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Should You Start a Business During This Pandemic? With the global pandemic occurring, it’s no wonder that a lot of businesses, especially the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), had to close down. Currently, there are over 90,000 closed businesses all over the Philippines and according to DOLE, this mass-closure caused a displacement of over 10 million jobs for the Filipinos. That is why, a lot of people are asking me and messaging me on my page whether it’s wise to start a business during this pandemic. And in order to answer this question, let’s first take a look on the possible reasons why businesses are closing.

Investment Capital Vs. Returns The sudden onset of this pandemic took businesses by surprise. Do You Need Page Likes to Sell on Facebook? So your business has a Facebook page… What’s next, exactly? Facebook is one of the best platforms for promoting yourself to your prospective customers. With its large user base and helpful additions, like Analytics (more on that later), your business has a large set of tools and options at its disposal. Aldevinco: Thriving In The New Normal. Local businesses are one of the most affected sectors during this historical pandemic, even iconic landmarks in Davao City that stood the test of time can attest to that. With the challenging situations, local entrepreneurs, big and small, have been in constant contact with social media experts in Davao, just like me, to conceptualize digital marketing campaigns to thrive in a world where face-to-face transactions are frowned on.

One of the most digital marketing moves that I’ve witnessed in social media that other local businesses can emulate is the one from the illustrious Aldevinco Shopping Center. Home to over 100 stores that show the Filipino creativity through ethnic handicrafts, Aldevinco has been a landmark in downtown Davao City. With the enhanced community quarantine imposition last March, Aldevinco has suffered a drastic sales drop. But did you know what happened next? Continue reading for the awesome parts! Rising Like a Phoenix Intensifying Connections. How Online Learning Can Help the Filipino Children. The education sector is one of the hardest hit segments of society as COVID-19 continues to spread.

How Online Learning Can Help the Filipino Children

To address this, the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education have pushed for blended learning so that students may continue their studies amid the pandemic. Despite how promising this mode of education is, blended learning, which is a combination of modular instruction and online education, has faced criticism from parents, students, and other concerned groups in the country. On the contrary, other countries see this type of learning as a solution to the educational backlog and teaching issues brought about by the pandemic.

Over 1.5 billion students from kindergarten to higher education and educators in other parts of the globe have shifted online to ensure that learning does not stop. Also, a surge in the availability and popularity of online courses developed by leading institutions on various fields of knowledge have been observed in the past months. Facebook Marketing Training for Real Estate Agents - Arezzo Place Davao. Before we entered the quarantine period in Davao City and the rest of the country, I conducted a social media marketing training for Arezzo Place Davao’s in-house agents.

Facebook Marketing Training for Real Estate Agents - Arezzo Place Davao

In general, the goal of the Facebook marketing training for Davao City real estate brokers and agents was to maximize the use of Facebook to increase sales. Later on, the skills and techniques discussed in this training proved to be “an extra armor” as the entire country went into full battle against COVID-19. Back to the Basics To start the training, the ABC’s of marketing was discussed, giving emphasis on the buyer persona, and a quick background on social media, especially on identifying one’s goals and strategies on the platform.

The in-house agents then explored the buyer’s journey–how someone who does not want to buy or someone who is just thinking about buying, eventually becomes your buyer. Let’s Get Creative! Tips and tricks on image and video creation were tackled, including photo and video editing tools. Digital Marketing and Social Media Articles To Read This 2020. Do you want to learn new skills while you’re at home?

Digital Marketing and Social Media Articles To Read This 2020

This is the best time to visit the website of Jessica Madrazo, a digital marketing expert in Davao City, for on-trend social media and digital marketing lessons for FREE! Here are some examples: Influencer Campaigns Influencers are the strong forces we can listen to on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you want to rev up your career as a social media influencer, this is a curated list of the best campaigns that can inspire you this quarantine season. Check the article here. Call-To-Action Strategies Great sales start with an effective CTA. Check the article here.

Combining Real Estate Marketing and Social Media. You’ve got Facebook open in another tab, don’t you?

Combining Real Estate Marketing and Social Media

Or maybe there’s somebody chatting with you on Messenger? Whatever the case, you can’t deny that social media is EVERYWHERE, and that everybody, even their dogs, has social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. Everyone, including your potential real estate buyers, engage in social media, especially now that most of us are indoors. What’s trending?: Changes in Social Media during COVID-19.

Over three months have passed since Davao City was placed under different levels of quarantine.

What’s trending?: Changes in Social Media during COVID-19

As people turned to the internet while staying at home, social media in Davao City and the rest of the country has been the center of our daily activities. Let’s take a look at what has been trending across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 1. Barter Communities Who knew that the trade system, which existed even before the country was colonized, would rise in popularity once again in the modern times? The Benefits of Online/Modular Learning. Many businesses and companies have started improving their digital marketing in Davao City in response to this pandemic, because of the internet’s accessibility in a time when we can’t go out often without risk.

The Benefits of Online/Modular Learning

With the implementation of social distancing measures in our everyday lives, it makes sense for us to start using the online world to get us back on track with our daily needs. We’ve already seen the rise of home-delivered groceries, Zoom meetings for businesses, and other digital methods to get our tasks done. Social Media Trends That Captured Davao City. As a digital marketing expert here in Davao City, you come to observe how people in your area behave online. With such a concentrated space and such highly active social media users, you eventually come to observe one thing – that it’s not enough to know the technicalities of Facebook ads or master the use of Photoshop. If you’ve been an active internet user in the last decade or so, you’d know that nothing gets people talking and brands selling like going on social media. It’s worth noting that ‘virality’ covers a whole entire spectrum of social media trends, and these definitely vary from city to city.

Here in Davao, we can pinpoint 3 major local social media trends that have captured us so far. TikTok Challenges. Using Social Media Effectively for your Business’s Online Marketing Campaigns. Social Media is an important part of every day in the Information Age, which is why businesses should invest in good social media marketing.

Using Social Media Effectively for your Business’s Online Marketing Campaigns

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a user base that you can tap into and convert into paying customers. However, social media marketing is not as simple as paying for Facebook ads or occasionally posting about a sale. You have to put a little more effort into your social media endeavors. Here’s what you can do. What are Some of the Ways You Can Optimize your Facebook Marketing? Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms out there, and it’s one that has thrived and innovated throughout the years.

What are Some of the Ways You Can Optimize your Facebook Marketing?

The online world is a big part of our lives, and Facebook is an ever-present factor in how we use the internet to communicate and present ourselves. Because of the platform’s great impact, it only makes sense for it to be used for marketing. Providers of digital marketing services in Davao City understand this, which is why they use Facebook extensively in their online marketing campaigns. If your company or business wants to promote themselves well, they should use Facebook in an optimal way. Creating an FB page for your brand and posting every once in a while isn’t enough. The Visual Component Images are the best way to catch people’s attention. Good colors and clever designs are sure to make your customers stop and check out what you’ve posted.

Create Creative Captions Create creative captions for your FB content. A Comprehensive Calendar of Posting. Arezzo Place Davao Holds Facebook Marketing Training For Real Estate Agents. The Most Enduring Social Media Trends in Davao City during the Quarantine. The social media scene in Davao City is constantly changing.

The Most Enduring Social Media Trends in Davao City during the Quarantine

Some trends blow up fast and become viral within a matter of days, only to lose steam and disappear. Other trends start slow, but become long-lasting and impactful outside of their digital platform. This year alone produced a lot of memorable and viral online trends, trends that were as surprising and unpredictable as 2020 itself. What is Facebook Marketplace and How Can It Help Your Small Business Now. While Shopee and Lazada are dominating the online shopping experience in the new normal, Facebook’s very own Marketplace has also risen in popularity, especially among local shops and those who ventured into home-based businesses.

What is Facebook Marketplace and How Can It Help Your Small Business Now

These people utilize the marketplace to pursue their hobbies during the quarantine or to make ends meet during these challenging times. Fully released in May 2017, Facebook Marketplace is a free feature designated for buying and selling various products and services through the social media platform itself. Since then, social media experts in Davao city have lauded its advantages and gained some positive feedback from users. Recently, the Marketplace gained momentum as physical stores have closed to observe protocols related to COVID-19.

A Few Good Tips for your Digital Marketing Plans in 2020. COVID-19 has virtually frozen the global economy, with the measures taken to slow its spread forcing businesses big and small to adapt and overcome this new challenge. What Makes a Successful Social Media Page For Your Business? Why Facebook Shops Is The Next Big Thing. Via Facebook Live last Tuesday, Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg announced an important update to the world’s biggest social media platform. Handling the Air Quality inside your Vehicle. Gone are the days where commuters have to pack themselves together in jeepneys. With the pandemic still ongoing, public transport has become less crowded, with barriers preventing close contact between passengers, significantly changing the usually claustrophobic air interior of such vehicles. This is also why personal vehicles have become all the more important in today’s environment.