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My Handbound Books - Bookbinding Blog. ふっくらポケットのトートバッグの作り方. How to make your first robot. If you have purchased an "Instant Robot" shield, you can find a project using that shield here.

How to make your first robot

If you prefer the instructions in a single PDF, Dominic / Servello has made this nice PDF to download - Thanks :) Welcome :) Index to Tips. Materials. Free plans and pictures of PVC pipe projects. A site containing all things geeky. Easy 3D Printing Creator Apps. Fritzing. PROJECTS. Sew Electric Sew Electric is a book of hands-on LilyPad Arduino tutorials that bring together craft, electronics, and programming.


The book walks you through the process of designing and making a series of quirky customizable projects including a sparkling bracelet, a glow in the dark bookmark, a fabric piano, and a monster that sings when you hold […] Circuit Stickers Circuit stickers are a new medium for making electronics. These thin, lightweight, flexible and sticky circuit boards allow us to craft electronic interactivity onto new spaces and interfaces such as books, clothing, walls, and even our bodies. DressCode DressCode is a programming language and enviroment for designing and building decorative and functional artifacts. DIY Cellphone An exploration into the possibilities for individual construction and customization of the most ubiquitous of electronic devices, the cellphone. Drawing the TinySynth. Buy USB Infrared Toy v2 [TES42756P] Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits.

Kintsugi: the art of repairing broken ceramics. Did you know that in Japan, the act of repairing broken ceramics is an art form?

Kintsugi: the art of repairing broken ceramics

The 16th century ‘Kintsugi’, or ‘Kintsukuroi’, is a repairing technique that celebrates the broken item’s rich history by decorating its cracks instead of hiding them. This is done by applying a mixture of urushi (lacquer resin), rice glue, and powdered gold, silver, or platinum. No two Kintsugi patterns are the same, with each golden stream’s path depending on the extent and pattern of the break. The method gives the broken pottery piece new life and identity, making it good as new – sometimes better than the original, even. The video below was created by Greatcoat Films in London. How Quirky Works. Our Vision. Build a Camping Rocket Stove from Leftover Food Cans.

Electronic Goldmine - Electronic Components, Parts, Test Equipment, Kits, Goldmine. Tutorials. DIY « Filippa Malmegard. The Internet of Skills I just watched the refreshing TED group talk on the notion of an Interspecies Internet featuring a hero of mine, Neil Gerschenfeld of MIT’s Center of Bits & Atoms, alongside animal cognition expert Diana Reiss, brilliant network guru and evangelist Vint Cerf and the more unlikely “geek band” member musician Peter Gabriel.

DIY « Filippa Malmegard

Loved the idea […] Forma Steel Decorative Shelf Bracket – 12 x 12 – Stainless. Wisdom of the Hands. BLOG.BOOKBINDERSWORKSHOP.COM: The "Lost Gutenbergs" 15th Century Style Binding Project. Lili's Bookbinding Blog. Education Community. DIY Electronics And Appliances Repair. Learning DIY electronics and appliance repair can be very beneficial, because it enables people to save money and gain useful knowledge.

DIY Electronics And Appliances Repair

In the past, those who wish to learn how to build, modify, or repair electronic devices and appliances had to go to school or study under an electronics expert, but now, they can get comprehensive instructions on the Internet. Here is a list of websites that provide helpful information on how to make and fix different electronic devices and appliances. Radios DIY Crystal Radio: Clear instructions for building a basic crystal radio. Crystal Radio Circuits: Description of different types of radio circuits. Televisions Build You Own Television: Manuals for building American and British televisions. Microwave Ovens Fixing a Microwave Oven: Helpful advice for repairing a microwave oven.

Tutorial ~ Hanging Fabric Baskets Or Pockets. How to Build a Scratching Post. How I Fixed My Broken Rice Cooker: The Complete Illustrated Instructions. Another day, another broken gadget.

How I Fixed My Broken Rice Cooker: The Complete Illustrated Instructions

Plastic-free rule #1 when something breaks is to try and fix it instead of replacing it. But that’s not always easy since so many appliances are built to be tossed instead of repaired. Well Easy Schmeasy. Fixing things is fun. Saves money. How to Repair a Table Lamp. Check the bulb first!

How to Repair a Table Lamp

When a lamp flickers or doesn't light up at all, chances are that one of the parts has gone bad. Here we’ll show you how to replace all the key parts. But don't overlook the obvious: no power or a bad bulb. Try a new bulb and plug the lamp into a different outlet before taking things apart. How much material does the laser burn away? In 2008 I sought to try and quantify the kerf of our laser cutter, or how much material the laser cutter burns away when cutting specific materials.

How much material does the laser burn away?

The idea behind providing this information is so you can make a more educated guess of what sizes to draw your shapes if you are needing a tolerance fit. This information is particularly relevant if you are creating inlays and slotting joints*. Please note that these are old figures, which we are hoping to update soon – we cannot guarantee super-precise kerf widths at this time. Prototyping for yourself is the best way to guarantee the perfect result but hopefully this info will give you an idea of what to expect.

So anyway here are the results…