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Kosher Drinks and Smoothies for your Indoor parties by Kosher River Cruise. By Kosher River Cruise Kosher Tour Operator Zoom parties are a thing, apparently.

Kosher Drinks and Smoothies for your Indoor parties by Kosher River Cruise

Well, for the more social folks out there, this is the perfect way to get your extroverted dosage of interaction in this time of social distancing. If you’re more inclined towards fewer social gatherings, then a party of few or even one is still quite plausible, using Zoom, Discord, or any other video/audio conferencing platform. Why are we talking about parties? Because we’re gonna talk about kosher drinks! There’s a variety of beverages and drinks that you can enjoy while indoors, ranging from exciting alcoholic mixes, smooth fruity smoothies, and sweet decadent delights.

Tori Avey’s Kosher Cosmo Let’s get the alcoholic option up front. Eileen Goltz’s Mango Orange Smoothie (Dairy) For those who wish for something fruitier to drink. Sara and Yossi Goldstein’s Caramel Dalgona (Dairy) Ah, Coffee, the multi-generational drink enjoyed by the young and more mature alike. Sponsor Ads About Kosher River Cruise. Jewish Tours and the Footprints of Jews on Amsterdam. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is rich and teeming with Jewish culture.

Jewish Tours and the Footprints of Jews on Amsterdam

It is even named as Mokum (Town) by the Jewish inhabitants of the past. This Jewish cultural background richness makes it a perfect place to schedule a Jewish Tour for traveling Jews. Jewish Pastries To Master. As you’ll observe with any kosher tour, Jewish cuisine has a long and complex history that varies from region to region, country to country, and continent to continent.

Jewish Pastries To Master

One important aspect of Jewish cuisine is the pastries, and different locations around the world each have their own special pastry connected to a long-held tradition. Despite the varied nature of these delicacies, they are actually possible to recreate in your own home kitchen! Rugelach An absolute classic among Jewish Americans, rugelach is delightfully buttery, flakey pastry filled with sweet jam, mostly fruit or chocolate. Traditionally linked to the Viennese pastry Kipfel, it was originally filled with nuts and/or seed paste when it was originally created in Poland. Hamantaschen Known to originate in Israel, Hamantaschen is another dried fruit and/or sweet jam-filled treat that is typically enjoyed on the Jewish holiday known as Purim, which is significant in marking the Persian Jewish population escaping genocide.

Places to See in Avignon, the “Jews of the Pope” Far away from the bustling Paris is Avignon, located in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, the southeastern region of France.

Places to See in Avignon, the “Jews of the Pope”

This city, though not as popular as Rome and Vatican, holds a historical significance in terms of religious power of Christianity. Through the camp of popes moving the papal seat to Avignon, it resulted to the protection of the Jewish community in times of exclusion and discrimination brought about by nearby persistent French towns some 500 years ago.​Today, visiting through a kosher vacation as a traveler and in a way, a pilgrim, let’s look around remarkable sights and places of this serene city and the remnants of its glorious past.

Bridge Of Avignon Palais Des PapesA fortress and palace, Palais des Papes is the home of the popes during the 14th Century. With its vast land area and towering cathedrals, it is considered the largest Gothic palace ever built, equivalent to four cathedrals. Up Close with Rare Colorful Birds of the Amazon. Find yourself swooping and craning necks as you discover the paradise of birds in the great Amazon Rainforest.

Up Close with Rare Colorful Birds of the Amazon

South America houses roughly a third of the world’s bird population, and the Amazon Basin alone is home to 1,500 bird species. If you’re going for a Kosher Holiday trip to Brazil, take a look at this lush avian life and the strikingly rare and attractive birds you probably have never seen before. Scarlet Ibis The scarlet Ibis is an elegant bird with a curved slender bill conveniently used for foraging crustaceans in either shallow water, mud, or grass. Like flamingos, this bird also has long legs with partially webbed feet, and has an attractive color, although it’s more scarlet (except for the black wing tips) than pink.

Amazonian Macaws There are almost 17 species of macaws living in the Central and South American continent. There are some beloved macaws we all want to see- like the bright blue Spix’s macaw, but it was declared extinct in the wild last 2000. What Will You Explore on a Trip Along the Mekong? Our collective wanderlust has been in suspended animation for so long, the idea of a warm beach vacation feels somewhat unreal.

What Will You Explore on a Trip Along the Mekong?

But don’t fret, it’s a new year, and in a couple of months time, we’ll be able to explore the world again freely. With that said, where do you plan on going once this pandemic subsides? Quick Weeknight Dinner Ideas. 3 Tasty Kosher Picnic Dishes. Ah, spring, a time of change and new life, a time when winter has passed and the flowers bloom again.

3 Tasty Kosher Picnic Dishes

Well, spring is not here yet, and for people living in warmer climates, the current weather might not be so different from a regular day a few months ago. Such can be the effect of the pandemic, where days and weeks can blend together in an uncertain slurry of thoughts and memories. Facts You Need To Know When Visiting Venice, Italy. “To build a city where it is impossible to build a city is madness in itself, but to build there one of the most elegant and grandest of cities is the madness of genius.” - Alexander Herzen If you’re a fan of kosher riverboat cruises, we cannot help but recommend visiting the city of Venice, Italy as your next destination.

Facts You Need To Know When Visiting Venice, Italy

Here you can marvel about the grandeur of La Serenissima, and the interesting facts and stories that its architecture and cultures tell us. Grab your map of Venice and let’s discover some wonderful facts about the Queen of the Adriatic. No Cars Allowed in Venice Cars are not allowed nor any wheels of any kind in the city proper, simply because the footbridges and cobbled alleyways are made for walking. Venice Sinks 1-3 Milliliters/year The city is an extremely low-lying area, with only 1 meter above elevation. City Stands on Wooden Planks.

Try These Amazing Recipes for Tu B’Shevat. Tu B’Shevat is coming and have you prepared your fruits and picnic bags?

Try These Amazing Recipes for Tu B’Shevat

Sadly, because of the current situation we’re in, we just have to go on a picnic instead of the much awaited Jewish trips.For those who have stumbled in here by chance searching for amazing treats, Tu B’Shevat, also known as Rosh HaShanah La'Ilanot or the New Year for the Trees, always takes place at the 15th Shevat in the Hebrew Calendar which is usually around late January or early February. It is one of the New Years described on the Mishnah as it marks the beginning of spring in Israel, it celebrates the natural world where appreciation is given to everything that grows on earth. Tulip Facts for your Next Kosher Excursion to Holland.

Kosher riverboat cruises in the waterways of Holland and Belgium are one of the crowd favorites.

Tulip Facts for your Next Kosher Excursion to Holland

The beautiful bridges and calm waterways add to the picturesque cityscape of European architecture. Going this route will offer you something unique to look forward to, especially if you haven’t been here before. This time, it’s the vast field of tulips that paint a spectrum of colors on the earth when seen from above. Tulips are beautiful, elegant flowers wildly popular around the world, yet only synonymously tied to one country: The Netherlands. This iconic flower was originally from the Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey) and cultivated by the Dutch as early as the 16th century. These interesting trivia on tulips might get you to want a bouquet for yourself next travel. Tulips Have Every Color of the Rainbow – Except Blue.

Best Destinations For Your 2021 Kosher Trip. Have you been dreaming of a luxurious kosher touring these last couple of months as you stayed home? Well, us, too! Thinking about the thrill of our boat setting sail, making new friends, and simply taking in the sights - it’s all truly wonderful! Common Challenges of Non-Kosher Travel.

Going on a kosher holiday offers a lot of benefits compared to a regular trip, which many Jewish travelers will definitely appreciate. Hanukkah Foods You Can Cook at Your Own Home. You may have been going to Kosher vacations during Hanukkah for the past few years to celebrate, but right now, you may be feeling lost as to what to do since travelling is banned almost everywhere. Well, don’t worry because we have just the thing for you. You just need some kitchen wares and a few ingredients to reawaken your inner chef with these amazing Hanukkah recipes. Classic Latke by Latkes are the perfect Hanukkah foods that we all need.

This amazing potato pancake recipe by is something you should try to do. Sufganiyot (Israeli Donuts) by Jenn Segal Just like Latke, you can’t go through Hanukkah without eating these jelly filled donuts, and this recipe done by Jenn Segal contains the perfect ratio of ingredients to get that crispy, yet fluffy inside texture that will help ooze the jellies filled within. Portable Kosher Snack Foods for your Future Travels. It’s getting cold, isn’t it? The end of the year is often chilly, what with the advent of winter and all. Such times call for warm clothes and warmer meals, as the snow begins to fall and the winds begin to bring the winter’s cold. Times like these would have called for a vacation to somewhere warm. Sadly, Jewish trips of that sort wouldn’t be advisable until this pandemic has weakened and the world has sorted itself out. With that said, being prepared for a future trip can be quite exciting. The Spruce Eats’ Israeli Pita Bread Bread!

Jamie Geller’s Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. Dutch Jewish Dessert Dishes to Prep for your Amsterdam Adventures. The Netherlands is known for many things. 3 Kosher Pasta Recipes That You Might Like. What to See on a Kosher Trip to Normandy. Away from the bustling city of Paris, Normandy is a quiet, middle-class area northernmost of France. This region is filled with a quaint but mysterious charm, with its cobblestone pavements, specialty shops, and distinct Northern French architecture that seems to preserve the face of France from as far as the medieval times.. But more than its sandy beaches, gardens and grand castles, Normandy also has something special: a rich history with the Jewish community, one that’s still thriving among the region’s biggest cities. Tips For Staying Healthy During Cruises. Whether you’ve decided to embark on a short trip in this current time (for whatever reason) or you simply want to be more prepared for your next Glatt kosher tour, it’s truly important to be mindful of one’s health whenever and wherever we travel.

So what things should we take extra care of for future trips? Living La Dolce Vita in the Good Ole Italia. Temple Run: A Look to the Beauty of Khmer Architecture. Rich Tasting Vietnamese Cuisine Turned Kosher in these recipes! Jewish vacations in Asia, especially in Vietnam, wouldn’t be complete without savoring the rich flavors of their traditional food. Let’s be honest, eating Vietnamese cuisine is a thrilling and exotic experience, with wonderful umami that most likely came from the fish sauce. Two Kosher Cocktails To Enjoy At Home. 2 Sumptuous Cheesy Kosher Recipes for Your Good Vibes. What’s your favorite dish? There’s bound to be a dish that you’ve taken a shine to after all those lunches and dinners.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Quick Vacay. Meaty and Filling Kosher Recipes for These Cold Months. Are you feeling hungry, or at least a little bit tired? Reasons To Plan For A Kosher Cruise This 2021. A Collection of Hebrew Manuscripts on Emilia-Romagna. Some Pareve Fish-Based Kosher Recipes for the New Year. Exploring Cambodia and the Places You Have To Visit. The Tale of Simeon the Just. Returning Hebrew to Modern Use: The Life of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. Hayim Nahman Bialik, National Poet of Israel. Sara Adler, from Odessa to Yiddish Theater. Moses Isserles and his Mappa on the Set Table.