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Chicago News. The statistics are simply staggering: Over a 46-year recording career, the band has issued 36 albums, sold well over 100 million records, and released 20 Top 10 pop and 22 Top 10 adult contemporary singles (15 of which broke the Top 10 on both charts).

Chicago News

It achieved the enviable feat of placing these hits on the Billboard charts in five different decades. 17 of its first 20 albums were certified platinum, nine of those multiplatinum and Chicago 17 hit platinum a whopping six times. The story of Chicago is one of the most paradoxical in the history of American music. Starting out in the late 1960s as a horn-dominated underground rock band verging on the avant-garde in its use of dissonance, jazz voicings and extended compositions, Chicago initially seemed to have little if any chance of AM radio success.

Yet, within a year, the group had three Top 10 singles (“Make Me Smile,” “25 or 6 to 4” and “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is”), and were selling out arenas from coast to coast. Jazz in Rochester, NY, 1955-1961 – Noal Cohen's Jazz History Website. I was born (1937), raised, and educated in Rochester, NY.

Jazz in Rochester, NY, 1955-1961 – Noal Cohen's Jazz History Website

In the early 1950s, I began taking drum lessons and playing around town. These activities eventually brought me into contact with many of the outstanding musicians located in the upstate New York area at the time. Since the Eastman School of Music was located in Rochester, the local scene was substantially enriched by many talented Eastman students interested in jazz, even though no jazz studies program existed then. Nonetheless, I can well remember jam sessions held in the tiny Eastman practice rooms with a dozen or so musicians packed in so tightly that there was barely enough air to breathe! In 1957, the Oscar Peterson Trio came through town and an unexpectedly well-publicized jam session was arranged to allow some of the young local talent to perform with Peterson. In revisiting this period, I have compiled a list of the many musicians active in the Rochester area during 1955-61 (see link above).

Home - Bass Musician Magazine, The Face of Bass. Soros Theme by Mike Andreassi. AlbanyGroup Archive. Wayne Shorter & Herbie Hancock Pen an Open Letter to the Next Generation of Artists - NEST HQ. Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock have been friends for over forty years.

Wayne Shorter & Herbie Hancock Pen an Open Letter to the Next Generation of Artists - NEST HQ

In the pursuit of their art, they’ve shattered boundaries previously believed unbreakable, they’ve revolutionized the concept of innovation, and have chosen to make the endeavor of living compassionately and courageously the center of their lives. From their early days composing and playing together with Miles Davis in Davis’ Second Great Quintet, to branching out and flourishing in their individual endeavors, Wayne and Herbie’s contributions to the world of music have been nothing short of extraordinary. Together, they’ve won a combined total of twenty-five Grammys. Despite their countless accolades, they’ll both insist that their greatest achievements lie in their roles as husbands, fathers, and humans of this earth. After the recent rash of tragedies around the globe in the past year from Paris to San Bernardino, we had the opportunity to ask Wayne and Herbie how the next generation of artists can respond.

Ken Peplowski. Terry Haggerty. Music Aficionado. Vintage guitars are great.

Music Aficionado

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Live in Philly by Mike Andreassi

</div><div style="clear:both;"></div></div> Berklee—IASJ Final Concert, Part 2 on Livestream. Jimi Hendrix - June 7, 1970 - Electric Lady Studios - New York, N.Y. Amanda Sedgwick. Other Jazz Web Sites of Interest. HOME. Vibes and Scribes. The accidentals: I think this may be what made Mark stand out the most, though the I’d be hard say it was the number one thing.

Vibes and Scribes

He placed accidental notes in his playing that caused a tension, a feel, that took that funk to another level. Yeah, Larry Graham plucked, Louis Johnson had that thunder thumb, Bernard Edwards had the smoothness, but none used note placement like Mark. Two perfect examples of Mark’s use of accidentals are at 2:16 and 4:42 in Just A Touch Of Love, and through a lot of “When I Come Home” with Aurra, but specifically at 4:44 and 4:52. That song is really good example of how he incorporates all these aspects, but more towards the cleaner feel vs the grittiness of Stellar Fungk, or the nastiness of Motorway or I’ve Got To Get You (Unchained At Last).

ANDY IRVINE GROUP. Andy Irvine Bass Johnny O Vocals/Guitar Maciej Kudla Drums Andy Irvine is a life long blues man, a lover of American soul music, and a devout funk and rock music disciple.


In 2011 he set out to form a band that would musically embody all of his influences while providing a vehicle to tastefully feature his unique and aggressive style of bass guitar. Milab Microphones - Artists - Rodney Holmes. Rodney Holmes was born in the Bronx in New York City.

Milab Microphones - Artists - Rodney Holmes

It was apparent early on that he had a gift for drawing, and later on painting, and this went hand and hand with his fascination with science fiction and fantasy art, books and films. Rodney assumed that he would grow up to become an illustrator and writer of graphic novels and comic books. Even his early art teachers wanted him to attend an art school for gifted children, but his mother decided not to force him in one direction so early.

Around The Jazz Internet: Sept. 28, 2012 : A Blog Supreme. Duke Ellington. Dennis Stock. James Dean, New York City, 1955 Photo Dennis Stock/Magnum Photos © Pleasurephoto Miles Davis performance at the Village Vanguard.

Dennis Stock

JUNO Lyrics - LIFE WITHOUT BUILDINGS. It's juno, it's junoi don't wanna be a player, hey, for youfor youi'm gonna raise it, sadness, remember, alreadyi think about, already, hey, for you, for youyour behaviour shy kidyour behaviouri wonder youare you real?


Are you real? For you, sweet thingfor you he wrote no t--? For you he wrote something elseit's juno, it's junoi don't wanna be a player, hey, for youfor youi'm gonna raise it, sadness, remember, alreadyi think about, already, hey, for you, for youyour behaviour shy kidyour behaviouri wonder youare you real? Are you real? Shy kidfor you, sweet thingfor you he wrote no t--? For Brothers Jimmy and Tootie Heath, Jazz is a Matter of Love. Jimmy Heath says he's proud of his little brother. "We've got the same genes," Jimmy says during a recent phone interview. "He's 9 years younger than me, but we're close. " Tootie Heath says he's proud of his big brother. "Jimmy's my favorite brother. Always has been," Tootie says, returning the compliment in a phone interview the same day. Group Interaction: a new strategy for understanding the music of Woody Shaw. It is no secret that I am a fan of Woody Shaw. More than any other trumpet player, Shaw’s solos, compositions, his fiery aggressiveness, have always captivated me as both a listener and a trumpet player.

While Shaw’s impact in jazz is well established in pedagogical circles, only a few writers have taken interest in deeper study of Shaw’s work (Gavin 2005), (Prouty 2004) (Richardson 2006), (O’Donnell 2009). The result is that while Shaw’s position in history is unassailable, it is also opaque. Regarded as ‘the last great innovator’, his innovations remain illusive (West 2013). EDDIE "Will" DAVIS. PROFILE: Began playing trumpet in the fifth grade. Took a B.A. in Music Education at Moorehouse College, Masters degree in Jazz Studies at Georgia State, and a Degree in Music & Business at Atlanta Art Institute.

Have been playing and performing on stage for 25 years. Il Sibilo Del Silenzio. Best-of-the-rest. Herbie Hancock Crack Abuse. Legendary jazz musician Herbie Hancock has done everything in his career, from his work with Miles Davis in the ‘60s through his growing popularity and influence on hip-hop in the ’70s and ’80s. But despite his musical icon status, the composer has had his own share of demons. In this excerpt from his memoir, Herbie Hancock: Possibilities (Viking), Hancock, now 74 years old, shares his first experience with the drug, crack and how it would take him years to overcome. Sibley Music Library - Eastman School of Music. Mugs Up! This building stood on the corner of Gibbs and Main before it was torn down to build Eastman Place (now Miller Center), the building that has housed Sibley Music Library since 1989.

Ruth Watanabe Head Librarian, 1947-1984. ArchiveGrid : Todd Lowery, trombone [sound recording]. Vibes and Scribes. Wp-content/uploads/MLA_Tribute_Edit.mp3. Percy Jones. John Teleska's Music: Follow the Moon. Soul Bass Andy Irvine. Sérgio Mendes signs with OKeh Records. Jimmy Johnson Music - An Original Swamper. Pierre de Moussy - News, biography, records, videos and news - news of Black Africa, Maghreb news - The african daily newspaper.

Book Excerpts The Doors' Bass Player Releases His First Book: "My Days With The Doors" Sory Kandia Kouyate : Great Master Jeli. Book Excerpts The Doors' Bass Player Releases His First Book: "My Days With The Doors" Rev. Edward V. Leftwich, Jr. : Musician, Urban Leader, Local “Hero” – Dead at 68. Posted by villagechief Community News. Rev. Edward V. Leftwich, Jr. : Musician, Urban Leader, Local “Hero” – Dead at 68.