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Fullscreen HTML5 Page Background Video. Elevator.js. Animated Gradient Ghost Button Concept. Arbor.js. Sigma js. TEDxIasi - This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED. Leaving Facebook... I'm sorry. Dialog. Notification Styles Inspiration. Some simple ideas and effects for unobtrusive website notifications.

Notification Styles Inspiration

A little script is employed for showcasing some styles and CSS animations are used for the effects. View demo Download source Today we’d like to share a couple of simple styles and effects for website notifications. There are a lot of ways to show an unobtrusive message to a user: from the classic growl-like notification to a bar at the top of the viewport. There’s really no limit to making creative notification styles and effects but you should keep in mind to not overdo it if you don’t want to make your user fall off a chair when he gets a notification :) If you want the notification to be a discreet message to the user, keep simplicity and subtlety in mind for the effect of appearance and also the disappearance.

In this small set of notification style variations our aim was to do exactly that. Note that the effects will only work in browsers that support CSS animations and 3D transforms. 17 jQuery Plugins For Form Functionality & Validation. Here is another beautiful and useful collection of some of the best jQuery plugins to help you with form functionality and validation.

17 jQuery Plugins For Form Functionality & Validation

We have previously discussed how much jQuery has contributed to the world of web development. In this round up, we are presenting jQuery plugins for form functionality and validation. Validation can be a real mess for some developers, and these plugins will be of great assistance for them. With these plugins, they can easily build and customize forms in an attractive way and help them to sort out form validation related problems.

ItemSlide - jQuery plugin for a touch enabled carousel. JQuery MenuItems. WebUI Popover Demo. The jQuery Foundation’s mission has always been about more than just our namesake projects of jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile.

WebUI Popover Demo

We already host several projects such as Sizzle, QUnit and Globalize that are not dependent on the jQuery library. This wider web-oriented mission is evident in our jQuery Conferences, which span a wide range of developer concerns beyond jQuery, including Node, CSS, tooling, testing and much more. Over the years we’ve had talks on build tools, accessibility, security, performance, design patterns, and frameworks such as Ember and Angular. At our San Diego conference this past February, for example, Lenny Markus gave a great talk on PayPal’s continuing adoption of Node as they move away from Java and proprietary solutions, Catherine Farman talked about real world responsive design, and John Dimm gave a talk on the HTML5 speech APIs. Beyond the technical compatibility between our projects, we also share the open source model and all the benefits it provides.

Wordpress + Jquery Archives - Daniele Milana. Go to WebUI popover is a lightWeight popover plugin with jquery, that enhances the popover plugin of bootstrap with some awesome new features.

Wordpress + Jquery Archives - Daniele Milana

Created by Sandy Duan. A Wonderful Collection Of Free jQuery & CSS3 Image Hover Effects. With jQuery and CSS3 image hover effects, adding brilliant effects to your web pages is no more difficult task. jQuery has simplified it to a great extent that now even a beginner can also create an effective and professional looking web designs with some brilliant hover effects. jQuery is basically a cross-platform JavaScript library that simplifies HTML scripting and is very popular among the developers.

A Wonderful Collection Of Free jQuery & CSS3 Image Hover Effects

In this compilation, we are showcasing some of free jQuery CSS3 image hover effects for you. A Wonderful Collection Of Free jQuery & CSS3 Image Hover Effects. Drag and Drop Interaction Ideas. WebUI Popover Demo. Wordpress + Jquery Archives - Daniele Milana. Interconnect IT - WordPress Consultants, Web Development and Web Design. Search Replace DB version 3.1.0 allows you to carry out database wide search/replace actions that don’t damage PHP serialized strings or objects with a user friendly interface and experience.

Interconnect IT - WordPress Consultants, Web Development and Web Design

Installation & Use Now acts like a web app! Please read all instructions and familiarise yourself with the risks of using this tool first, downloading of this tool signifies your acceptance of the risks and problems associated with the script. To use the script, download the zip file from below, extract the folder called search-replace-db-master (assuming you are using the 3.1.0 version), renaming it to something secret of your choosing, upload it via FTP, SFTP or SCP to your web server’s public facing directory, then navigate to that folder in your browser. The script will automatically attempt to find and populate the database field but you must check that the details are correct and that it is for the database you wish to carry out a search/replace operation on.

Download v 3.1.0 Problems? Ad Donations. Create a new fiddle - JSFiddle. CSS Responsive Tabbed Navigation. A handy tabbed navigation, optimized for mobile devices, with support for both horizontal and vertical menu positioning.

CSS Responsive Tabbed Navigation

Browser support ie Chrome Firefox Safari Opera 9+ Tabbed navigations are very useful when you need to organize a considerable amount of side content. It’s very common to use tabs in a product page, for information like delivery options, product material info etc. Another use of tabs is in dashboards, where users need a quick way to switch from one panel to the other. The code behind this snippet is very straightforward. Icons credits: Vicons by the talented Victor Erixon. The Next Big Thing In Responsive Design. Responsive design, which allows designers and developers to build websites that adapt to every screen size, is one of the most empowering web tools to be adopted in the last decade.

The Next Big Thing In Responsive Design

But adapting to the screen is only the first frontier of a new, responsive web. Today, users expect online experiences that not only respond to what device they're using, but also their location, time of day, what they’ve already read, and events happening in real time. To capture a user’s attention for the next generation of the web, you’ll need more than just responsive design. You’ll need a responsive philosophy. What Print Newspapers Get Right When you look at the print version of any major print publication over time, you realize that they don’t just have a couple of templates. Somehow, we’ve lost that ability on the web. Build a responsive WordPress portfolio. Web development may change rapidly, but two things that are here to stay are WordPress and responsive design.

Build a responsive WordPress portfolio

Knowing how to build responsive WordPress themes and plug-ins is a must. In this tutorial, we will look at building a WordPress plug-in and theme template for a responsive portfolio. We will work with two mocked-up templates: an archive page, which will list all of the recent projects, and a single page, which will show a specific project. The archive page for the portfolio is a pretty simple one with a header and three columns of projects at full width. This will shrink to two columns, then one column, as the screen gets smaller.

Watch an exclusive screencast of this tutorial: This is the HTML that will be generated by the WordPress Loop: How To Add Page Transitions with CSS and smoothState.js. The following is a guest post by Miguel Ángel Pérez.

How To Add Page Transitions with CSS and smoothState.js

Miguel has been working at Weblinc on ways to transition pages on websites more gracefully. On single-page applications, we have more opportunity for this since we aren't fighting the page reload. But traditional sites with page reloads, you can still be quite graceful with some help from CSS and JS. Off-Canvas Menu Effects. Some inspiration for off-canvas menu effects and styles using CSS transitions and SVG path animations. View demo Download source. Zozo Tabs - Fully Responsive and Touch-Enabled jQuery Tabs plugin. New Features in Zozo Tabs 6.5 (18 March 2014) ZOZO TABS 6.5 - jQuery Tabs Plugin comes with some awesome new features to the table including Flat Theme Pack Extension, enhanced core css and themes, more intelligent responsive feature.

Keep in touch Stay up to date with our new releases, updates, sneak peeks & exclusive deals by signing up to our newsletter. SlideTabs - jQuery & WordPress Tabs Plugin. Dypsilon/frontend-dev-bookmarks. Unheap - A tidy repository of jQuery plugins. Free for students: Professional developer tools from JetBrains. How to detect when a youtube video finishes playing?

40 Top Free jQuery Mouseover Effect Tutorials of 2013. Today we will show you how to create some exciting mouseover effects using jQuery. So the jQuery mouseover is really very attractive for visitor to see your website and your works. There are we share 40 top free jQuery mouseover effects such as super cool tooltips, jQuery popup, jquery mouseover effect fading magnifying etc.

So, with our previous post i also taking about 30 amazing free jQuery slider and carousel plugins of 2013, it is really important for web designer. So, by using these image hover effects, you can make your new projects or web design look really so professional and visually appealing. Prosty efekt parallax.

Niewątpliwie jednym z najpopularniejszych upiększaczy naszych stron w ostatnim czasie jest efekt parallax. W skrócie polega na tym, że fragment strony przesuwa się z inną prędkością niż pozostałe, co daje pewne złudzenie trójwymiarowości. Wbrew pozorom stworzenie takiego efektu dość łatwe, co postaram się udowodnić poniżej. Create Beautiful <SELECT> Dropdown With EasyDropDown.js. <SELECT> is a HTML element that is used for selecting items using a drop-down list.

It’s useful for when you have a very long list of items to select such as dates. Unfortunately, for those who want to create a fancy web page, the default<SELECT>in their web browser is not very user-friendly and doesn’t look great style-wise. To style the element, CSS should be enough. But, well, it isn’t quite enough in terms of accessibility.

VintageJS - add a retro / vintage effect to images using the HTML5 canvas element. - Responsive Grid System. Progress Button Styles. A set of flat and 3D progress button styles where the button itself serves as a progress indicator. 3D styles are used for showing the progress indication on one side of the button while rotating the button in perspective. View demo Download source Today we’d like to share some progress button styles with you. You surely know “Ladda” by Hakim El Hattab, a UI concept that indicates progress directly on the button that invokes a loading action. Scroll/Follow Sidebar, Multiple Techniques. Really simple concept today folks! VintageJS - add a retro / vintage effect to images using the HTML5 canvas element. A Complete Guide to Flexbox.

14 Free Frontend jQuery Plugins. By Akhter on August 20, 2014. 15 Responsive jQuery UI Snippets & Modules. 9 out of the box jquery plugins not to miss. jQuery Masonry. Justified.js. Justified.js. Nitinhayaran/Justified.js. Justified.js. 15 Responsive jQuery UI Snippets & Modules. The Listed Voyage: 30 Free jQuery Navigation Menus. Nowadays, jQuery navigation menus are more than just plain texts with links on it.

D3-based reusable chart library. Vide - easy as hell jQuery plugin for video backgrounds. Headhesive demo - Mark Goodyear. Seen.js. Restive.JS - The Easiest Way to Make your Website Responsive or Adaptive. Smoky Backgrounds Generator - waterpipe.js. jBox by Stephan Wagner. Metro JS - Metro Live Tiles and more Modern UI tools for jQuery - Drew Greenwell - Professional Developer. Extra Strength Responsive Grids. - A jQuery plugin a Day. Quality tutorials and resources from the web - Codrops. Codrops. Fullscreen Overlay Styles & Effects. Previous Demo Back to the Codrops Article Overlay fades in and menu rotates slightly in perspective.

As seen on Huge If you enjoyed this demo you might also like: Perspective Page View Navigation Animated Border Menus. FitText - A plugin for inflating web type. ScrollMe - For simple scrolling effects.

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