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Art for Kids Hub. Art for Kids Hub. Create Halloween Rebus Stories with Emojis and Google Docs. In earlier posts I have shared Google Docs templates for creating Emoji Rebus Stories for both Wintertime and Valentine's Day.

Create Halloween Rebus Stories with Emojis and Google Docs

With Fall coming soon, I have put together a Halloween-themed version. Anyone who grew up reading Highlights magazine in the dentist waiting room will quickly recognize a rebus. Basically it is a story where some of the words are replaced by images. This can be a fun activity for students, both to create and to read. It may even help with younger students who are not proficient at spelling but can choose the image for the word they want.

See below to get a copy of the template, as well as detailed directions for how to use it. Get the Template Click the link below to get a copy of the template: This is Britain: Halloween. Jack: Hi. Make a Halloween Costume. Halloween Day, Halloween Night. Halloween EFL activities and resources. As Halloween is nearly upon us, teacher trainer Stacey Hughes has been busy creating a collection of ghostly classroom activities for you to use with your class.

Halloween EFL activities and resources

It seems that everyone likes a scary story. As autumn days grow shorter and darker, forcing us indoors, this is the perfect time to tell ghost stories. Ghost stories and tales of the supernatural have been around for centuries and are a feature of nearly every culture. Though many people may not believe in ghosts today, stories about haunted castles, enchanted ruins and spooky spectres are still very popular. Why do we like to be scared so much? Most ESL students know very little about the spooky holiday at the end of October, and even fewer have been a part of Halloween celebrations.

This collection of Halloween themed games will get your class in the trick or treat mood. Try them with your students as we approach the 31st. Write-scary2. Horror Story Plot Generator. Storyline Online. Bet You Didn't Know: Halloween. Halloween in The USA - Video Listening Quiz. Halloween. Scary Website. Trick or Treat Door Music - Little Spooky Halloween Mix. Ghost In The Bedroom. Halloween Writing Prompt. Annie96 is typing... No.. guess you're not either :p can't.. its the wind.. sounds like cats fighting. whats your excuse?

annie96 is typing...

:p so that's what they call porn now? :p I still can't believe what johnny did today!! Me neither.. that boy has issues.. wtf the winds so loud.. that doesn't sound normal lol No wind over here. Lucky you. i need my beauty sleep! 10 Horrifying Horror Story Prompts. Every Bike Ride by Duncan Long Here are 10 horror story prompts that should give you the chills, and get you writing something scary.

10 Horrifying Horror Story Prompts

Warning if these don’t scare you, you are most-likely a zombie, vampire, werewolf or ghost. If you are unaware of being one of the undead, seek medical attention immediately. You have had a strange feeling for a few days now. Horrifying TRUE Trick or Treating Story Animated. Halloween resources for ELT. Spooky Idioms Are you a scaredy-cat?

Halloween resources for ELT

Do you have any skeletons in your closet? MysteryNet's Halloween Website - The Mystery of the Halloween Jack o'Lantern Mystery and Halloween have gone hand-in-hand through the ages.

MysteryNet's Halloween Website -

Read The Mystery of the Jack O'Lantern and learn how the pumpkin became associated with this favorite holiday. The Addams Family Theme song. Michael Jackson - Thriller (Lyrics) THRILLER Lyrics - MICHAEL JACKSON. It's close to midnightSomething evil's a-lurkin'in the darkUnder the moonlightYou see a sight that almost stops your heartYou try to screamBut terror takes the sound before you make itYou start to freezeAs horror looks you right between the eyesYou're paralyzed 'Cause this is thrillerThriller at nightAnd no one's gonna save youFrom the beast about to strikeYou know it's thrillerThriller at nightYou're fighting for your lifeInside a killerThriller tonight, yeah You hear the door slamAnd realize there's nowhere left to runYou feel the cold handAnd wonder if you'll ever see the sunYou close your eyesAnd hope that this is just imaginationBut all the whileYou hear a creature creepin' up behindYou're outta time 'Cause this is thrillerThriller at nightThere ain't no second chanceAgainst the thing with the forty eyes, girlThrillerThriller at nightYou're fighting for your lifeInside a killerThriller tonight.


Original GhostBusters Theme Song. The Skeleton Dance. Ghostly Tales for Ghastly Kids. 31 Horrifying Writing Prompts to Help You Scare the Bejesus Out of Yourself This Halloween. Halloween Writing Prompts! 1.

Halloween Writing Prompts!

Write a recipe for a witch’s brew. 2. Create an advertisement to sell a haunted house. 3. Best HALLOWEEN MUSIC 2016 - Spooky Music, Creepy Music, Dark Music, Instrumental Horror Music. Halloween Party Music Trick or treat Songs Fun For Kids(1 HOUR) 12 Terrifying Ghost Stories You Shouldn't Read Alone. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it’s tough not to get freaked out when you’re alone and you hear something bump in the night or even hear a voice.

12 Terrifying Ghost Stories You Shouldn't Read Alone

The stories below will freak you out so it’s best to read these with someone. Preferably a friend and not a stranger you’ve decided to creep up behind on the street. A couple of months ago, my friend’s cousin (a single mother) bought a new cell phone. After a long day of work, she came home, placed her phone on the counter, and went watch to TV; her son came to her and asked if he could play with her new phone. She told him not to call anyone or mess with text messages, and he agreed. At around 11:20, she was drowsy, so she decided to tuck her son in and go to bed.

Relieved, she picked her phone back up from his hand to inspect it. When she first saw it, she was in disbelief. My house was built in 1904. It is a shadowy figure, right at his peripheral vision, this feeling of dread and uneasiness washed over my brother. I was mortified. The Monkey’s Paw. Adapted from a story by W W Jacobs by Chapter 1 The night was cold and wet. But in the small living room of Laburnam Villa, a fire burned brightly and a father and son played chess*.

The father was a good player, but the son was better. 20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories. Halloween 7-9 – A Theme Page about All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween, on October 31st, suitable for level A2-B1, year 7-9 in Sweden Related Themes: Halloween 4-6, Halloween B1, Salem Witch Hunt Warm-up. An Interactive Comic and Video Versions of The Pit and the Pendulum.

Halloween is just a week away and a lot of teachers may use this occasion to introduce their students to Edgar Allan Poe's classic The Pit and the Pendulum. Here are a couple of resources that can be used to introduce the story to your students. The Pit and the Pendulum is available as an interactive comic book created by Poe in the Pit. If you view the comic book online you can click symbols within it to open videos, additional images, and additional background and analysis of Poe's work. If you choose to print the comic book you can us the QR codes embedded within it to access the videos, images, and additional info on your mobile device. I was sick, sick unto death with that long agony... from Into ThePit on Vimeo.

I was sick, sick unto death with that long agony... Online Halloween Games. Webquest: Halloween: History and traditions. By Luke Vyner This spooky webquest includes activities on popular Halloween traditions, global celebrations and terrifying tales. Warmer. Edgar Allan Poe: Storyteller.

Pit pendulum digcomjan hero20112. Halloween activities. A spooky story with a creepy doll: The Glass Case – in pictures. This Is What Halloween Looks Like Around The World. Straw Bear Day, Germany At the end of every winter, the men in southwestern Germany wrap themselves up in straw and parade around to drive away the cold. The celebration takes place the day before Ash Wednesday, in 2016 it will be Feb. 9, but nightmares of men in straw bear suits go year round. Araw ng mga Patay, Philippines Each year, from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, people in the Philippines meet in the cemetery to clean their relatives’ graves. Spending time cleaning the graves shows a love and respect for deceased loved ones — but the cleaning quickly turns into a party.

There’s an elaborate picnic-style feast in between the graves and many people stay in the cemetery overnight. Festivals webquest: Halloween history and traditions. By Luke Vyner. Learn English With Songs: Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett. Halloween in The USA - Video Listening Quiz. Halloween in The USA - Haunted and Scary Travel Destinations. Halloween - ESL Listening Comprehension Exercise.

Learn English: ESL Reading and Writing - Trick or Treat. Halloween - ESL Crossword Puzzle for beginners. Halloween Vocabulary Word List, With Definitions. Vocabulary Related to Halloween. Halloween Special Reading Comprehension - The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. A Cloze Exercise for Halloween by Makoto Nakazawa. Halloween Safety Educational Film. 78 Elementary Writing Ideas for Halloween. Halloween Writing Ideas for Elementary Kids— Elementary writing may be practiced year around, but the holidays are a particularly fun time to encourage children to practice their creative writing skills. With fall leaves on the ground and students planning their costumes, Halloween is on the minds of your elementary students.

Go ahead! Exploit their excitement and connect it to their elementary writing skill development. Besides, it’s likely that elements of the season have been showing up in their school work already, so why not give them some specific elementary writing prompts for the spooky occasion? After all they already know that creative writing is nothing to be scared of – but some of these 78 new prompts may spook them just a little nevertheless! History of Halloween. Halloween falls on October 31st each year in North America and other parts of the world. Learn American Holidays - Halloween. This is Britain - Hallowen. Mobile. Halloween. Halloween is celebrated on 31st October and is becoming increasingly popular amongst teenagers across Europe.

This lesson plan focuses on a series of activities designed to focus on different skills, all related to Halloween. The activities can be adapted, so choose the most suitable for your group, taking into account their language levels and interests. History of Halloween. Halloween. The history of Halloween. Halloween - Giant List of Free Halloween Teaching Links and Resources.

Halloween Worksheets and Activities. Lanternfish has a variety of different activities for Halloween. Just click on the worksheet below. It may take a while to open as most of the files are MS Word documents. History of Halloween. Short Scary Stories. Halloween - ESL Listening Comprehension Exercise. Halloween Horror Story. The Life and Death of a Pumpkin won the Best Short Film and Best Concept at the 2006 Chicago Horror Film Festival. It was directed by Aaron Yonda, who is probably best known for his part in the Chad Vader series. Note that some of the language in the story is quite grotesque. Please be aware of this and be sympathetic to your students. Fun Halloween English vocabulary ESL lesson. Halloween - ESL Listening Comprehension Exercise. History of Halloween Worksheet. Halloween - Vocabulary, Exercises and Worksheets.

Of Trick-or-Treating - Halloween. Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. This is Britain Bonfire Night. Festivals webquest: Bonfire Night history and traditions. Bonfire Night - LearnEnglish - British Council. Who Was Guy Fawkes? - Anglophenia Ep 18.