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#FoodFriday70: Bite-Sized Happiness. Let’s kickstart February with some positive vibes.

#FoodFriday70: Bite-Sized Happiness

Enrich yourself with productive hobbies and great vegan meals! Welcome to this week’s Food Friday blog! This week, we’ve compiled another set of great and delightful photos of vegan snacks and dishes, crafted by the dedicated foodies of Instagram. We’ve got cakes, curries and more in store for you, delicious plant-based creations that may just inspire you on your own culinary endeavors. Ready? Let’s begin with something that we’re all familiar with… the sandwich. Have you ever used rice paper rolls in your meals? Thinking about tofu? This Thai Curry by @ellens.way is inspired by an existing Cookbook called “Plants Only Garden,” which is quite amazing.

Our final pick of the week belongs to @something.different.kk, showcasing a wholly plant-based chocolate moist cake. #TravelTuesday 70: A Cleaner Atmosphere. It’s good to look forward to something for 2021.

#TravelTuesday 70: A Cleaner Atmosphere

Why not plan out your future vegan travels by adding new and beautiful locales to your travel itinerary? Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog. Enjoy some No-Bake Raw Apple Crumble. There are a variety of ways that you can prepare your vegan dishes.

Enjoy some No-Bake Raw Apple Crumble

You can have them steamed, boiled, or even grilled. Now, raw vegan recipes are a truly unique way to prepare your plant-based meals. #FoodFriday 69: Inspiring Delicacies. Inspire yourself to try something new and exciting for 2021.

#FoodFriday 69: Inspiring Delicacies

Maybe even pick a new hobby, like drawing or even gardening. #TravelTuesday 69: A Rush of Wind. The New Year’s comedown may still be in effect for some of us, but in time, we can shake off those 2020 vibes and get down to making 2021 a truly wonderful year for us.

#TravelTuesday 69: A Rush of Wind

We’re quite stoked for the chance to go on vegan river cruises again. How about you? What are you stoked about for 2021? Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog! This week, we’ve got a great gallery prepared for you, a wondrous bunch of photos that remind us of the cool, fresh air that awaits all of us in the future, when it’ll be safe to explore the Earth once more. Ready?

Let’s begin the week with a gorgeous view of the Latrabjarg Cliffs, courtesy of @tluziphoto. Gaze upon the misty slopes of the Glencoe Highlands. Spice up 2021 with this White Curry with Cashew Nuts and Raisins Recipe. Our vegan culinary cruises pride in the variety of plant-based delights that we can serve you, from stimulating appetizers to mouth-watering main courses.

Spice up 2021 with this White Curry with Cashew Nuts and Raisins Recipe

While we’re itching to go on a cruise right away, we can satiate our sense of adventure by trying out new and exciting recipes. So, why not savor this white curry with cashew nuts and raisins recipe? #FoodFriday 68: The Appetizing Warmth of A Morning. The way we spend our mornings helps define the vibe of the rest of the day.

#FoodFriday 68: The Appetizing Warmth of A Morning

That’s why getting up with a spring in your step and a conscious effort to be positive can do wonders in the long run. Having a great plant-based breakfast certainly helps too. #TravelTuesday 68: Mood Boards for a New Year. Have you ever made a mood board?

#TravelTuesday 68: Mood Boards for a New Year

Well, it’s pretty simple, actually. It’s a collage of photos with a common idea or theme, designed to convey that specific “feel” without having to write it out. Start the New Year with Some Chocolate-Almond Truffles. It’s a whole new year, with some brand new opportunities ahead of us. 2021 has only been here for a few days, but we’re already feeling a sense of renewal and change.

Start the New Year with Some Chocolate-Almond Truffles

To celebrate the new year, we’ve cooked up some great new vegan cuisine recipes that you can try out, like these chocolate-almond truffles. It’s quick and easy to prepare, perfect for fulfilling those spontaneous cravings. Bite into something sweet as we face 2021 together. Portions: 10 1 cup dates, pitted0.5 cup almond butter, raw2 tbsp cocoa powder natural and unsweetened3 tbsp chia seeds, grounded. #FoodFriday 67: Partaking in Life. Celebrating the small things in life can make the big things feel less overwhelming.

#FoodFriday 67: Partaking in Life

Maybe it’s performing that extra push-up, or writing that extra paragraph in an article or a story. Think of it like gravity. It takes a little push, and you can get the ball rolling on all your goals. #TravelTuesday 67: The Blue of the Skies and Waters. Feeling a sense of wanderlust that you’re just itching to satiate? Desperate to stretch your legs and feel the wind blow through your hair? Delight in some Vegan Asia Carbonara. Ah, pasta. You can prepare it in a thousand and one ways, with all the different recipes providing different flavors and experiences.

We just can’t get enough of pasta-based vegan cuisine, and in 2021, that’s not going to change anytime soon. So, to kickstart the new year, why not try yet another delectable pasta recipe, in the form of a plant-based Asian-style carbonara? #FoodFriday 66: A Delicious Start to the Year. The new year has arrived, and already the past few days have been full of promise.

We’ve got vegan and vegetarian recipes prepared for you, and a bunch of other cool plans that we’d like to showcase. Although some of us might be feeling a kind of 2020 “jet lag”, with all the feelings and memories of the last year still with us, we can easily step up and move forward for a brand new 2021 vibe. Welcome to this week’s Food Friday blog. This week, we’ve got some great vegan food photos to show to you, prepared by the dedicated foodies of Instagram. We’ve got great sweets, tasty slices, and so much more in store for you this Friday. #TravelTuesday 66: A New Year Awaits. 2021 is here! Let’s begin the new year with a hopeful outlook and a determined sense of adventure. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog! Savor Some Curried French Lentils. There are many kinds of legumes. Peanuts are the most common, and chickpeas have begun to gain traction in many circles.

Lentils are one of those tasty legumes that you can find in a lot of different vegan food recipes, such as this one. Savor it here. Portions: 8 6 cup water1 cup green french lentils, dry1 pcs onion, chopped1 pcs sweet potato, peeled and chopped2 cups cauliflower florets2 ribs celery, sliced1 can tomatoes, diced and undrained1 tbsp curry powder2 tsp herb seasoning, salt-free1 tsp onion, granulated1 tsp garlic, granulated4 cups swiss chard, chopped. #FoodFriday 65: Happy 2021! Quick Vegan Substitutes For When You’re In A Pinch. Have you been cooking up a storm in your kitchen these last couple of months? The Most Amazing Cities For Vegans. Looking for Some Easy Vegan Recipes? Well, Here’s 3! It’s never too late to try something new. Visiting the Majestic Grand Canyon National Park. Are you tired of walking and seeing the classy and sophisticated Europe on your European Vegan Cruises, or are you just an adventure freak that looks for an adrenaline pump on your every trip?

Vegan Adventures: Hiking Through The Majestic Natural Parks of USA. If you want something fun and adventurous for your next vegan tours, we highly recommend that you explore the diverse national parks of the United States of America, places that house harmonious symphonies of forest, desert, plateau, and a canyon. Snow Canyon State Park The Snow Canyon State park is a park located in Utah, USA. The snow in its name does not refer to actual snow, since the state park is situated in the junction of Mojave desert. The name actually refers to the two prominent leaders in Utah, which are Lorenzo and Erastus Snow. Vegan Culinary Cruises. Asian Vegan Food. Do you miss your vegan travels all over the world? Relatable is the only correct answer. With the pandemic pissing off every single human being, we need to make ourselves happy right?

Best Vegan Cakes To Bake. As vegans, we always look for ways to recreate animal-based dishes into healthier vegan foods. Three Veganized French Dishes You Should Cook! France is beautiful, true, but might prove to be challenging for your vegan travels. Aside from the shortage of vegan restaurants, a good chunk of French food has little to no vegan options. Even when meat is not present on foods, a large amount of cheese is replaced with it, and breads and pastries contain eggs, honey, dairy, and butter.

But despite this, we can not deny the fact that French cuisine is one of the richest types of cuisine in the world. Don’t forget that the world-famous ratatouille is wholly vegan. Want to Try Something Fresh? Try Out these Raw Vegan Recipes. Street Food-style Vegan Dishes You Need to Try! Have a Taste of Delicious Plant-Based Shepherd's Pie. #FoodFriday 56: Colors for the Winter Season. #TravelTuesday 64: Sights Before The New Year. Spice Up Your Winter With some Red Lentil Curry. #FoodFriday 63: Breathe In the Cool Wind. #TravelTuesday 63: Upon a Windswept Path. Soaky Black Bean Brownie.

#FoodFriday 62: A Step in the Right Direction. #TravelTuesday 62: Retracing Your Steps. #FoodFriday 61: A Welcome Slice. #TravelTuesday 61: Revisiting the Earth. #FoodFriday 60: A Promise for Greener Times. #TravelTuesday 55: Thinking About Nature. #FoodFriday 59: The Soft Warmth of the Morning. #TravelTuesday 59: A Cool Breeze at Sunset. Plant-Based Tailgate Chili for your Home-Based Meals. #FoodFriday 58: Cozy Plant-Based Cuisine. #TravelTuesday 58: In the Midst of a Breathing World. #FoodFriday57: Much Needed Vibrance. #TravelTuesday 57: Visiting Familiar Grounds. #FoodFriday 53: Flavors After Fall. #TravelTuesday 53: The Stark Hues of Colder Days.

#FoodFriday 52: Pastries, Pizzas, and Other Palpable Delights.