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Scientists Find Most Complex Bacteria Ever. 0 Shares Sagulenko et. al. / PLoS ONE A bacterium dubbed the "platypus of microbiology" is even stranger than first thought, with the discovery it contains structures normally only found in more complex cells.

Scientists Find Most Complex Bacteria Ever

The find, by an international team led by University of Queensland researcher Emeritus Professor John Fuerst, adds to the debate about how complex cells evolved, and casts doubt on long-held theories of evolution. Read Full Article » The Battle for the Ossabaw Island Pig. From Issue Three of the Gear Patrol Magazine.

The Battle for the Ossabaw Island Pig

0047 // The Microscopic Alchemist: Hunting The Wild Yeast. How to Trap Gators and Influence People. 9 Beautiful Portraits of Rescued Owls. Forrest, a Great Horned Owl.

9 Beautiful Portraits of Rescued Owls

(All photos: © Leila Jeffreys) Species Definition According to DNA (Video) Study adds to evidence that viruses are alive. A new analysis supports the hypothesis that viruses are living entities that share a long evolutionary history with cells, researchers report.

Study adds to evidence that viruses are alive

The study offers the first reliable method for tracing viral evolution back to a time when neither viruses nor cells existed in the forms recognized today, the researchers say. The new findings appear in the journal Science Advances. Until now, viruses have been difficult to classify, said University of Illinois crop sciences and Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology professor Gustavo Caetano-Anollés, who led the new analysis with graduate student Arshan Nasir. Do Dogs Feel 'Guilty' Like We Do? Here's What The Science Says. ’Bama vs. Gators. BAY MINETTE, Ala. — When alligator season began last Thursday night in Alabama, those lucky enough to receive one of the state’s 260 prized hunting permits wondered if they might do what Mandy Stokes did last year.

’Bama vs. Gators

She and four others captured and killed the largest American alligator on record. Crocodiles Can Climb Trees To Hunt Prey From Above Or Below, Researchers Find. From Mother Nature Network's Bryan Nelson: If you thought that climbing a tree was a prudent way to escape a crocodile, think again.

Crocodiles Can Climb Trees To Hunt Prey From Above Or Below, Researchers Find

New research suggests that several crocodilian species are capable of climbing trees, reports Even scarier, some crocs can climb trees all the way to the crown of the tree — and the behavior is fairly common. Vladimir Dinets, a research assistant professor at the University of Tennessee, is the first to thoroughly study this unusual tree-climbing behavior. His study found that at least four crocodilian species, spanning North America, Australia and Africa, were capable of climbing trees: Australian freshwater crocodiles, American crocodiles, Central African slender-snouted crocodiles and Nile crocodiles. Alien-Like Worm Invades US. Among New York Subway’s Millions of Riders, a Study Finds Many Mystery Microbes.


Among New York Subway’s Millions of Riders, a Study Finds Many Mystery Microbes

The genes that turned wildcats into kitty cats. Place a housecat next to its direct ancestor, the Near Eastern wildcat, and it may take you a minute to spot the difference.

The genes that turned wildcats into kitty cats

They’re about the same size and shape, and, well, they both look like cats. Parasites Practicing Mind Control. Photo An unassuming single-celled organism called Toxoplasma gondii is one of the most successful parasites on Earth, infecting an estimated 11 percent of Americans and perhaps half of all people worldwide.

Parasites Practicing Mind Control

Meet the electric life forms that live on pure energy - life - 16 July 2014. Read full article Continue reading page |1|2 Video: Electric bacteria connect to form wires Unlike any other life on Earth, these extraordinary bacteria use energy in its purest form – they eat and breathe electrons – and they are everywhere STICK an electrode in the ground, pump electrons down it, and they will come: living cells that eat electricity.

Meet the electric life forms that live on pure energy - life - 16 July 2014

We have known bacteria to survive on a variety of energy sources, but none as weird as this. Unlike any other living thing on Earth, electric bacteria use energy in its purest form – naked electricity in the shape of electrons harvested from rocks and metals. That should not come as a complete surprise, says Kenneth Nealson at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. 3-D imaging provides window into living cells, no dye required. 1/21/2014 | Liz Ahlberg, Physical Sciences Editor | 217-244-1073; CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Living cells are ready for their close-ups, thanks to a new imaging technique that needs no dyes or other chemicals, yet renders high-resolution, three-dimensional, quantitative imagery of cells and their internal structures – all with conventional microscopes and white light.

Called white-light diffraction tomography (WDT), the imaging technique opens a window into the life of a cell without disturbing it and could allow cellular biologists unprecedented insight into cellular processes, drug effects and stem cell differentiation. The team of University of Illinois researchers, led by electrical and computer engineering and bioengineering professor Gabriel Popescu, published their results in the journal Nature Photonics. “One main focus of imaging cells is trying to understand how they function, or how they respond to treatments, for example, during cancer therapies,” Popescu said. New life found on plastic waste gives rise to the 'plastisphere' Bigfoot Sightings Map: See 92 Years Of 'Squatch In The U.S., Canada By Josh Stevens (PHOTO) Bigfoot is legendary in the Pacific Northwest, but he has also taken a liking to Florida over the past century. At least according to a project by Josh Stevens, who mapped out every Bigfoot sighting compiled by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization from 1921 to 2012.

Brain-Eating Amoeba in Louisiana Linked to Hurricane Katrina? The deadly brain-eating amoeba that recently killed a four-year-old Louisiana boy may be linked to unsafe water conditions created by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, experts say. Brain Eating Amoeba Naegleria Fowleri Warning! It’s in Drinking Water. Is Hurricane Katrina Responsible for Brain-Eating Amoeba in Louisana's Water Supply? Death Spreads Like Blue Wave Across Body In New Worm Study. Death comes to all animals, but how? Scientists Clone Human Embryos To Make Stem Cells : Shots - Health News. Self-medication in animals much more widespread than believed. Accepting Alternate Forms Of Intelligence In The Animal Kingdom.

The Bizarre History of Insect Head Transplants. It's (Almost) Alive! Scientists Create a Near-Living Crystal.