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Grateful Dead : Free Music : Free Audio : Download & Streaming. Cyrille Aimée. Raquel Sofia. COETUS con SÍLVIA PÉREZ CRUZ #el gallo rojo# Guy Buttery - Half a Decade [Earth Touch Video] - slap harmonics / fingerstyle. Daniel Bachman ~ Orange Co. Serenade (2014) / american primitive, solo guitar / Dying For Bad Music. The busiest guitar slinger in business right now is Daniel Bachman and after he got picked up by Tompkin Square Records he shot himself into your dad's favorite radio station (yes, WFMU, but I mean NPR) and several times around the world (if world means Orient and Occident and North-America back and forth).

Daniel Bachman ~ Orange Co. Serenade (2014) / american primitive, solo guitar / Dying For Bad Music

The hours of playing didn't leave him without any effects. He's back and he's better than ever. His playing is much more sophisticated and he's able to express more through dynamics and changes in pace. If you follow Bachman's main releases starting as Sacred Harp back in 2009/10, he always chose from a selection of different styles that range from traditional Folk tunes to more exerimental approaches. It was always a surprise what the next song will be. Orange Co. Maybe he just needs time off the road and a focus on something else than the music business. Tim Reynolds - Official Website. Trevor Gordon Hall. ▶ 006 / Forklong Daruplat. ▶ The Air Is Still. Grass-Tops Recording. Weekends on the Frontier.

Washington City Paper. COVER STORYJuly 7, 2006 Turtle sex, chiropractic death, and peyote under the pillow:a year-by-year account of American primitive guitar By David Dunlap Jr.

Washington City Paper

(Illustrations by Max Kornell) From harmless service organizations to election-rigging worldwide conspiracies, every secret society worth its shadowy rep cultivates an air not only of exclusivity but also of mysticism. Record collectors are typically thought of as irascible loners, but in the Washington of the ’50s and early ’60s, there existed a group of scruffy young blues and folk fans who could’ve given the Illuminati a run for their all-seeing eyes. But most of all, they inspired admiration and awe. Fahey remains the most well-known member of the club: the great, tragic player whose elegant fusion of blues, country, and folk he called “American primitive guitar.” In 1959, Fahey went to the Frederick, Md., home of Joe Bussard, another collector who ran his own label, Fonotone. Delta-Slider’s Tops of the Decade. Hey, you aren’t a real blog if you don’t do a Top Ten list, Best of the Decade or some other sort of list that says, “I know something you don’t…” Well I don’t know shit, but here it goes anyway… in no particular order: Bob Brozman is usually all over the place, and that's fine, but I generally like his blues work the best.

Delta-Slider’s Tops of the Decade

And this one is a beauty! You can get a run-down of each song on Blues Reflex at his website. Yair Yona is up next, going in a completely different direction. Glenn Jones' three releases have all been great and after much waffling I pretty much picked this one at random. Ah, Sean Smith. The Big Post of Jack Rose Bootlegs. One year ago today Jack Rose left this world.

The Big Post of Jack Rose Bootlegs

This is the first of a series of posts paying tribute to Rose and his music. Today is all music. The first five of these are new to this site. The rest has been posted here before but are now collected all into one post. Robbie Basho Archives.


John Fahey. Dfbm #62 ~ Play For The Spring / american primitive, solo guitar, psych folk, acoustic guitar, mixtape / Dying For Bad Music. Today is Walpurgis Nacht in Europe.

dfbm #62 ~ Play For The Spring / american primitive, solo guitar, psych folk, acoustic guitar, mixtape / Dying For Bad Music

Means people are getting drunk and fall into bonfires and shit like that. I stayed at home and collected two handful of songs and then put them in order, hoping it makes a good listening experience. Be prepared for lots of american primitive steel string picking, psych folk wailing and slide action. Ensemble HD Live at the Happy Dog. This double album chronicles the energy and intimacy of bringing some of Cleveland's finest classical musicians into an atmosphere not usually associated with "serious" music.

Ensemble HD Live at the Happy Dog

As described in the March 2013 issue of The Economist: "Mr Smith says they have learned from the crowd not to dumb down their fare, or churn out popular tunes. "Mozart and Schubert did not work well in that setting," he says of his programme for their first performance. "Those pieces sounded like elevator music. " So he started programming more challenging, ambitious pieces by 20th-century composers such as Dmitri Shostakovich, Anton Webern and Arvo Part.

These divert the crowd from their beers and the awed silence after a piece, before the applause, can be as beautiful as the music itself. " Extra care in the recording process was taken to capture the atmosphere and vibe of the bar while presenting the dynamic and colorful ensemble work of the musicians. Scissor Tail Records. Wes Tirey – Home Recordings (2014) / american primitive, lofi, folk, instrumental / Dying For Bad Music.

Gabriel Slavitt – No Skinny Minnie (2014) / solo guitar, american primitive, singer-songwriter, garage rock / Dying For Bad Music. Mostly electrified solo guitar tunes by Gabriel Slavitt from Philadelphia who is also working as an artist in the field of mixed media and sculpture.

Gabriel Slavitt – No Skinny Minnie (2014) / solo guitar, american primitive, singer-songwriter, garage rock / Dying For Bad Music

The No Skinny Minnie ep is completely stripped down to a lonely sounding guitar in a room. Nonetheless it's a very enjoyable listen. It sounds like a meditation, but not in a boring Mark McGuire loopy-noodling style, more in Jandek style, but not as bleak and weird. Slavitt just blocked everything out and so there are no other sounds than his reverbed, fingerstyle played guitar. Player About recorded in my mom's garage at the beginning of the new year On the other album, Final Words he's more in a kind of Garage Rock (beside some pretty nice solo guitar pieces) and the whole package reminds me a bit on the spectrum of Thee Oh Sees, from the beginning as OCS with Dwyers solo guitar work to The OhSees and finally Thee Oh Sees. Credits. Matt Sowell - Live on WFMU with Irene - May 5, 2014.

Feeding Tube Records. Don Bikoff ~ Hallowed Ground (2014) / american primitive, solo guitar / Dying For Bad Music. 2012 and 2013 was the year where so called American Primitive got back in the focus of media attention.

Don Bikoff ~ Hallowed Ground (2014) / american primitive, solo guitar / Dying For Bad Music

Sure, Fahey is timeless and every now and then, there was a guitarist extraordinaire, but in said years, the Tompkins Square Label, well known for re-releases of forgotten guitar records and obscure american folk and pushing new talents into the spotlight, released 4 remarkable records: Mark Fosson's home-recordings from 1976, two albums by young solo guitar player Daniel Bachman and Celestial Explosion by Don Bikoff, an obscure and forgotten album from 1968. Since then Don Bikoff showed every now and then on several radio stations and played gigs with fellow guitar guys. This year he released his first album after the 1968 debut. Hallowed Ground is a self-release without the backing of a marketing machine like Tompkins Square, but Don is playing concerts and you can order the album over Amazon for sure. My favorite is Amy in Quebec, played on a 12 string. Player. Three Lobed Recordings. Steve Gunn. Matt Sowell Rags. Silk Train EP. Moby And Kelli Scarr: Tiny Desk Concert.

"Ring of Fire" (Johnny Cash cover) "Pale Horses" (Patti Smith cover) "Walk on the Wild Side" (Lou Reed cover) "Gone to Sleep"

Moby And Kelli Scarr: Tiny Desk Concert

Porthcawl Primitive. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Damien Rice. Diamanda Galas. Emperor Nortons Stationary Marching Band. Charles Mingus. Curtis Eller's American Circus. Wes Tucker & The Skillets. Wes Tucker CD Baby Mobile. St. Paul & The Broken Bones. Playing for Change - Stand by Me.

Playing For Change.