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New Years Eve in my mind - It’s 6pm on New Years Eve and the party at our house is in full swing.

New Years Eve in my mind -

In my mind’s eye, it looks just like this. Elegant and sparkly, kid-friendly and lots and lots of fun. In reality, we’re lying on a bed of pillows on the floor watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in our sweatpants. I wanted more for all of us. Something prettier than this, but we’ve been knee deep in house projects for the last few days and truth be told we’re all a little tuckered out. I’ll file these lovely projects aways for another fun family night. English Worksheets. Postcards From The Future. Christmas Worksheets. STW Filing Cabinet Logged in members can use the Super Teacher Worksheets filing cabinet to save their favorite worksheets.

Christmas Worksheets

Quickly access your most commonly used files AND your custom generated worksheets! Please login to your account or become a member today to utilize this helpful new feature. :) [x] close. WWI commemorations - Mrs Recht's Virtual Classroom. Christmas Worksheets for Children. Test Your Awareness : Whodunnit?

Useful Phrases for Your Business Emails - learn English,vocabulary,english. Open-Dyslexic Font. How to order adjectives in English - learn English,grammar. Media/BehindTheMusic.pdf. Teaching Kids to Write Super Sentences. How do you encourage your students to write longer, more interesting sentences?

Teaching Kids to Write Super Sentences

You know what will happen if you simply them to write longer sentences... they'll just add more words to the end, resulting in long, rambling run-ons! After struggling with this problem myself, I developed a three-step process to help my students turn boring sentences into super sentences. I began by teaching them the difference between fragments, run-ons, and complete sentences.

Then we practiced revising and expanding basic sentences to make them more interesting. After I modeled the activity and they practiced it in a whole group setting, they played a game called Sentence Go Round in their cooperative learning teams. Step One - Mini-Lesson on Sentences, Fragments, and Run-ons Begin by explaining that complete sentences can be short or long, but they must have two basic parts, a subject and a predicate.

Rabbits hop. Family of Elizabeth II. Groupe Ressources 2012 : detective story. Ce projet a été réalisé dans le cadre du Groupe Ressources anglais de l’académie de Versailles au cours de l’année 2011-2012.

Groupe Ressources 2012 : detective story

Groupe Ressources 2012 : Social networks. Groupe Ressources 2012 : Teen Jobs. Ce projet a été réalisé dans le cadre du Groupe Ressources anglais de l’académie de Versailles au cours de l’année 2011-2012.

Groupe Ressources 2012 : Teen Jobs

List of films set around Thanksgiving. The First Thanksgiving: Slideshow. Bet You Didn't Know: Thanksgiving Video - History of Thanksgiving. My TV provider is not listed.

Bet You Didn't Know: Thanksgiving Video - History of Thanksgiving

Why not? We are currently working on adding more TV providers. Please check back frequently to see if your TV provider has been added. Why do I need to log in to watch some video content? Viewers who verify their subscription to a TV provider get access to a deeper catalog of video content, including more full episodes. I am able to watch on TV. All About the Holidays. What superheroes would look like if they were born in the 16th century. Sacha Goldberger is the French artist who dressed up his 91-year-old grandmother Frederika as a superhero to lift her spirits.

What superheroes would look like if they were born in the 16th century

His new photographic exhibition, Super-Flamands or Super Flemish, also has a superhero theme. The work, which was exhibited at the School Gallery Paris earlier this month, imagines how super heroes would have looked if they were born in the 16th century and were the subjects of classical Flemish paintings. “As science fiction meets history of art, time meets an inexhaustible desire for mythology which is within each of us,” a forward to the project explains. More than 110 people participated in the project, including five costume designers, seven make up artists, five hairdressers and 60 actors. The heroes (and villains!) Document sans titre. VOCABULAIRE ANGLAIS Wilfrid Rotgé © HATIER Langues 1999 - ISBN 2-218-72780-3 - Click here ELEMENTARY TASK LISTENING Jasqueline St Clair Stokes © Cambridge University Press 1984 - Click here GRAMMAR CHANTS - More Jazz Chants - click here NEW SPRING 6e - click here.

Document sans titre

Differentiated Instruction with I have…Who has… I have…Who has… is one of my all time favorite games for the classroom.

Differentiated Instruction with I have…Who has…

It amazes me that every year with every group of students this game is always a hit. While it’s a challenge to complete, the entire class works together to complete one single task. They become a team and rally each other. Differentiated Instruction with I have…Who has… Differentiated Instruction with I have…Who has… Useful Dog Tricks 3 performed by Jesse. Ruby Bridges visits with the President and her portrait. SYLVAIN KUSTYAN MUSICIAN CHANSON Great Video Crazy Happy to go back to school - Karaoké.wmv. Des idées d'appréciations pour vos bulletins scolaires (exemples) Rounding. RESCOL 1 - Ressources pour le Collège en anglais.

Des idées d'appréciations pour vos bulletins scolaires (exemples) Stop Looking At Your Phones – A Lesson From The Britishes. 4.9KShare 22Tweet 5Share 4Reddit 0Share 2Stumble 29Email Print Friendly So this is hilarious and done so well.

Stop Looking At Your Phones – A Lesson From The Britishes

30 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment. A few moments later, the young woman pictured above had salt water in her eyes and sand between her teeth, but in this VERY brief moment, all was perfect. Moments like this are so fleeting, the human eye alone can hardly process how stunning an isolated moment like this is. That’s where the eye of the camera really becomes useful.

Once in a blue moon you take a picture that captures a split second moment with stunning clarity. Now, more than ever, these photos are being taken and shared. For starters, you bring your camera phone everywhere you go and so it’s always available should the perfect picture opportunity arise. NYC Artist Shows Us What Famous Celebrities Would Look Like as Normal People. Update: This Post Was Viewed Over 1 Million Times in 1 Week So We Had to Give you more! CLICK HERE to see Danny Evan’s “What Famous Celebrities Would Look Like as Normal People” Part 2! Thanks to the power of Photoshop and the skill of artist Danny Evans, we get to see what some famous celebrities would look like if they didn’t take the Hollywood career path. Starting off, we have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Continue reading to see Rihanna, Britney Spears, Johnny Depp, and more. According to the artist, “It was a reaction to the insanely over-retouched photos of celebrities that are everywhere.”

Superman With a GoPro. IrregularVerbsTestGenerator. Index What is IrregularVerbsTestGenerator ? IrregularVerbsTestGenerator is a simple software designed to help English teachers. Creating irregular verbs tests is boring and time consuming. 10 Best Classical Music Tracks For Calm and Tranquility. Classical music has an incredible ability to change and enhance a mood or atmosphere. If you need convincing, you have only to think of your favourite films or TV programmes and see if you remember the music. The best films are the ones that engage you on all levels and the soundtrack has a huge effect on that. If you think back to your own childhood, there will be songs and music which you associate with the best things you remember. My father loved Dance Band music and so whenever I hear it played, warm childhood memories come flooding back and I think of him.

I love that music just as much now. How to Play What's the Time Mr Wolf: 4 Steps. Weather around the world - Met Office Education. Key Stage 2 Geography, QCA Scheme of work Unit 7.6: Weather around the world (Year 3) What will the weather be like and how will it affect us? Overview In this activity the children use a range of activity cards to learn about five holiday destinations with different types of climate, and to link tourism and human activity to the weather in each locality.

The activity can be differentiated through a choice of activity cards describing climate through a simple statement, a more detailed explanation, and graphs of average weather conditions. 10 Grammar Mistakes & 10 Lessons to Fix Them. You know those grammar errors that students make in second grade ... and third grade ... and are still making in high school?

Here are 10 lesson ideas that just might make the grammar rules stick, by WeAreTeachers blogger Erin Bittman. This is the fifth post in the Teaching Young Writers blog series sponsored by Zaner-Bloser's Strategies for Writers. COMMON Grammar MISTAKE #1: There, Their and They're LESSON: "You Be the Judge" There is a place. Their shows possession. They're is short for they are. COMMON Grammar MISTAKE #2: You're and Your LESSON: YOUR Surgery Students always seem to forget to add an e and insert an apostrophe when needed! Two 20 Year-Old Guys Gutted Their Van And Built A Free, Mobile Laundry Service For The Homeless. (6) CollegeHumor - Tinderella: A Modern Day Fair Tale. Welcome to the NurtureStore shop. Here you can purchase and download our series of e-books.

You’ll also find some freebies here, and you can sign up to receive our free weekly Play Planner. Fizz, Pop, Bang! Playful Science and Math Activities is designed to bring hands-on fun and enjoyment to math and science. It is packed with powerful learning opportunities in math and science, shared through ideas that incorporate art, play, sensory learning and discovery, for a whole-brain approach.

It includes 40 educational projects and 20 printables including a set of build-your-own 3D shape blocks, engineering challenge cards and a range of math games. Find our more about Fizz, Pop, Bang! Two Browser-based Noise Meters That Show Students How Loudly They Speak. Earlier this week on I featured an app called Too Noisy that shows students how loudly they are speaking. The app measures the volume of the noise in a room and displays a meter indicating whether or not the the room is too noisy.

Romeo and Juliet: Act 2, Scene 2, Page 2. 'Tis but thy name that is my enemy. Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. Yes I can too 4ème. Livret pédagogique Romeo@Juliette. Poppyscotland - Education.

Aide académie

Langues vivantes (LVE) - Académie de Paris - Accueil. Bulletin officiel n° 3 du 17 janvier 2008. The Christmas Truce. The Verb “Do” Is Weirder Than You Think. Today it’s going to be a big to-do over the verb “do.” That’s right, “do.” You might not have given much thought to how many jobs “do” does, and how unusual it is, so today we’re going to give “do” its due. Sponsor:, the Internet’s leading provider of audiobooks with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature, including fiction, non-fiction and periodicals.

For a free audiobook of your choice, go to “Do”: The Verb First let’s consider “do’s” job as an ordinary verb. France - First-year French teachers get food stamps instead of salaries. BBC Look North (Yorkshire) Teacher's Pet Displays » Home » FREE downloadable EYFS, KS1, KS2 classroom display and teaching aid resources » A Sparklebox alternative. Teacher's Pet - FREE Classroom Display Resources for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) Playlist for teachers: 10 great songs to help you de-stress. Teaching is a stressful job, especially when it comes to managing difficult classes, balancing a multitude of tasks and coping with rapid policy changes.

Then there are lesson observations to keep you awake at night, as well as the feeling that work is never-ending. by Jamie Keddie. 8-H) Present Perfect Continuous (Smrt English) Document sans titre. Weather forecast. Halloween poem. The school with no rules. Idioms - Useful phrases with as ... as (Comparisons - Similarity) - learn English,idioms. Victorian Crime and Punishment from E2BN. ESL Lesson Plans. School Rules - Beginning of the Year. Texting While Driving Bloody & Graphic PSA featured on The Today Show. FUNNY HALLOWEEN Tongue Twisters for Kids. Dropbox - climate change campaign COPENHAGEN Vidéo + mp3. 26 Fresh ESL Conversation Starters to Get Students Talking! Betty's Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner Table, 2012. Séquence 3 New York Here I Come(2)

Groupe Ressources 2012 : detective story. Top 6 des expressions anglaises traduites par le dessinateur Boulet. Séquence à visée actionnelle: from work songs to protest songs - English in Gambier. Fiches pédagogiques. Dropbox - CO New York city.mp3. Séquence 3 New York Here I Come(2) The Hogwartians — Hogwarts Map. The Hogwartians — Hogwarts Map. Page. Year 10 _ The Problem We All Live With. Halloween Games: Ready Set Ghost! This is Britain Bonfire Night.

School. List of songs about school. Pain brioché maison. How to contact the Queen. How to contact a member of The Royal Family. Dropbox - 4e 2e séquence Health. Harcèlement de rue : une femme se filme en caméra cachée dans New York. THIS IS MY LOCKER_DVD_PS_PAL. THIS IS MY LOCKER_ST_DVD_PS_PAL. Grammar in songs-Gerund or Infinitive. Trailer – Learn English with videos.