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Short on Time and Money? You Can Still Develop a Strong Brand. For startups and small businesses, time and money are often tight.

Short on Time and Money? You Can Still Develop a Strong Brand.

But that doesn’t mean you should skimp on your product's branding, says brand building expert Denise Lee Yohn and the author of What Great Brands Do (Jossey-Bass, 2014). "One of the most common mistakes is rushing into the marketplace and thinking, 'I just need to get my product out there,' and then people are surprised on the backend when customers don't come clambering to them.

" Luckily, it's possible to develop a strong brand foundation with limited time and cash commitments. Yohn calls this your product's minimal viable brand. To start, she recommends asking yourself six simple questions, including what you stand for and what customers you want to engage. For more information, check out the above video. For reprints and licensing questions, click here. Entrepreneur Event Series Discover solutions to power your business growth. Tony Robbins Mastering The Art Of Communication To Thrive In Your Business.

5 Things Not to Do Running a Small Business. 20 Reasons Your Pitch Deck Failed. Pitching your idea to potential investors is difficult enough without worrying about the quality of your pitch deck.

20 Reasons Your Pitch Deck Failed

Avoid these 20 common pitch deck mistakes to ensure your deck works for you as an invaluable tool to help you secure the investments you need to make your ideas a reality. #1: Boring Cover Slide It might be surprising, but your cover slide is quite important and shouldn’t be overlooked. It sets the tone for the rest of your deck and can either draw in your audience or leave them yawning. Books for Startups. See the “Startup Tools” Tab for Tools and Blogs.

Books for Startups

For Books on Silicon Valley History see here Free Harvard Business Review article here Entrepreneurial Management StackOver the last few years we’ve discovered that startups are not smaller versions of large companies. The skills founders need are not covered by traditional books for MBA’s and large company managers. There are now a few books that specifically address founders needs. Osterwalders follow-on book Value Proposition Design describes how to get product/market fit right. Eric Ries was the best student I ever had. Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing About Hard Things is a series essays about what CEO face in the “Build” phase – the transition from searching for a business model into a company. What Ambitions Do You Have? What Ambitions Do You Have?

What Ambitions Do You Have?

Everyone has some kind of ambition regardless of age, kids demonstrate this when they are small by dreaming of becoming a dentist or doctor. As you age you still have ambitions but the question is whether you are any closer to actually achieving them or not. Having dreams and desires is fine but why not go a step further and make your dreams a reality? Five character traits every entrepreneur should avoid. Go through the list of the five traits below and ask yourself if you embody any of them.

Five character traits every entrepreneur should avoid

Be honest and willing to take a deep look at yourself so you can work through the habits that could be standing in the way of building a growing enterprise. 1. Doer. Want to Build a Big National Brand? Here's Advice From a Founder Who's Done It Twice. (This post is part of a series about the founders of some great American brands.

Want to Build a Big National Brand? Here's Advice From a Founder Who's Done It Twice.

You may want to check out previous posts about the founder of Dunkin' Donuts, and the founder of Under Armour. PTR How To Guide Pitch AW. Eccentric Habits of 8 Geniuses That Make You Smarter. There’s a fascinating link between geniuses and eccentric behavior.

Eccentric Habits of 8 Geniuses That Make You Smarter

5 Things You'll Never Hear From a Successful Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, from a great diversity of backgrounds and with a great diversity of different philosophies and approaches.

5 Things You'll Never Hear From a Successful Entrepreneur

This is evident in the spread of company cultures and growth trajectories among startups. Considering this, if you ask 10 entrepreneurs what the most important factors for entrepreneurial success are, you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Related: Please Stop Saying These Ridiculous Phrases at Work Nevertheless, there are fundamental qualities that almost every successful entrepreneur shares in common. They are passionate, imaginative and undaunted by the inevitable challenges of starting a business from scratch. 1. The most successful entrepreneurs are open to new ideas and inspiration no matter where they come from. Listening to others’ thoughts and opinions, even if you don’t agree with them, is essential for achieving any kind of meaningful growth. 2.

10 Lessons to Learn from Iron Man Personified: Elon Musk. Episode 20 w/ Elon Musk. Tony Robbins: 6 Basic Needs That Make Us Tick. LinkedIn Influencer, Tony Robbins, published this post originally on LinkedIn.

Tony Robbins: 6 Basic Needs That Make Us Tick

I've seen it a million times--people can equate their net worth with their self worth. Their identity is married so deeply to their bank statements and quarterly portfolio reports that they’ve forgotten that money is simply a vehicle for trying to meet our needs, almost all of which are not financial. We're all familiar with the cliche that money cannot buy happiness, but I'm convinced that almost everybody has to learn that lesson the hard way because let's face it; the idea of having enough money to throw at your problems until they're solved is a seductive impulse. It certainly was something I constantly thought about as a kid. Growing up, money was always out of reach. Then, on a Thanksgiving Day when I was 11 years old, something happened that changed my life forever. Fast forward several years to when I was 17. Health and smartphone use before bed. 10 Optimistic and Inspiring Quotes. Life is filled with difficulties.

10 Optimistic and Inspiring Quotes

How we confront our challenges is precisely what makes us great. Nobody ever reached greatness on a silver platter. This is true in any aspect of life, including running a business. In the midst of challenges, be inspired by these words of wisdom to help transform for the better: 1. Age is just a number. Related: 25 Quotes About Making Money and Keeping Perspective 2. In the face of failure, entrepreneurs have two choices: give up or try again. 10 Things You Can Do Now That You’ll Thank Yourself for Later. If you looked back on your life five years from now, would you feel satisfied? Ask yourself this important question today, and remember that the decisions you make in the present consciously create the reality you experience down the road. Vivendo, empreendendo e aprendendo — Larusso. Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit. Apresentações (Vídeos)

Keynote by David Cohen of TechStars. Alex Bogusky Founding partner of Crispin, Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) and the Fearless Cottage - Alex Bogusky. A VC. Marcelo Toledo. “Empresas precisam crescer para sempre?”, uma conversa com George Koukis. George Koukis acredita estarmos carentes de liderança ética – afirmação que tem meu total apoio. 10 Must-See Documentaries for Entrepreneurs. Freakonomics The Movie (2010) Six top documentarians including Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) tackle a film adaptation of Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner's best-selling book on incentives-based thinking.

Why it's a must-see: The filmmakers weave brief, diverse tales aimed at answering the question: What really makes people do what they do? Will the possibility of a financial reward encourage students to improve their grades? Will sumo wrestlers cheat if given the incentive to do so? The answers are always entertaining and often surprising. Lesson: If you understand the factors that motivate people to action, you just might be able to motivate them to become your biggest customer. Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos (2006) This film profiles the New York Cosmos, the rowdy-yet-successful North American Soccer League team owned by Steve Ross (Warner Communications) and Ahmet Ertegun (founder of Atlantic Records).

Sucesso a qualquer preço (legendado) INFORMAÇÕES BÁSICAS SOBRE O GERAÇÃO DE VALOR - Geração de Valor. Dave Grohl South By Southwest (SXSW) 2013 Keynote Speech in Full. HandsOn.TV. Dave McClure Startup Metrics For Pirates. Peter Sage - Extreme Entrepreneur. Guy Kawasaki: The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs.