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Sigi Audio Setup. This "Sigi Audio Setup"submission comes from Siegfried Maiwald (Sigi).

Sigi Audio Setup

Sigi lives in Wuppertal, Germany. Thanks to Sigi for sharing your DIY speaker systems with us! Apart from DIY speakers, Sigi DIY tube amplifiers as well, like the 1626 and 6L6 amplifiers. Please some advice on my onken cabinet build with altec 416b woofers. Hello Lads, I had posted before on Altec 515B cabinets, but since then I have changed directions, as I came into a pristine pair of Altec 416B woofers, and have decided on building a pair of full size Onken cabinets for them with my 288C drivers with the German Jabo conical horns sitting on top.I am contracting with a cabinet maker to acquire the wood and do the cuts, as I do not have a table sayw that can do the precision cuts needed for a tight build, and his big shop saws can do.

Please some advice on my onken cabinet build with altec 416b woofers

He will also cut out the speaker hole and drill all the screw holes for me. I will end up with a "kit" that I can assemble in my garage.I need to make final decisions on the build before wood hits saw. He can get 13 ply Baltic Birch plywood in a high quality form. I can order 3/4" or one inch thick sheets, The problem is that one inch sheets adds $40.00 per sheet over the 3/4" That's $240.00 extra to the total cost of the six sheets needed for a pair of cabinets.So the question is, IS 3/4" adequate? La petite Onken (J.Hiraga) Audiophile n°25, septembre 1982.

La petite Onken (J.Hiraga)

8F150. Jack ferrule for speaker cabinet. Terminal Plates & Cups in the Speaker Components Department at Parts Express. Powerfull Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2x5W. Bluetooth Speaker Make your own powerfull Bluetooth Speaker with some extra features, easy explained, cheap and handy to use for less then 15$.

Powerfull Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2x5W

Retro vintage modern hi-fi: RCA 515S2 Data Sheets 1950. Thank you Gilmore in Colorado for sending me the original data sheets.

retro vintage modern hi-fi: RCA 515S2 Data Sheets 1950

Too cool. I promise only one more 515S2 post in the next month and that will be all the material I have on them. I would like to compare the cabinet in these documents to the Klipsch rebel styke corner cabinet mine came with. Horns: Klipsch vs. Altec vs. JBL vs. ??? - pink fish media. Markus, First, I've really enjoyed everything I've ever read, written by you.

Horns: Klipsch vs. Altec vs. JBL vs. ??? - pink fish media

I seem to recall a review of tonearms with particular fondness. And used to follow your reviews and what I'd describe as the evolution of your musical/audio taste and systems with great interest. Altec Model 19 vs . Klipschorn - 2-Channel Home Audio - The Klipsch Audio Community. I have written on this topic before, but will do so again here.

Altec Model 19 vs . Klipschorn - 2-Channel Home Audio - The Klipsch Audio Community

I have owned Cornwalls, Klipschorns and presently have a pair of Altec Lansing Model 19s. When I owned the Cornwalls, I spent additional funds on cartridges and better amplification trying to reduce the constricted, honky, hard midrange they had. View topic - A Visit to JE's Attic. It started when I bumped into je (setup 1) in a restaurant just outside of UP Los Banos.

View topic - A Visit to JE's Attic

He was having a concert with Rudolf Golez at the DL Umali Auditorium that night. We had a pleasant conversation and I pestered him with inquiries regarding idler turntables and the 2A3, 45, and 300b amps. Discussion Forum & Home to the Indian DIY Hobbyist. This thread will be about my Altec Lansing A7 "Voice of the Theater" speaker build.

Discussion Forum & Home to the Indian DIY Hobbyist

This was a speaker produced by Altec Lansing Corporation since 1950s and upto late 80s. Chances are everyone would have heard this speaker in a Cinema Hall at some time or other. I have made some tweaks for Hi-Fi use Update: Here is a pic of the speaker as it is now [15 March, 2013]. Jeff Markwart's Corner - Phase Corrected Crossovers. A Bit of History I acquired a pair of 604Bs in the early 1990s, and had them refurbished with new 604E low frequency (LF) cones and new 16 ohm high frequency (HF) diaphragms at the Altec factory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Jeff Markwart's Corner - Phase Corrected Crossovers

Hi-End and Hi-Eff loudspeakers system. Follows the first measurements of CP380M loaded by the cf600 horn at 1m. I have used in all the measurements the Clio system by Audiomatica with the Transit by M-Audio to use the USB port of my portable pc (instead of the PCI audio board). A very flat response in the band 800Hz - 20KHz. Untitled Document. DECWARE Imperial Folded Horn. The Redesigned 1956 Jensen Imperial Reproducer by Steve Deckert The original Jensen Imperial started back in the days before Stereo when people listened only in mono. Speakers were sold as raw components and consumers built their own enclosures or had them built.

Manufactures like Jensen offered plans for various speaker cabinets that would accommodate their new fixed magnet moving coil speakers. You might think "...mono, gee what's the point? " but trust me, one of these speakers would fill a room with live sounding music very well. Jensen Imperial plans - Forums - Page 1. I have just built 6 half imperials, whilst they play low they produce a fairly even and balanced sound between 30 and 500 hz. The phase dip is much much less pronounced than on modern scoop designs, i'd argue it acts more like an average size reflex box with a huge flared port than a modern small chamber long horn type design. I've wanted to build some of these for years which is strange considering my general dislike of scoops and the typical scoop sound. My view is that modern scoops have been fixed and fixed and fixed by a number of people since the early days of king tubby using them. sometimes you have to build something to find out if the original was broken in the first place.

Jensen Imperial Horn - The Paper Horn by Inlow Sound. The Paper Horn by Inlow Sound - The Paper Horn by Inlow Sound. Amroc - the room mode calculator.


Klipsch. Tannoy. CAF 2014: Blowing my Sousahorn like I just don’t care. One of the most visually striking demos I caught at CAF this year was from show-organizer Gary Gill and his Sousahorn display. The Sousahorn is derived from the Le Ceac’h exponential horn designs, currently sold under the brand names of Azura or Oris — essentially, it’s a honkin’ big horn, a component in a DIY loudspeaker design. Gary, who manufactures and sells the Sousahorn locally, says there are two sizes available, both with a 7″ “throat opening”, large enough to suit a Lowther, Tang Band and many more full-range drivers. Price for the 34″ diameter horn is $750; the 40″ diameter is $950. Shown here with some bass cabinets that Gary made to show off the horns, the resulting speaker shown was a large, high-sensitivity three-way with a Lowther shoved deep into the horn, with tweeters dangling off the audio rack.

The whole thing was tri-amped using electronics from Emia and LM Audio and wired up with cables from Triode Wire Labs. DIY Open Baffle With Widerange Drivers A.K.A. The third ugliest amazing speaker you'll ever see. Article By Jeff Poth. Spring 2010 DIY Open Baffle With Widerange Drivers A.K.A. The third ugliest amazing speaker you'll ever see. Article By Jeff Poth Difficulty Level This is the best speaker I've built at the time of this writing (that is mostly January, 2010). OK, Out Of The Pool! The Woofer At and about this time, I was reading Troels Gravesen's site when I came across his pages relating to the L100. This woofer has a "Lansaplas" coated, ribbed, curvilinear cone, a high-ish Qes, and a low Fs. These drivers are available; the L-100 was the top selling speaker in history, in its day. High Performance, Low Cost DIY Horn Designs.

RoadTour 15 - Altec, Hartley Open Baffles and Burgess. Can I convert RCA stereo @ line level to mono by connecting "y" rca cable between line level source out and amp in? - AVS Forum. Untitled Document. DIY Audio & Video - FAQs, Tutorials, and Calculators for Speaker Boxes, Crossovers, Filters, Wiring and more.