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The New York Times. In Search of the Anti-Uber: The Companies Redefining the Sharing Economy. Robot depending on kindness of strangers meets its demise in Philadelphia. On July 17, a smiling and seemingly harmless robot named HitchBOT set out to accomplish its dream—roadtripping across America through the kindness of strangers.

Robot depending on kindness of strangers meets its demise in Philadelphia

The little fellow comes from a Canadian research team made up of students and professors at McMaster, Ryerson, and the University of Toronto, and in 2014 it managed to make a similar trek across Canada and parts of Europe. The whole goal, according to the team, was simple: "to see whether robots could trust humans. " Amazon Prime Will Now Only Allow Sharing Between Two Adults, Four Kids. The reality of a smartphone camera. The Agony of Community: An Introverted Writer’s Lament on How Social the Books World Has Become. I imagine that the persistence of that question irritated Harry Truman above all other things.

The Agony of Community: An Introverted Writer’s Lament on How Social the Books World Has Become

The atomic bombs that destroyed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki fifty years ago were followed in a matter of days by the complete surrender of the Japanese empire and military forces, with only the barest fig leaf of a condition—an American promise not to molest the Emperor. What more could one ask from an act of war? But the two bombs each killed at least 50,000 people and perhaps as many as 100,000. Uk.businessinsider. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. Visualizing Occupation.

Analysis News Visit our Hebrew site, "Local Call" , in partnership with Just Vision.

Visualizing Occupation

Visualizing Occupation Do Palestinians have autonomy in the West Bank? What’s the difference between areas A, B, and C? Can Palestinian civilians protest? Special coverage other special coverages. Mycvbzf.jpg (JPEG Image, 2560 × 1709 pixels) - Scaled (40%) A Western student went to North Korea to study and he describes what it was like. Neeraj Ghaywan’s Masaan—the most interesting recent release in what is already a special year for Indian cinema—begins with a lovers’ assignation in a rent-by-the-hour hotel.

A Western student went to North Korea to study and he describes what it was like

A police raid, supposedly cracking down on prostitution, but actually focused on humiliation, blackmail and extortion, interrupts the couple. Watching the opening scenes, my thoughts turned to a poem by Philip Larkin, whose birth anniversary falls this week. It is among Larkin’s most popular poems though by no means his best. Four Happy Places. Courtney Helgoe ·

Four Happy Places

Be kind and understanding to the genius in your life. “Be Normal At Dinner:” On Geniuses, Lovers, and The Asks We Make of Both “It is very painful, I think, to be told: ‘You enchanted the world for me, you made me feel things I never knew I could, now please be normal at dinner.’

Be kind and understanding to the genius in your life

We are always saying this to people in one way or another, of course; maybe we have to.” - Brian Phillips, “Run to the Devil: The Ghosts and Grace of Nina Simone” Obama to unveil tougher climate change plan. Birthright. The Planned Parenthood health center in Brooklyn occupies ten thousand square feet on the sixth floor of an office building across the street from a courthouse.


Trans-Pacific Partnership delegates fail to reach final deal; pharmaceuticals, cars, dairy key sticking points. Updated Delegates negotiating a Pacific free trade agreement have failed to reach a final deal after several days of intense talks in Hawaii.

Trans-Pacific Partnership delegates fail to reach final deal; pharmaceuticals, cars, dairy key sticking points

The talks were halted after a dispute flared between Japan and North America over autos, New Zealand dug in over dairy trade and no agreement was reached on monopoly periods for next-generation drugs. Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb had earlier said the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) was 98 per cent complete. Mr Robb is in Maui with trade ministers from the 12 nations negotiating the TPP, which would stretch from Japan to Chile and cover 40 per cent of the world economy.

The minister said the problem lay with the "big four" economies of the United States, Canada, Japan and Mexico. Feeling tired? Do more. — Higher Thoughts. Family's Pantry Has Become Neighbor Kids' Favorite Buffet. DEAR ABBY: We recently moved to a new neighborhood.

Family's Pantry Has Become Neighbor Kids' Favorite Buffet

Soon thereafter, some kids who were at our house playing with our kids began rooting through my pantry for snacks. A few days later, kids from another family did the same thing. Quora. I went to India, and all you got were these lousy cartoons. One year ago, I spent two weeks traveling around India.

I went to India, and all you got were these lousy cartoons

The moral imperative for bioethics. A POWERFUL NEW technique for editing genomes, CRISPR-Cas9, is the latest in a series of advances in biotechnology that have raised concerns about the ethics of biomedical research and inspired calls for moratoria and new regulations. Indeed, biotechnology has moral implications that are nothing short of stupendous. But they are not the ones that worry the worriers.

Have you had a friend or relative who died prematurely or endured years of suffering from a physical or psychiatric disease, such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, or schizophrenia? Of course you have: the cost of disease is felt by every living human. The Global Burden of Disease Project has tried to quantify it by estimating the number of years lost to premature death or compromised by disability. HitchBOT destroyed in Philadelphia, ending U.S. tour.

A hitchhiking robot that captured the hearts of fans worldwide met its demise in the U.S. The Canadian researchers who created hitchBOT as a social experiment say someone in Philadelphia damaged the robot beyond repair on Saturday, ending its brief American tour. The robot was trying to travel cross-country after successfully hitchhiking across Canada last year and parts of Europe. It set out from Marblehead, Massachusetts, two weeks ago in July with the goal of reaching San Francisco, but never made it off the East Coast.

Susiya: Palestinian village receiving Australian aid money facing demolition by Israeli authorities. Updated An entire Palestinian village that has received Australian aid money to help improve living conditions is facing demolition by Israeli authorities. Australian NGO Action Aid has been working in Susiya, about 50 kilometres south of Jerusalem in the Palestinian occupied territories, for the past four years. It has established programs supporting women, including buying sheep and beehives, and has constructed two buildings that are used as a clinic and a kindergarten. The God quest: why humans long for immortality. How Far Can the Human Eye See a Candle Flame? How to confuse your friends when they wake up from a hangover.

Can a politically strong middle class finally decide India’s future? One year ago, I spent two weeks traveling around India. I had been selected by the global communications firm I work for to be a kind of goodwill ambassador from our main corporate office in New York: connecting with colleagues; learning about their work and culture; and doing my best not to cause an international diplomatic incident between the world’s two largest democracies.

CjjKudg.gif (GIF Image, 300 × 304 pixels) Colleges Cutting Lectures, and Costs. What Colors Can You Actually See. Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, and the End of American Exceptionalism. News. Furniture moving in the Netherlands. The Browser - Let’s Do Lunch: The Dabbawalas Of Mumbai. Bill Murray Is Ready To See You Now. Europe’s Waiting Room. Just moved to the Netherlands... Seems like place to be. The Secrets of America's Best Rest Stop: Free Ice Water, Donuts, the Cutest Jackalopes in Town. TPP a threat to knowledge and innovation. Trade and investment may be winners but intellectual property could suffer if the deal adopts US rules. Dog-Sitting in the On-Demand Age. The headquarters of Uber is in a concrete, bunker-like former bank building on Market Street, downtown San Francisco's unwelcoming main drag.

The Unsettling, Anti-Science Certitude on Global Warming. What It's Like to Have the Oldest Phone in San Francisco. This Video Explains All the Ways You're Sleeping Wrong. Women’s immune system genes operate differently from men’s. HfvWzxI. U.S. to Defend New Syria Force From Assad Regime. How Vacation Broke From National Lampoon. This Is What Controversies Look Like in the Twittersphere. Tesla Presses Its Case on Fuel Standards. ‘I drank the water and ate the fish. We all did. The acid has damaged me permanently’ China freezes Citadel unit's account in war on stock speculation. Scientists Make The Case For A 6th Taste — But It's Less Than Tasty. Uk.businessinsider. John Kerry: Vietnam war was result of 'profound failure of diplomatic insight' How Intelligent Are You. How Being Non-Confrontational Has Held Me Back in Life. I Got Fired Two Days Ago. Record 93,770,000 Americans Not in Labor Force. The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here.

The Back Story: A Photo Trend From The 1890s : NPR History Dept. See-Through Solar Could Turn Windows, Phones Into Power Sources. Why China won’t listen to Western scientists about genetically modifying the human embryo. Saudi Prince Pledges $32 Billion to Good Causes, With Women’s Rights a Focus. The Most Common Embarrassing Social Blunders and How to Bounce Back.

11 things about the Greek crisis you need to know. About Your Skin: What Nina Jablonski thinks you should know about your body’s biggest organ. What the hell has happened to the price of ground beef? Adaptive robot gripper. Ex dishes on sex life with Steve Jobs. The-dark-side-of-leading-a-startup. Images from immediate aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Kr7324n. True Detective’s big cliffhanger is majorly flawed, no matter what happens. Saudi prince to donate $32bn fortune to charity - BBC News. Xi Jinping has run into the one thing in China he can’t control. The IMF says that Greece's debt is unsustainable. Maria Leaves Sesame Street After 44 Years On The Block : The Two-Way : NPR. New Rules Could Create A New Class Of Overtime Workers. Top 10 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Get-Together. E.D. Hirsch Jr.'s 'Cultural Literacy' in the 21st Century.

The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. Map: The Most Common* Job In Every State : Planet Money. Top 10 Ways to Teach Yourself to Code. How to Be More Assertive and Hold Your Ground in a Conversation. Rich School, Poor School : NPR Ed. Six ways your tech is spying on you – and how to turn it off. Why Learning to Code Is So Hard (and What You Can Do About It) 26 Pictures That Will Give You Some Peace For Once In Your Life. Government wonders: What’s in your old emails? This is the textbook definition of parenthood. I'm a marriage counselor. Here's how I can tell a couple is heading for divorce. Are We Smart Enough to Control Artificial Intelligence? Three Small Things You Can Do for Your Partner to Make Love Last. Mihaela Noroc's 'The Atlas of Beauty'

Uk.businessinsider. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. How I Learned To Be OK With Feeling Sad. 5 Disputed Numbers That Explain Geopolitics. How I requested my photographs from the Department of Homeland Security. Sophie Heawood: want to get ahead? Do these five things before you go to bed.