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Lucille Clerc. Yvonne Mouser - In The Make. We arrived at Yvonne’s SOMA home and studio in the afternoon on one of San Francisco’s last warm days.

Yvonne Mouser - In The Make

Yvonne greeted us with delicious homemade iced-tea and then gave us a tour of her house, garden and garage/studio space. As we stood in her overflowing garden, with the sun coming down on us in streams of soft golden light, and her kitty darted about by our feet, all I could think was, “Damn, this girl has got a good life.” My guess is that Yvonne does have a “good life,” but that she works really hard to make it that way. In general, she works seven days a week and because her studio is in the garage, right downstairs from her home, she constantly moves, both literally and figuratively, between the two spaces— and quite often her inspiration is ignited by the ordinary happenings at home, so in a way, she is always at work. Dome. The dome or hemispherical dwelling is an ancient shelter form alike the tipi, and there are many ways to build a dome, with bent bows or straight struts. Dome

The dome can be implemented in many ways, e.g. a geodesic dome composed by triangles is challenging to calculate and build, especially if not a canvas is used to cover it. A dome done with bows is much easier to plan and implement, and very simple to errect and take down as well, and the portability is very good in that case. The comfort, if done with thermal insulation like with the yurt, is alike excellent. Yet, there is one noteable disadvantage to be mentioned, the entire surface acts as roof and requires to be 100% waterproof therefore, whereas the yurt or cubic building have a comperable lesser vertical exposure or roof area. Pour vivre heureux, vivons (tout) simplement! Jun 03, 2016 ‘a model’ seeks to create an architecture which reflects the dreams of many ‘a model’ seeks to create an architecture which reflects the dreams of many (above) model seen from northall images by niklas adrian vindelev and leonora krag.

PAULINE SIMONET. Repper -> create your own patterns! Booketing : The Book Design Blog. Hypothèses - Formes Vives, l'atelier. Cela débute par la construction d’une résistance aux formes de la communication oppressante, aiguisées par les dominants.

Hypothèses - Formes Vives, l'atelier

Par participer aux « productions de réseaux critiques, rassemblant des ‹ intellectuels spécifiques › dans un véritable intellectuel collectif capable de définir lui-même les objets et les fins de sa réflexion et de son action, bref, autonome. Avec Massin à propos de Jeanine Fricker. Portfolio Archives - Marian Bantjes : Marian Bantjes. Digital Montagny. 1041uuu. Wil Freeborn. 10 Teeny Tiny Houses With Big Style. 10 Teeny Tiny Houses Today is a fun look at 10 teeny tiny houses with big style.

10 Teeny Tiny Houses With Big Style

As soon as I think I’ve seen all the tiny house styles, I find more. Small space living is such a popular alternative house choice these days. Dave gibbons artwork: Landscape Drawings. Paris Flea Market Style as Home Decorating Inspiration. The Skimbaco Philosophy on Saving & Splurging I am a big believer that you can live life to the fullest on any budget.

Paris Flea Market Style as Home Decorating Inspiration

I love to splurge on things, but I equally love saving money on other things (so I can afford the splurges). I believe you should treat yourself, and not deny yourself the nice things or experiences in life even if they are not in your comfort level when it comes to pricing. It’s all about moderation, and sacrifices. Linoléum : Tous les messages sur linoléum - delamaingauche / le blog de sandra baud.

Papa totoro. Hello Print Studio - About us. Linocutboy's albums on Flickr. Curated Marketplace-Art Gallery-Art Wall Online. Belette Print, Linogravure. Japanese Woodblock Print Search - Ukiyo-e Search. Culture multimédia & son. Heri&salli builds giant timber bed frame for viennese guest room. Jan 28, 2015 heri&salli builds giant timber bed frame for viennese guest room heri&salli builds giant timber bed frame for viennese guest roomimage © hans schubert in a viennese apartment building, austrian architecture studio heri&salli has created five small guest rooms using a bare minimum of necessary intervention. designed for the gegenbauer vinegar brewery, each unit features a large bed constructed using an interlocking lattice of stacked timber beams. in addition to a central sleeping area, surrounding platforms help combine the functions of a guest room – rendering any extra furniture redundant. in order to make the history of the house visible, ceiling and floor surfaces have been exposed, while service pipes and cabling have been left proudly on display. the prevalent use of wood continues in the adjoining bathroom, where all essential hygiene requirements are found, presented in a similarly raw and rational manner.

heri&salli builds giant timber bed frame for viennese guest room

Zim & zou fills hermès' cabinet of curiosities with leather creatures. Jan 20, 2015 zim & zou fills hermès' cabinet of curiosities with leather creatures zim & zou fills hermès’ cabinet of curiosities with leather creaturesall images courtesy of zim & zou the artist duo comprising france-based zim & zou have referenced the inherent magic in museums of natural history for their storefront installation at hermès maison in shanghai. all kinds of biological curiosities from large birds and butterflies to fish and insects have been intricately crafted from hundreds of paper and leather pieces, soured using offcuts from hermès workshops in paris.

zim & zou fills hermès' cabinet of curiosities with leather creatures

Lorenzo Bravi. Mycelium. Is a simulation of fungal hyphae growth using images as food. The project was originally started in 2005 while working at Logan in Venice, California. There have been many iterations since then. These are a few. Hyphae grow into the lighter areas of the image while avoiding their own trails. News — Coralie Bickford-Smith. A while ago I drew some animals for my friends at Just trade to make into brooches, earrings and necklaces.

News — Coralie Bickford-Smith

Just Trade are incredible, they make a real difference to people in the developing world. Click here to have a look at what they get up to. 'We work collaboratively on the design of our products with the artisans who make them. By teaching the fundamentals of design, we give the artisans that we work with the tools to take an active part in the product development process, encouraging a sense of pride and ownership in their work.' The animals I drew were then hand made in Quito, Ecudor by Olga and her family who are part of a nationwide group of World Fair Trade Organisation producers.

Welcome to the world of S.A.M. What is S.A.M.?

Welcome to the world of S.A.M.

The Lowdown This story begins some time ago, in a galaxy not too far from your favorite TV series and the corner shop and it happened to take on full momentum once the idea hatched and the inventor opened his mouth to the crowd. Welcome to the world of S.A.M. Tom whalen : strongstuff illustration + design. Hand Illustrated Book by Allen Crawford. Extraordinary early 20th century book covers from Japan.

Extraordinary early 20th century book covers from Japan These covers come from Bookcover Design in Japan 1910s-40s (ISBN 4-89444-426-7) edited by Masayo Matsubara. Published in 2005 by PIE Books, this incredible book is already out-of-print and becoming hard to find (it was hard for me to find and I spend hours per day searching for rare books). This book is in Japanese only, but of course you need it for the 650 illustrations. Next week I'll post Japanese magazine covers from the same time period (link added 6/16/09). Takeo Takei, 1924 (previously covered) Kishio Suga at Tomio Koyama Tokyo. Kishio Suga 10 March - 14 April 2012 KISHIO SUGA Placement of the Hidden Currents 10 March - 14 April, 2012 Kishio Suga is a leading figure of the Japanese art movement known as Mono-ha (School of Things), which was active in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

After studying under Yoshishige Saito at Tama Art University, he created site-specific artworks, placing plain materials such as lumber, stone, metal, and sheets of glass in space to create new relationships between the things and the place or between one thing and another. He has always used everyday materials in his works and kept the amount of manual work to a minimum. Kishio Suga. Southbank Centre. Vidéo Biomimétisme : Naturellement Génial ! Street-art et Graffiti. Can City. Aug 18, 2013 Can City by Alexander GrovesAzusa Murakami from uk designer's own words: Studio Swine has made a mobile aluminium foundry which runs on waste cooking oil.

The furnace melts aluminium cans to create a 'Cast On Demand' system for the streets of São Paulo. Working with the waste collectors known as Catadores, they mine the streets for materials to produce a series of furniture with a strong local identity, providing a portrait of the streets. [Java] A. Experiments In Processing. Design made in Germany. Reid Miles - foxylounge. Retour sur l’homme derrière le design des fameuses pochettes du label à la note bleue. Reid Miles, si le nom ne vous dit rien, vous connaissez certainement son travail. L’homme dont le patronyme est si classe qu’il sonne comme celui d’un rappeur, est celui qui réalisa le design de presque toutes les pochettes du mythique label de jazz Blue Note, durant les années 50 et 60. Blue Note Records est un cas à part et si ce label a acquit une aura aussi particulière ce n’est pas le fruit du hazard. Le label à la note bleue fut créé en 1939 par deux véritables passionnés de cette musique : Alfred Lion, un juif allemand ayant fuit le nazisme, et Max Margulis, un écrivain qui finança les débuts de l’aventure mais qui quitta le bateau quelques années plus tard.

Très rapidement, Francis Wolff, un photographe, ami de Lion, ayant également fuit l’Allemagne d’Hitler, rejoignit l’aventure. MaricorMaricar Studio on Behance. Les nouveaux défis du design éditorial pour la presse. Paper music : Chercheurs de sons. CRIMP!!! origami. CHARLOT & CIE. Tokujin Yoshioka. Trigonométrie mon amie - Tuto processing. Processing[04] = "les quatre concepts fondamentaux de la programmation" ; Bon, d’accord, admettons-le : l’idée qu’il y aurait uniquement quatre concepts clés pour maîtriser la programmation est une idée absurde. Processing. Pour l'instant, nous avons travaillé sur l'écran en générant des images et des animations. Nous allons maintenant nous intéresser aux possibilités qu'offre Processing en matière d'impression : nous allons créer un document PDF (Portable Document Format) contenant des formes géométriques vectorielles, document qui pourra ensuite être imprimé sur du papier ou un autre médium.

Justin Johnson - Smoke & Mirrors. The Story... Justin Johnson's highly anticipated double album "Smoke & Mirrors" is the most comprehensive musical statement yet made, about the past, present, and future of handmade American Roots instruments~ A sensory immersive musical journey that will have you spellbound from the first note. The "Smoke" album highlights the builds of some of the most talented, innovative, and artistic luthiers in the world today. "Smoke" was recorded at the legendary Sun Studio, the “Birthplace of Rock & Roll,” using the studio’s combination of vintage equipment and modern technology to showcase the corresponding qualities in the 18 modern roots instruments featured. Want To Sell More Art? Sell Yourself First. DES SIGNES – Muchir et Desclouds - Studio de graphisme à Paris – ACTUALITÉS.

ANRT / Appel à candidature 2014-2015. Neave Interactive - Paul Neave's digital playground. A bi-monthly animation challenge. GraphicDesign& Creative discoveries — Guy Moorhouse. Pinterest. Most Interesting Bookstores of the World. La créativité: 18 choses que les gens créatifs font différemment des autres. Le blog de Vincent Mahé. SUDestampe. MAISON DE LA GRAVURE MÉDITERRANÉE. Sketchbooks Archives. Collectif Carré Cousu Collé. The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Liste des formations francophones en typographie. Mind-Boggling Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo. La toupie Tippy Top qui se renverse. Absurd Animated Portraits by Romain Laurent. Irma Boom > Dutch Profiles. A weekly illustrated atlas. The professional association for design. Soft, Light, lamp, German, industrial, design, Simon Frambach.

Edwardgoreyhouse. Ken garland. Saul Bass et Alfred Hitchcock : trois mariages et un enterrement. Design Museum London. Site institutionnel - voyagez dans l'univers d'Hermès.