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Fact or Friction: Diesel Engine and Lubrication on Low Temperatures. One of the greatest challenges in using a heavy duty diesel engine is to get satisfactory lubrication depending on the environmental situations which can include the weight of the loads and its size, speed, and etc.

Fact or Friction: Diesel Engine and Lubrication on Low Temperatures

And this is especially true when utilizing diesel engines on low temperatures like cold storage rooms where it highly affects the performance of the engine, not only for the cold start, but also for the oils used. When we are talking about the diesel fuel itself, it sets and becomes congealed in lower temperature because of some hydrocarbons that clump together and jell. A Brief Introduction to Plantation Crops and Monoculture. Agriculture is a widespread industry responsible for feeding civilization itself.

A Brief Introduction to Plantation Crops and Monoculture

Ever since humanity moved from a hunter-gatherer society to an agricultural one, towns and eventually cities flourished, and with that prosperity came new ways to produce food. Trade and exploration lead to the new and myriad crop types cultivated and enjoyed around the world. The demand for certain crops lead to the rise of plantations, which specialize in cash crops. What Are Cash Crops? Biodegradable Lubricants For Industrial Applications. Before the rise of synthetic materials for use in machinery, the world of oil-based lubricants was heavily, if not entirely, composed of naturally-sourced oils and greases.

Biodegradable Lubricants For Industrial Applications

As the Industrial Revolution emerged, however, more and more synthetic lubricants began to be introduced to match the increased use of metal machinery. Despite what many would consider advancements in the industry, it cannot be denied that it has caused a great price to pay when it comes to the industrial impact on the environment. Oil spills in the ocean, improper disposal of synthetic wastes that take centuries to degrade — the list goes on. Fortunately, as the world has reached its now more modern approach to the industry, more and more companies are placing their focus on producing lubricants that are as efficient as they are friendly to Mother Nature.

Here are some sources many farmers and factories can look to for bio-based oils and lubricants. Looking to Set Up Your Own Food Garden? Here’s a Few Tips. If you’ve been active on Facebook and/or other social media sites in the past few months (which would seem likely, since the pandemic has made us clamor for interaction of any sort outside our house), you might have caught on the plant tito and tita phenomenon, where people have begun buying and selling potted plants for their personal home gardens.

Looking to Set Up Your Own Food Garden? Here’s a Few Tips

With the pandemic limiting our outdoor options, people have begun turning inwards for their hobbies and peace of mind, and gardening is one of the most popular hobbies trending in this quarantine season. While tending to plants is quite relaxing, maybe you might be interested in growing food at home? Growing simple veggies in your garden is quite simple if you’ve done your preparations well. Not only are you stepping up from your regular gardening endeavors, but you’re also giving yourself new food options at home. Safety Protocol For Crop Protection Products. Here’s a list of things that you should remember.

Safety Protocol For Crop Protection Products

So read carefully, because this will be a very helpful article for you. Always read the packaging labels on your crop protection products. Since these products have all the information needed such as how to use the product properly, its chemical composition, proper handling procedures, and first ad information, it will be easy for you to understand how it works. Make sure that when you are purchasing the crop protection product, you have obtained a Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Agricultural Products Distributor: From Toilets to Rivers: The Realities of Sewage Management. We all need water to survive.

Agricultural Products Distributor: From Toilets to Rivers: The Realities of Sewage Management

It is a vital component of life, and as we use water for our daily needs, it also cycles back to earth. However, with the irreversible effects of industrial development, the realities of climate emergency are quickly dawning on humanity. These consequences of development are directly affecting vulnerable communities, many of whom have not yet been reached by wastewater treatment plans, especially in rural, coastal, and urban poor areas. Fast Facts About Wastewater UNICEF and WHO studies show that in the Philippines, only 10% of wastewater is treated while 58% of the groundwater is contaminated; in addition, 5% of the total population is connected to a sewer network.

How To Avoid Waterborne Illnesses – Agricultural Products Updates. While not fatal in itself for many, food poisoning caused by contaminated food and beverages is a highly dangerous incident to encounter, and for certain people, it can lead to complications.

How To Avoid Waterborne Illnesses – Agricultural Products Updates

Most of the time, the contaminating bacteria, virus, or parasite is passed on through water sources, and early symptoms tend to manifest through an upset stomach and abdominal cramping. For pregnant women, small children, elderly, and the immuno-compromised, it is highly essential that contaminants in water are avoided. That is why it is important to know how we can best avoid getting sick with waterborne illnesses and how proper wastewater treatment plays a significant role in preventing contamination. Dispose of Waste Properly A leading source of the harmful bacteria that contaminates water sources is human waste or feces.

Agricultural Products Distributor: The Key Benefits of Organic Agricultural Products. Organic products in general offer us a ton of benefits, especially considering that they are free of toxic elements and are wholly healthy.

Agricultural Products Distributor: The Key Benefits of Organic Agricultural Products

When it comes to agricultural products, in particular, organic products help to provide safer and more nutritious end products for consumers. This is essentially why Envireau Pacific Inc products are specially formulated to be friendly to the human body. And quite importantly, they also provide a much-needed boost of nutrition for the environment and help preserve it as well. Nourish Crops Through Foliar Feeding. Brief History of Hydraulic Machinery. How To Check For Calcium Deficiency In Rice Crops. Cold Storage: What to Keep in Mind in Choosing Compressor Lubricants – Agricultural Products Updates. Getting the right oil-based lubricants is important to keep your machines running smoothly.

Cold Storage: What to Keep in Mind in Choosing Compressor Lubricants – Agricultural Products Updates

This is especially true when we’re looking for lubricants for usage in cold storage plants. Industrial refrigeration these days are mostly compression type systems, and getting lubrication for these types of system it’s not just about getting them to “run”, it’s also finding the most effective and efficient lubricant that will enable you to increase the machine and ultimately, the company’s productivity. There are a lot to consider for your compression type system’s lubricants, and here are some of those things you should remember: There are three types of refrigeration compressor lubricants used in industrial refrigeration systems and these are; Selecting the Right One for Your Company. Agricultural Products Distributor: Keeping Farm Animals Healthy and Free of Bad Microbes. Caring for the long-term health of your livestock is of paramount importance if you want to be successful in raising them well.

Agricultural Products Distributor: Keeping Farm Animals Healthy and Free of Bad Microbes

Keeping your animal farm safe, sustainable, and healthy is not only for profit’s sake, but is also a dedicated social responsibility. This is humanity’s promise as stewards of the environment. Maintain the good health of your animals by focusing on these basic areas of farm care for animals. Prepare The Perfect Soil Mixture Before Planting – Agricultural Products Updates. One of the keys to an abundant harvest is taking care of your soil early on, even before the seedling gets buried in dirt. Preparing and maintaining healthy soil before planting is good for long-term farming. As the soil provides food and water to plants, taking care of it will result in higher yield and better quality for your crops. So how should you prepare the perfect soil mixture where your plants can thrive? Identify the Type of Soil. The Importance of Using Food Grade Lubricants – Agricultural Products Updates.

Food grade materials, as the name suggests, are meant for use in applications that get in contact with food. This is why food production factories and food packaging plants are always directed to make use of good food grade lubricants in ensuring that the end-product consumers purchase are perfectly safe. The unfortunate reality is, however, many producers still tend to discount just how much of an impact using pure food grade lubricants are, and just how important it is to have reliable food grade lubricants suppliers in the Philippines. Different Types of Lubricants H1: H1 classified lubricants are food grade and for use in food processing environments where incidental food contact might occur. H2: H2 lubricants, on the other hand, are not food safe but are considered safe for use with equipment and machine parts that are unlikely to come into contact with the food product. Agricultural Products Distributor: Four Tips To Choose An Agri-Supply Company in the Philippines.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for industrial gear oils or natural gas compressor fluids for your farm or agricultural business, you need to know how to choose the best supplier for you. If you still have no idea on how to choose the best agricultural products distributor to partner with, we have come up with four things to check before choosing: Quality of Products The quality of the products always come first. The Greener Path: Choosing Organic Foliar Fertilizer – Agricultural Products Updates. We are in a very weird moment in the world right now, where even the smallest of our decisions can affect the future of our children, even when we are choosing between inorganic or organic foliar fertilizer! Each decision can affect the environment and its future. Now that we are talking about it, here’s a question: 3 Things to Remember in Choosing Industrial Gear Oil for your Machines – Agricultural Products Updates.

There’s a lot of Industrial gear oil on the market today. Choosing the right one for your use will prove to be time-consuming, that is why we’ve listed three important things for you to consider. Finding the Right Lubrication Technology There are three criteria in choosing your gear oil: Viscosity – considered as the lubricant oil’s key componentAdditive Package – determines the category of a lubricant Base Oil Type – three different types: mineral, vegetable, and synthetic.

Agricultural Products Distributor: Benefits of Calcium Fertilizer in Agriculture. Tips on Choosing the Right Industrial Gear Oil – Agricultural Products Updates. Why Switching To Petro-Canada Lubricants is your Best Choice. The Various Factors That You Need to Protect your Crops From. The Trinity of Nutrients Plants Need to Grow at Its Best.

Calcium Deficiency on Plants. Four Things You Should Remember When Branching Out for Your Agri Supplies. The Essential Context of Food Grade Lubricants in the Industrial World.