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10 Champagne Cocktails - Recipes for New Years Champagne Drinks. Lava Flow Cocktail Recipe. The Definitive Guide To Ordering, Making And Drinking Martinis. There's no cocktail on the planet with more pomp and circumstance than a martini, despite its totally simple recipe. Martinis are epically strong, slightly mysterious, and come in a really snazzy glass. All those reasons combined make it one of the more intimidating cocktails to order at a bar, particularly if you've never done so before. There's more than one way to order a martini, and all of them will deliver a totally different result. How can you make sure to order the kind of drink you like -- with lots of olive juice, for example -- without sounding like a total jerk?

This infographic below is how. The folks at Fix have put together the definitive guide to ordering, making and drinking martinis. Source: Follow Us On Pinterest | Behind the Drink: The French 75. The historians of tippling (and I’m one of them) are seldom able to provide precise origins for the most popular drinks—which ironically is the thing tipplers really want. There’s no better cocktail with which to prove this than the mighty French 75, a mixture of gin—or is it cognac?

—with lemon, sugar, ice and Champagne. Refreshing, delightful and wickedly intoxicating, it’s a concoction every bartender must know and every drinker cherish. But where does it come from? All of the pieces are accounted for, so it’s just a question of how in blazes to get them to fit together. Here’s the problem, though. Indeed, the combination of gin and Champagne was a popular one with gents of a certain class. In short, the odds are that whoever invented the French 75 didn’t really invent anything at all.

French 75 Contributed by David WondrichINGREDIENTS: .5 oz Lemon juice1 tsp Sugar2 oz London dry gin or cognacChampagne, chilledGlass: Collins. How to Make a French 75. Voilà l'Été: The French 75 Recipe on Food52. Frozen Peach Bellini. Wonderfully light, refreshing, and bubbly peach bellinis – and all you need is 3 ingredients and 5 minutes! So simple and easy! Summer officially starts June 21st, but we can start our summer party early with these peach bellinis. It’s just too good to put this on hold for 3 more weeks. Not only that, it’s just so easy to make! All you need is a blender and just three ingredients – frozen peaches, mango nectar and Prosecco (or champagne).

That’s it! From there, you can blend everything together and top it off with the Prosecco. Wonderfully light, refreshing, and bubbly peach bellinis - and all you need is 3 ingredients and 5 minutes! Ingredients 3 cups frozen peach slices 1 cup mango nectar 1 (750-mL) bottle Prosecco, chilled Instructions Combine peach slices and mango nectar in blender until smooth; set aside. Nutrition Facts Serving Size Servings Per Container 8 Amount Per Serving Calories 180.8 Calories from Fat 0.9 % Daily Value* These Boozy Popsicle Recipes Are Even Better Than Cocktails.

Mint Julep Popsicles Recipe. Note to self: Do not walk into the grocery store sipping on a mint julep. The security guard will probably start following you around, especially if you’re stuffing bottles of bourbon into your basket. Mint julep popsicles on the other hand . . . now that’s a different story. To be honest, I didn’t know how these pops would turn out. There aren’t many ingredients to play around with in a mint julep, so getting the proper ratios was essential.

Ingredients (makes 8 – 10 popsicles):2 1/2 cups water1 cup demerara sugar1 cup mint1/3 cup bourbon Add sugar and water to a medium sauce pan over medium-low heat and stir until the sugar completely dissolves. Once the sugar has dissolved, turn off the heat and add the fresh mint. Add the bourbon and stir to combine, then pour into your popsicle molds. Once the popsicles have frozen and you’re ready to enjoy, carefully remove them from the molds. Pair with a couple strong mint juleps . . . . . . and enjoy!! Happy Derby Day!! (images by HonestlyYUM) The Piña Clara. Pina Clara We went to Hawaii a little while ago and, apart from enjoying the amazing weather, we ate and drank many good things. One of these things was a cocktail I had at Migrant in Wailea on Maui; they called it the Pele Colada. It was a play on the pina colada except, instead of coconut milk, they used coconut water and coconut rum. This gave it all the flavours of a traditional pina colada, but with a much more refreshing twist.

Smart Cookie Bakes – Pina Clara When I tried to recreate this cocktail at home I wanted to name it something similar, but not exactly the same. Either way, in my version, I wanted to drive home the point that the drink is clear instead of milky, so I went with pina clara or ‘clear pineapple’. Super refreshing with just the right amount of pineapple and coconut flavours mingling together, this is the drink of choice for hot summer days.

The Pina Clara Author: Malgosia Ip Recipe type: Cocktail Serves: 1 Muddle the fresh pineapple in a cocktail shaker. Malgosia Ip. Mezcal Sunrise. I wish I could remember the first time I tried mezcal, or even heard of it. Probably it was sometime over the past 5, maybe 7, years when we collectively started giving other liquors a chance to star in our drinks. I like to put mezcal in everything. And today’s drink is one from my ongoing “to make” list. Here my notes were: meaty, but refreshing. I’m guessing this was a late night scribbling where I had something particular in mind but what exactly is no longer clear. But I like these challenges. It’s kind of a choose your own adventure cocktail. I’m using the Vida mezcal here because it’s both a wonderful sipping liquor and it mixes well with others.

Mezcal Sunrise Author: Elana Lepowski Recipe type: Cocktail Serves: 1 cocktail 1 ounce mezcal, Del Maguey Vida Organic used here ¾ ounce Aperol ½ ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice from ½ lemon 3 ounces club soda 2-3 dashes of either Angostura or Chocolate bitters, like Scrappy’s Chocolate Cocktail Bitters. Pot Cocktails Are As Crazy As You Imagine. From gravity bongs to blueberry blunt wraps and, of course, brownies, industrious stoners have been tinkering with new ways to get high since time immemorial. Now they’re adding cocktails to that mellowed-out list. With the decline of marijuana prohibition, there is an increasing array of intriguing DIY and pre-packaged options available. Vodka is the overwhelming favorite for infusing because it’s neutral profile makes a great canvas for anything you care to add. Check the wild range of flavors available on any store shelf. But what’s the fun in that?

Curious to see how weed would play with whiskey, I whipped up a potent batch of Manhattans with weed-infused rye whiskey just in time to enjoy the afternoon sun. (I used Bulleit Rye.) Eager for more potent dranks? Once you’ve settled on a green strain and spirit, remember this crucial step: decarboxylation. Pot Manhattan Contributed by Matt Merkin 2 oz Cannabis-infused Rye Whiskey*1 oz Sweet vermouth3 dashes Angostura Bitters Glass: Coupe.

Climbing Grier Mountain » bourbon pomegranate sangria. Bourbon pomegranate sangria Well, here we are, Thanksgiving Eve. Are you ready for the big turkey dance tomorrow? Currently Mr. B and I are on the second leg of our Tour de Kansas. We are having Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. Anyways, I’m looking forward to helping my mother-in-law and sister-in-law prepare the Thanksgiving feast. Plus, I figured we should be toasting to everything positive in our lives. Salud! Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Bourbon Pomegranate Sangria Yield: makes 4 to 5 drinks Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 5 minutes Ingredients: 2 oranges, sliced thinly 1 cup fresh pineapple, sliced thinly 1/4 pomegranate seeds 1 cup pomegranate juice 3 tablespoons granulated sugar 1/4 cup bourbon squeeze of lemon juice 1 bottle sparkling wine or champagne Ice Directions: In a large pitcher, combine pomegranate juice and granulated sugar.

Before serving, pour sangria into ice filled glasses about halfway. Adapted from Food and Wine Magazine. Jello Shots Recipe. Original Chatham Artillery Punch Recipe - NYT Cooking. How James Bond Destroyed The Martini. “Gin, or vodka?” The bartender is inviting me to pick a spirit for my martini. “Gin,” I tell him. Then, feeling a little indignant, I say, “Always gin.” I love vodka, but it doesn’t belong in a martini. The answer, my friends, is James Bond. Here’s James Bond, ruining the martini. Shaken, not stirred is a phrase you may be familiar with, even if you’ve never read a Bond book or seen a Bond film. While James Bond is obviously a fictional character, his preferences have had a very real cultural impact. I can’t hold the vodka thing against Bond. While it’s undoubtedly strange that such a badass character would drink a kind of lame drink, it’s important to note that James Bond drank so much more than shaken martinis.

Fortunately, we can admire a man and hate on his drinking tastes. Can I tell you what’s messed up about James Bond…Shaken, not stirred, will get you cold water with a dash of gin and dry vermouth. I believe that says it all. All images courtesy of Eon Productions. How to Make the South Side Summer Cocktail. Like most things in life, cocktail culture can be reduced to a high school mentality: “Everyone says Brad made Vans cool at our school, but I swear Becky wore them first.” Take the South Side — a “gin mojito“, as described by Laura Lashley, Head Bartender at The Breslin — whose origin is much contested.

For decades, Chicagoans swore it was the brainchild of Frankie McErline, a Tommy gun-toting bootlegger, whose associates used citrus, sugar and mint to mask the bathtub gin they brewed and served on the south side of the Windy City. Meanwhile, Long Islanders maintained that it was a product of their high society — a direct descendent of the famed mint juleps at a certain Long Island tavern, which was a favorite among wealthy male Manhattanites on weekend hunting trips. Those same Manhattanites eventually bought said tavern and turned it into the Southside Sportsmen’s Club, from which the South Side got its name. What do we know for sure? The South Side Preparation: 1. All Natural Gin and Tonics.

I’m becoming a gin and tonic girl. Is that OK, mom? There’s something mesmerizing about how light and bubbly this drink is. So refreshing and simple. I’m not even usually one for dry cocktails, and I’m certainly no gin connoisseur. But come springtime, gin and tonics are practically all I want in my hand. OK, that and margaritas. How is this recipe “all natural?” Most store bought tonic waters have weird, unnatural ingredients and are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. So lately, John and I have been making our own, all natural version by sweetening with maple syrup, agave or honey, and then relying on seltzer or sparkling water for the fizz. So fizzy, refreshing, and easy. This version gets a tart-sweetness from sliced kumquat that’s been muddled with gin and sweetener. I’m a sucker for colorful spring produce, hence this brightened up orange version.

I think you guys are going to love this cocktail! Refreshing Fizzy Light Perfectly sweet Slightly tart & Simple Recipe type: Cocktail. Fresh-style Pineapple Cilantro Margarita. Cocktail Construction Chart. Pineapple Sangria. What to do when you have too much pineapple? Add booze. Naturally. I have a thing for sangria. A santhingy? A thingria? Oooh I’ll stop. I’ve made blood orange sangria and pomegranate vanilla sangria and grapefruit sangria and apple cider sangria and strawberry satsuma champagne sangria and waaaaay too much sangria. Do I need to get a life? After this, I promise I’ll give the pineapple a rest for a (few?) Ugh. [Sidebar: Let’s talk about how I’m still struggling (majorly) with photography in our new home.

I barely had any space in our old house, but had incredible light and a great spot for placing backgrounds. I’m constantly trying out new things which I guess is cool, but I’m just not FEELING IT yet. I photographed these on a day when we still had loads of snow – like maybe six inches still on the ground even though it hadn’t snowed in days. Okay I’m done.]

I added a few extras into my pineapple sangria —> strawberries! A whole pineapple would be inside of that jar too. And some brandy. Print. Taste Test: The Best (And Worst) Brandy To Use In A Sidecar. Few cocktails are as versatile as the Sidecar. It's refreshing in summer and comforting in winter; it's sophisticated to order at a bar and fun to serve at a party; it's sweet enough to be accessible to cocktail novices and strong enough to be appealing to cocktail diehards. If it's not already a part of your mixology repertoire, it should be. Despite their classy reputation, Sidecars are very easy to make: just combine five parts brandy with two parts each of orange liqueur and fresh lemon juice over ice, then shake until frosty. The most daunting thing about them, really, is choosing the right ingredients. That's because the best-known type of brandy is cognac, from the southwest part of France, which is subject to a set of regulations and traditions comparable in their complexity to those that govern great French wine.

But really, if you just want to make a good cocktail, you don't need to know the difference between VSOP, XO and Napoleon grades of cognac. America's First Cocktail: Was It The Sazerac? (INFOGRAPHIC) There are about as many stories about who invented the Sazerac as there are ways to make one. There has also been plenty of debate about whether or not the Sazerac was America's first ever cocktail. This classic New Orleans cocktail is one of our favorites -- we even urged you to make Sazeracs for your Fat Tuesday parties in February. As we started to dream up our Independence Day cocktail menu, celebrating the best, brightest and earliest American cocktails, we knew two things: the Sazerac had to be on the list, and we needed to get the cold, hard facts regarding its history.

For that, we reached out to our booze spirit guides at Ready to give the Sazerac a try? Absinthe 1 Sugar cube (Demerara or white) 3 Dashes Peychaud’s Bitters 2 Dashes Angostura Bitters 2 oz Russell’s Reserve Rye Whiskey Slice of lemon peel Rinse a chilled rocks glass with absinthe, discarding any excess, and set aside. In case you're still feeling a bit shaky about the process, watch a pro do it! My Safety Drink at Questionable Bars: Tequila Ginger Ale. Pop quiz. You're at a bar that serves drinks out of a nozzle — what do you order? We're talking cocktails on The Kitchn this week, but let's face it, you won't always find yourself at an establishment (or a home) that serves fine cocktails.

Sometimes you've got to play things safe and order up something simple to avoid the "You want me to muddle what? " face. That's the time I go for a tequila and ginger ale. If you only have two ingredients, they better both be great… err, at least decent. Tequila, is my favorite spirit. When I make a cocktail, I usually look to add something herbal and slightly sweet. What's your favorite drink to order when you're at a bad bar? Related: What Drink Do You Order When You're At a Bad Bar? (Images: Chris Perez) Ginger Beer Margaritas. 3 Delicious Sherry Cocktails You Should Know. 12 College Cocktails You Drank Against Your Better Judgment. Martinez recipe on How to Make a Vesper Martini. Hangover Cure Cocktails - Gatorade Pimm's Cup And More. 10 Classic Cocktails You Can Make With Only 4 Ingredients — The 9-Bottle Bar. Ezra's - The Swill - The Toronto. InsideHook's Cocktail Quarterly: Winter Edition.

The Island Voodoo Cocktail | Sip High. 10 Classic Cocktails You Can Make With Only 4 Ingredients — The 9-Bottle Bar. Boo Radley Cocktail - Bourbon Drinks. How to Make Gin and Cappelletti Punch. The Mid-Winter Margarita. Perfect for Thanksgiving: 10 Fall Sangrias — Drinks from The Kitchn. Thanksgiving Dinner in 5 Shots | FWx. El Diablo Recipe. 5 Holiday Cocktails to Warm Your Spirit. Calvados 101: Apple Brandy and Rosemary Cocktail. Making your own cocktails on a plane -- How to mix your own drinks at 36,000 feet. Fernet and Coke is the New Rum and Coke. 5 New Chicago Cocktail Bars Focusing On The Casual Side Of Good Drinking. Low Sugar and Low Alcohol Vodka Cocktails. Cocktails To Drink Before You Die - Classic Cocktail Bars. 15 Cocktail Recipes to Commit to Memory. The Drink: Sean Brock's Pappy Van Winkle Cocktail.

Why James Bond Wanted Martinis 'Shaken, Not Stirred' Make the Perfect Old-Fashioned | Tom Macy. St Rita Cocktail Recipe. St. Germain Champagne Cocktail {recipe} Wedding Cocktails, Scents, Perfumes, Aphrodisiacs. Summer Love Potions. Countries Compared by Lifestyle > Food and drink > Wine > Consumption. International Statistics at Singapore Sling Recipe and History.

The Barfly Cocktail aka The House Special. Just One More. Watermelon-Tequila Cocktails Recipe. Every Tequila Cocktail Recipe You Need For Cinco De Mayo. What your favorite drink says about your politics, in one chart. 8 Game Day Drinks. Behind the Drink: The Black Russian - Cocktail History. Counting my drinks. With Each Sip Of Whisky, You're Taking A Gulp Of Atmosphere : The Salt. Rum and Coke history, recipes, variations. Plus, Moxie cocktails and PDT’s Cinema Highball.

Bourbon and Coke. The case for getting drunk at work. Fight Food Waste: Drink Rum, Matey : The Salt. From the Source: Cocktails. Gin, Tonic and a Dash of Restraint. The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature Pop Charts Lab Print. Anneli Rufus: The Cocktail Apotheosis. Anejo Tequila Reviews. 10 Best Movie Bars We'd Like to Have a Drink At. Local IQ - Try a brandy milk punch for a not-so-bloody morning.

How To: Drink Scotch (The Right Way) Cocktail of the Month. Red Snapper Cocktail Recipe. Top 5 Bloody Mary Upgrades. How prisoners make moonshine. Mezcal Mai Tai. 5 Old Fashioneds You Need To Try. 13 Wonderfully Geeky Cocktails - (alcohol, pop culture...) Caskstrength. The King George - Drink. Tom & Jerry. Hot Buttered Rum. RTD Cocktails. The Tom and Jerry, an Odd, Ephemeral Drink. For Every Holiday Party, the Right Drink - Multimedia Feature. Negroni bar crawl: A reader-mandated, post-Sandy, Brooklyn-based birthday blowout.

Make Mine Manhattan. Imbibe Magazine - The Ultimate Drinks Magazine, Exploring Wine, Spirits, Beer, Coffee, Tea and Every Beverage In Between - Imbibe Magazine. Want To Control Your Alcohol Intake? Ask For A Different Glass : The Salt. Labor Day Cocktails. 5 Great Cocktails For Reasonably Priced Scotch.