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How to Make: Homemade Greek Yogurt - Teaspoon of Spice. During my years of grad school in Boston, I lived with a flat mate, Amy, who cooked a little but mainly lived on canned beans, noodles, jarred tomato sauce and an occasional piece of fish cooked in aluminum foil.

How to Make: Homemade Greek Yogurt - Teaspoon of Spice

So I almost dropped the phone the other day when I was chatting with Amy and she nonchalantly mentioned that she now makes homemade yogurt weekly. I’ve been seeing a lot of the homemade yogurt recipes on Pinterest lately, but clearly if Amy is making it “weekly,” and I NEVER have, I am way, way behind the times. So I hopped right to it. Below are my reviews of two different recipes. In the first recipe, I used the recipe-specified whole milk, but you could easily swap in 2%, 1% or fat-free – realizing that the texture would obviously not be as creamy – but the fat content would be lower.

This Homemade Greek Yogurt recipe is actually for quark – a soft cultured cheese made by fermenting milk plus buttermilk. Texture Soft and velvety from whole milk; delightful. One last note. Cucina preDiletta - ricette facili e veloci. Sunday Roast Recipe. This has to be my ultimate Sunday lunch.

Sunday Roast Recipe

It’s a special alternative to your traditional roast beef dinner. I think part of the brilliance of this meal lies in confidently slicing up the component parts of the rib roast in a different way. This encourages people to think about the individual cuts of meat. Serve with a lemony watercress salad, if you like. –Jamie Oliver Rib roasts are commonly carved by slicing between the rib bones, yielding each diner a relatively ample steak that comprises four disparate parts: the medium-rare and meaty eye of the rib; the fatty, well-done, nicely marbled outer meaty portion; the oh-so-gnawable ends of the bones; and any crisp-edged fatty parts.

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Am here with this month's seeds for cooking with seeds event, after going through many seeds my final choice went for cardamom seeds...Cardamom or cardamom seeds is a popular spice used in India and in Middle East..Cardamom seeds are referred to as the Queen of spices, apart from its aromatic fragrance used for flavouring foods, cardamom also many healthy benefits for digestive system in aroma therapy..Caradmom seeds or cloves are used as versatile spice for making out sweet dishes or many spicy dishes also can be grounded into powder with their seeds to spice out many dishes..

Cooking With Seeds - Cardamom Seeds

You need to do: 1)Cook anything with green or black cardamom seeds, both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are accepted from today to 5th May 2010.. Eat your way around the world. The Colors Of Indian Cooking. For the Love of Cooking. Chicken. Recipes + Menus. Places. 6 Places To Eat Incredibly Well In Saint Thomas Where to eat on the beautiful U.S.


Virgin Island. CHOW - Recipes, cooking tips, resources, and stories for people who love food. Recipes, cooking tips, resources, and stories for people who love food. Official site for recipes, books, tv, restaurants and food revolution. Punchfork — The best new recipes from top food sites. Picky Palate. Recipes, Menus, Cooking Articles & Food Guides. Serious Eats: A Food Blog and Community. Recipes, Food, and Cooking Blog.

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The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I love chickpeas, but I mostly eat them cold, whether whole in salads or pureed in hummus. I forget how delightful they are in soups and sauces. And, unless the rumors are untrue, chickpeas are exceedingly good for you! Here’s how to make Chickpea Curry, one of my favorite pantry dishes of all time. If you’re a fan of curry, you’ll slurp up every bite. If you aren’t a fan of curry, this one might just turn you around! Heat a little vegetable oil in a skillet over medium heat and throw in the diced onion and a little salt and pepper. Then, get ready for the fragrance! Best decision you’ll make all week #2: Add minced garlic at this stage, too.

Thank you for listening. Keep sauteing the onions as they become coated in the curry powder. Note: Your kitchen smells like heaven right about now. Coconut milk. Mmmm. Ingredients. Big Girls Small Kitchen. Inspiring cooks, nourishing homes.

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