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Pre-travel Tips for First Time Cruisers in Europe. Planning to visit the Seine River in France?

Pre-travel Tips for First Time Cruisers in Europe

Or perhaps, celebrating some Glatt Kosher holidays with a trip to the Douro River? What about exploring the Danube in central and eastern Europe? Wherever your destination may be, you have already made a memorable and life-changing decision, especially if this will be your first time to try cruising in Europe! Though doing something for the first time might seem scary, you don’t have to worry because we're here to guide you to make the most out of your trip! ​

Here are some pointers before you embark on your next Kosher Europe tours:​Do your research.You will be going on an adventure of a lifetime! Pack smartly. Contact your bank and cellular service provider.Inform your bank about your travel itinerary. Planning 101: Things To Do After COVID-19. We all hope that this pandemic crisis will be over as soon as possible.

Planning 101: Things To Do After COVID-19

With our front liners, researchers, and leaders working hand in hand in looking for ways to alleviate this crisis, all we need to do is strictly follow all the safety guidelines provided by experts. While doing so, we can plan out the things that we will do once the pandemic ends. Now, here are some great ideas to do after COVID-19: Join Specialty Tours. 2 More Kosher Things to Do During Quarantine. As the world waits out the current pandemic, many people are asked to isolate themselves in the safety of their own homes.

2 More Kosher Things to Do During Quarantine

Many social, economic and religious activities, such as birthdays, conferences, company meetings and synagogue gatherings have been suspended due to the potential danger of large groups. Vacation plans, such as trips across countries and Glatt Kosher Cruises are discouraged and sometimes outright banned. Even this year’s Passover celebration has to be adjusted due to the onset of the novel coronavirus. Many Jewish families are even using Zoom or other online video conference applications to keep in touch with their family members remotely. While quarantines are still underway, finding ways to pass the time and lift one’s spirits might seem difficult. Food is a great way to alleviate one’s feelings of fear and uncertainty.

Great Places for Jewish Heritage Tours Post-COVID-19. The Celebration of Pesach for this year has been quite different, and Shavuot and other future holidays might also be spent indoors.

Great Places for Jewish Heritage Tours Post-COVID-19

Quite different from how we traditionally celebrate them, but for the safety of our family and friends, we have to reduce the spread of the current pandemic. The new normal of 2020 has been stressful for some, and enforcement of social distancing can be frustrating for others. However, one thing to keep in mind is that like all earthly things, the current pandemic will one day pass, either through natural means or via a vaccine. When this happens, we can all celebrate Pesach freely once more, and go on Jewish travel vacations with our loved ones. You can even plan out your own travel itinerary so that you always have a future post-COVID-19 in mind, a future when this pandemic subsides.

What are some interesting places to visit? David Gans: Historian and Astronomer. When it comes to the comprehensive experience of Jewish history, one cannot forget the various books, scrolls and manuscripts that were created by Jewish scholars and historians across the centuries.

David Gans: Historian and Astronomer

In fact, various Jewish writings have had fascinating histories of their own, from haggadahs like the Sarajevo Haggadah to cookbooks based on ancestral Sephardic recipes dating back to the Crypto-Jews of Spain. While our kosher cruises are put on hold as of late due to the pandemic, we are still putting out explorations of Jewish history in all its facets, from places to peoples to events to items of note. Indeed, Jewish history is a continuous process that converses and intertwines with world history in many ways, something that David Gans, historian and astronomer, recognizes. Tombstone of David Gans in Prague | Photo Credit: Great Locations For Your Post-Pandemic Kosher Vacation.

We’re in interesting times right now, but don’t fret.

Great Locations For Your Post-Pandemic Kosher Vacation

While we can’t go on regular visits to the synagogue or engage in Glatt kosher tours to great international destinations, we can still do a lot of things at home while we wait out this global pandemic. Last April, we experienced what it was like to have Pesach in less than ideal conditions. However, if there’s one thing that we’ve learned about having a Seder in the middle of a global crisis, it’s that the small things, like eating together with one’s family, can help us get through the problems that we are all collectively facing.

2 More Kosher Things to Do During Quarantine. It's the End of Passover. What Do We Do Next? Passover has just concluded, no doubt in a way that you have never done before.

It's the End of Passover. What Do We Do Next?

Unlike previous Passovers in previous years, this year’s celebration was marred by the effects of the current global pandemic, COVID-19. The Mystery of An Ancient Haggadah. To read about one’s ancestors is almost like a kosher touring experience in itself, a journey through hundreds of years of trials, triumphs and achievements across history.

The Mystery of An Ancient Haggadah

In these trying times of global pandemics and localized quarantines, the simple act of reading or listening about history can help contextualize the present. The Passover Seder is one such opportunity to reveal the stories of the past, which can help us get through the present and prepare for the future. Various haggadahs for Seder have been created across the centuries, from the widely-distributed Maxwell House haggadahs to ancient illuminated manuscripts that date back to the Middle Ages. Remembering Cordoba. The rich heritage of Jews in the Iberian Peninsula (where the modern-day countries of Portugal and Spain are situated) spans a long and eventful history.

Remembering Cordoba

From the occupation of Roman forces in the early centuries, Jews lived in Iberia, enduring under the Visigoths until the Muslim conquest of the peninsula brought about the fruitful Golden Age of Spanish Jewry. This, however, would not last, and the tragic decline of tolerance that culminated in the expulsion of all Jews by Spanish monarchical decree, and finally, the enduring legacies of Crypto-Jews who continued practicing their faith and culture beneath the notice of the Inquisition. Since You Can’t Go On Vacation Right Now, Plan Your Next One Instead! By Kosher River Cruise Kosher Tour Operator While the world is in the midst of a health crisis, know that it’s perfectly alright to escape for a little while, even if it’s just by planning a kosher cruise for the future.

Since You Can’t Go On Vacation Right Now, Plan Your Next One Instead!

That’s right, forget your present anxieties for a moment and think about happier times to come! There’s no better way to do that than by planning out your vacation for when this is all over. Decide Where You Want to Go Do you dream of exploring uncharted sights in Southeast Asia? Passover and Quarantine: Best Things To Do. April 8-16, 2020 marks the celebration of Passover. Usually, Jewish families come together to commemorate this important religious and cultural holiday, but with the pandemic crisis we are facing today, social distancing and isolation prevents us from reuniting, well, physically at least. How can you spend this kosher holiday with your family members without risking the chance of catching COVID-19 outside? Here are some ideas. The Temple in the Trees. The ancient civilizations of the Indochinese Peninsula form the bedrock from which the modern nations of mainland Southeast Asia would be built. The Angkor Wat of the old Khmer Empire, for example, is such a focal point in Cambodian culture that its iconic temple-mountain structure can be found on its flag, a reminder of a rich legacy that continues into the modern-day.

One of our Jewish tours will take us on an exquisite river cruise through Cambodia and Vietnam via the verdant Mekong River. This bountiful waterway continues to provide natural resources for the people of Vietnam, Cambodia, and other mainland Southeast Asian countries, as it has done so for centuries. How Experiential Travel Boosts Personal Care and Mental Health. Travelling has a multitude of benefits. Getting immersed in the experience gives you positive feelings of excitement, happiness, and peace. Definitely, you travel to treat yourself from the burdens of work, school, or other related life endeavor and experience new things that only exist in other countries or destinations.

A Distant Heritage in Jamaica. The scope of our Jewish heritage tours often go beyond that of the borders of the world rivers. Like a drop of rain that stirs the surface of a deep and silent well, our journey resonates with the rich, complex Jewish heritage that can be found around the world. Take our Douro cruise, for example. Our river tour through the Iberian Peninsula explores the legacy of the Sephardic Jews who lived in Portugal and Spain, and how they persisted in spite of persecution. A Beginner's Guide to Cruises. Are you a cruise rookie? First of all, congratulations on finally booking that cruise vacation you've always wanted! It's very exciting, but it can also make you feel nervous if you don't know what to expect.

Here are things to remember before going on the first of many Kosher riverboat cruises that you will go on. Kosher Travel Blog: Oh, Porto! Unique Things To Do In The City. Jewish cruises in Douro is not complete without a Porto city tour. 3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Douro Valley. Douro River This wine region is loved by kosher cruises for a reason. Aside from the fact that it’s a famous wine region, there are probably other things you haven’t known about the Douro valley. ​​

It was established earlier than the Bordeaux wine regions. The discovery of carbonized grapes has been discovered in the Douro valley thousands of years earlier than the Bordeaux wine regions. People in this region are usually more adept in growing, fermenting and processing grapes for wine—making it the best source to get good wine. The Douro Has a Famous Historic Past For the locals, Douro was known to be dangerous in the past.

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