stroke rehabilitation. Ekso Bionics - An exoskeleton bionic suit or a wearable robot that helps people walk again. Bigger, Faster, Stronger: Will Bionic Limbs Put the Olympics to Shame? On Euston Road in London, about seven miles from where Oscar Pistorius will run in the Olympics atop legs of carbon fiber, is the Wellcome Collection, home to an array of science-based exhibits reflecting the influences of art, history and other aspects of the humanities. One of its current features is titled Superhuman.

Privacy Policy. Augmedix is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Statement explains the types of personal information we may collect from visitors to this website, why we collect it, and with whom we may share it. It also describes how we protect your personal information and how you can contact us with any questions. Augmented interactive Reality (AiR) - Optech4D. Atheer Raises the Bar for Natural Gesture-Based Mobile Computing with Second Generation Smart Glasses Experience Expanded AiR™ Pilot Program and New Developer Kit Delivers Unmatched Interactivity and Enterprise-ready AiR OS MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.

Wireless Charging for Medical Smart Glasses - Humavox. Contact Us to Integrate Wireless Charging Smart glasses are becoming a new reality with their ability to browse the web, record medical operations, send information, seek advice between physicians, as well as display invaluable information such as patient records, drug information and test results. This will provide a new, refreshing lens to look at the healthcare world. Allowing physicians to retrieve data and electronic records quickly and efficiently with all needed analysis to provide the best treatment. Wireless Charging for Medical Smart Glasses. Healthcare Wearables. Qué es un beacon y cuáles son sus beneficios.

¿Has escuchado hablar de los "beacons"? Este término, que de a poco ha ido ganando gran popularidad, hace referencia a un pequeño dispositivo (tan pequeño como una moneda) que emite señales de onda corta por medio de la tecnología Bluetooth, y que puede llegar hasta 50 metros de alcance. Locating users inside a room with iBeacons. Top 10 Waterproof Cameras of 2016. Qué es un beacon y cuáles son sus beneficios. StumbleUpon. The 12 most impressive car innovations of 2015 — RANKED. PorscheThe Porsche Mission E comes with some pretty sweet features. It's not enough to design functional, standard cars that can perform all of the traditional automobile tasks anymore.

They have to be smart, comfortable, easy to use, and just cool. That's why automakers and tech companies have been designing innovative car features from holographic dashboards to rotating chairs. Untitled. 25 Disruptive Technology Trends for 2015 - 2016. 6 amazing tracking devices so you don't lose stuff. With a 2-Year Battery, This Wireless Motion Sensor Can Go Anywhere. Narrative Unveils the Clip 2 Wearable Camera. Sweden’s Narrative has today released details of version two of its Clip wearable camera, ahead of CES. Build Native iPhone APPS - EASY, RELIABLE, EXTENSIBLE.

LM Novo - Téléchargements mobiles. Tech Reporters Contact Information List. Phone Number: +1 646 480 0356 Register Login Find Tech Reporters For startups looking for press coverage, it is time consuming to collecting the contact information of tech reporters. Listen to news, websites and documents with SoundGecko. Feel, Act, Make sense. El patrón de la vida, las secuencias de Fibonacci. Las matemáticas están en donde quiera que enfoques tu mirada, estas no fueron inventadas por locos que nada mas nos querían dar problemas (literalmente hablando) en la escuela, si no que fueron descubiertas para ayudarnos a comprender el origen, naturaleza y secuencia de la vida.

Para poder comprender al Universo, uno debe percibir los patrones que nos rodean. Para ser breves les presentaremos el siguiente video que resume en si el propósito de este articulo en un ambiente gráfico y amigable. (Gracias explainers. Por cierto, no dejen de ver el video del final de este articulo. Es excelente.) Apps - Techrony. Category/materials. Circuit Scribe, un bolígrafo que te permite dibujar circuitos eléctricos de forma instantánea.

Future Technology Predictions. Robot Dragonfly - Micro Aerial Vehicle.