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Teens leading happy connected lives online. Photo.

Teens leading happy connected lives online

On a sunny day, you may get the rainy-day blues from Facebook friends. LOS ANGELES — Blame your Facebook account if you feel down on a bright, sunny day, according to new research.

On a sunny day, you may get the rainy-day blues from Facebook friends

Too many of your friends may be posting emotionally negative messages. In a paper published Wednesday, scientists argued that the hugely popular social networking site exerts an emotional “spillover” effect. The research may carry significant consequences for an increasingly interconnected world. By analyzing more than a billion Facebook status updates, the authors concluded that emotionally positive posts gave rise to more positive posts by friends. On the other hand, negative posts spawned more negative posts. “It was actually a very large effect. Rainy And Sunny Posts How do Fowler and other researchers know this? Researchers said they first used weather records to determine which updates were posted in cities experiencing rain. They found that rain increased the number of negative posts by 1.16 percent and reduced the number of positive posts by 1.19 percent. Teen Social Media Infographic from Common Sense Media.

An Identity Crisis: When Students See Themselves As Digital. An Identity Crisis: When Students See Themselves As Digital.

An Identity Crisis: When Students See Themselves As Digital

NetSmartz Workshop. - Making Safer Choices Online. Digicentral - Roleplay scenarious. Scope and Sequence. Get Trained Use our professional development resources to learn best practices for teaching digital citizenship to your students.

Scope and Sequence

Onboard Students: Digital Passport Introduce students in grades 3-5 to Digital Passport, our award-winning suite of games that help onboard students to the foundational skills of digital citizenship and Internet safety. Teach Lessons: Unit 1 Teach Lessons: Unit 2 5 - Picture Perfect. "Manners Matter" Digital Citizenship Tips [Infographic] Enjoy this useful infographic produced by Knowthenet called Manners Matter.

"Manners Matter" Digital Citizenship Tips [Infographic]

And they do, especially when it comes to teaching students proper digital citizenship skills. Resources such as this are a terrific way to share what’s important about technology with today’s digital learners! Knowthenet is a digital citizenship organization that helps individuals, families and businesses get the most out of the Internet.

They align with national and international organizations to help make being online safe and secure. This informative digital citizenship infographic will make an excellent tool to put into your digital citizenship toolbox. Today’s children will feature in almost 1,000 online photos by the time they reach age five. Oxford, UK, 26 May 2015: This is the key finding of new research commissioned by Nominet for its online safety campaign knowthenet.

Today’s children will feature in almost 1,000 online photos by the time they reach age five

The figure rises as children get older, with parents of those under the age of 16 sharing on average 208 images of their children online a year. The study revealed that 17% of parents have never checked their Facebook privacy settings and almost half (46%) have only checked once or twice, despite the social network being the most common platform for photo sharing. #Being13: Teens and social media. "When I get my phone taken away, I feel kind of naked," said Kyla, another 13-year-old.

#Being13: Teens and social media

"I do feel kind of empty without my phone. " More than 200 eighth graders from across the country allowed their social media feeds to be studied by child development experts who partnered with CNN. This is the first large scale study to analyze what kids actually say to each other on social media and why it matters so deeply to them. The acronyms teens really use on social media. The reason for the apology stems from a story I wrote last year, "28 Internet acronyms every parent should know.

The acronyms teens really use on social media

" "Wouldn't it be interesting to do a piece on the acronyms that teens are using across the Internet, especially on social media and apps, to help parents understand what, in fact, their kids are talking about? " I thought. I consulted existing lists of Internet acronyms and talked with Internet safety experts. Digital Natives, Yet Strangers to the Web. When Reuben Loewy took up his first teaching gig in 2012, he had a major revelation: The digital revolution has dramatically transformed the way that kids perceive reality.

Digital Natives, Yet Strangers to the Web

Perhaps that makes the 55-year-old teacher sound like a dinosaur. What he discovered is, after all, one of the most obvious realities shaping education policy and parenting guides today. But, as Loewy will clarify, his revelation wasn’t simply that technology is overhauling America’s classrooms and redefining childhood and adolescence. Rather, he was hit with the epiphany that efforts in schools to embrace these shifts are, by and large, focusing on the wrong objectives: equipping kids with fancy gadgets and then making sure the students use those gadgets appropriately and effectively.

Educational institutions across the board are certainly embracing (or at least acknowledging) the digital revolution, adopting cutting-edge classroom technology and raising awareness about the perils and possibilities of the Internet. Master Your Online Presence with Alex Katzen (CLAS '12) - U.Va. Alumni, Parents & Friends. Imagine if your future employers could see everything that you bring to the table.

Master Your Online Presence with Alex Katzen (CLAS '12) - U.Va. Alumni, Parents & Friends

Okay, maybe not everything (thank you college), but all of the positive, constructive things you do on a daily basis; all of the news articles you read, the contacts you have, and any random interests. A resume is great and all, but for millennials, we need to showcase our talents in a whole new way. Creating a presence online brings you so many opportunities. If I’m looking for a freelance writer or a coder in the area to work with, I turn to Google. Optimizing your presence online is like showing up to a career fair, ready to greet each booth. Digital Dossier.

Digital footprints. What are you revealing online? Much more than you think. Tasos Frantzolas: Everything you hear on film is a lie.