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Online Sine Tone Wave File Generator. Introducing the Sine Wave (Pure Tone) The most fundamental sound is the sine wave, characterized by a single frequency without any harmonics.

Online Sine Tone Wave File Generator

Sine waves can be easily recognized by ear, as they sound clear and pure. As sine waves are made up by a single frequency, they are best suited to test audio systems at a particular frequency. The sine wave compared to... Listen to how the sine wave sounds in comparison to other classic waveforms such as the square, sawtooth and triangle. Basic Amplifier Measurement Techniques. An Overview to Audioholics Power Amplifier Measurements There has been much discussion on the major audio forums lately regarding A/V receivers and multi channel amplifier power output capabilities as well as their abilities to drive low impedance loads.

Basic Amplifier Measurement Techniques

Much of the controversy steams around the infamous " All Channels Driven Test " which simulates a best case test load in a worst case environment and by all intents and purposes an unrealistic real world scenario. For more information on this, the reader is encouraged to read the following articles: All Channels Driven Test - Does your Amp Deliver?

The All Channels Driven Test Controversy. DIY Audio Speaker Box Building FAQ - Tutorial. DIY Audio Speaker Box Building FAQ - Tutorial See the Speaker Box Construction Example for more information.

DIY Audio Speaker Box Building FAQ - Tutorial

What supplies are needed? First, you obviously need your speaker drivers. These will determine the size of the box. They will also determine your basic budget, since most of the other costs are fixed. Why use MDF? How do you determine the size of the cabinet/box? How do you screw together the box? A square head (Robertson) bit. Why is bracing necessary? How do you brace the box? Here are a couple of ways a speaker box can be braced.

. (2) a rectangular piece of wood connecting 3 sides of the box, (3) a rectangular piece of wood connecting all 4 sides of the box with several circular holes cut out, (4) a rectangular piece of wood connecting all 4 sides of the box with a single large rectangular hole cut out of the middle. What are battens? A batten is another type of bracing that is used to secure all of the edges of the box. How do you seal the box? Driver spacing? The Simplest Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram. I have been looking for a good stereo amplifier circuit diagram for a long time.

The Simplest Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram

I am not a HiFi geek, I just wanted to build a simple stereo amplifier that could drive some speakers for my desktop computer. All the schematic diagrams that I could find seemed to involve lots of hard-to-find components or you had to use it together with a pre-amplifier or some other amplifier stage. It was always something that made me hesitate. But recently I found this awesome little chip called TEA2025! You only need a few capacitors to make a decent stereo amplifier out of it. 2.5W * 2 Stereo Amplifier The amplifier circuit diagram shows a 2.5W * 2 stereo amplifier. On the input side, you should use a dual potentiometer. This amplifier is great to use together with some speakers to get sound on your desktop computer. Amplifier circuit diagram and parts list Parts list Total cost of the components (excluding speakers) is about $9. Download Eagle schematics and board layout.

TDA7052 2 watt audio amplifier. Stereo 20W Class D Audio Amplifier - MAX9744 ID: 1752 - $19.95. Simple mixer. Copyright Tomi Engdahl 1997,1999 Introduction Sometimes there is need to combine the output of two line level audio sources to be fed to one input.

Simple mixer

A standard way in professional audio is to use a mixing desk, but on home audio system you might want to look for a simpler and less expensive alternative. Some people have suggested of combining two audio outputs with an "Y-adapter" which is ment to split one output. Those adapters are just one male connector and two feamle connector directly wired to each other in the followin way: OUT 1 -----------------+ ---+ +------------ INPUT | | +---- OUT 2 -----------------+ | ---+ | | (shields) | +---------------------+ This kind of circuit is just a correct construction for situation where you have one line level output (connected to circuit input) which you want to split to two inputs (connected to circuit outputs).

But if you want to do the opposite this arrangement is not adequate. So "Y-adapter" is NOT the right way mix two audio sources. Make your first Serious Amplifier : Parts. DIY portable audio. DIY Amplified Speakers for your MP3 player.