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ShopFlow – Create an online store in minutes. Codrops. +tongtong on Web Design Served. Macro.theme on Web Design Served. Award Winning Jewellery Design Studio | SMITH/GREY. «Sea of Ink». Fresh Calligraphy and Lettering logos on Behance. Formløs Brand Lab on Behance. Slanted Magazine #22 – Art Type on Behance. Participants: Mirko Borsche, Lars Breuer, Stefan Brüggemann, Sico Carlier, Rosson Crow, Shannon Ebner, Paul Elliman, Experimental Jetset, Hannes Famira, Edward Fella, Lutz Fezer, Luca Frei, Gilbert & George, Liam Gillick, James Goggin, Tommy Grace, Karl Haendel, Alex Hanimann, Helmo, Dennis Hopper, Jeffery Keedy, Astrid Klein, Zak Kyes, Carolina Laudon, Lola, Chris Lozos, Ian Lynam, Michel M., Michel Majerus, Stefan Marx, Metahaven, David Millhouse, Kate Moross, Neasden Control Centre, Alexander Negrelli, Navid Nuur, Ruben Pater, David Peacock, Daniel Pflumm, Project Projects, Allen Ruppersberg, Ed Ruscha, Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh, Stefan Sandner, Paula Scher, Aurel Schmidt, Pamela C.

Scorzin, Jeffrey Shaw, David Spiller, Manuel Raeder, The Entente, Thonik, Mark Titchner, Christian Vetter, Johannes Wohnseifer, Michael Worthington. Alive | Biocouture. Suzanne Lee (art director), Liz Ciokajlo-Squire, Aaron Lampert,Thomas Makryniotis Suzanne Lee est une pionnière du biodesign et de la manufacture du futur dans les domaines de la mode, des vêtements de sport et des marques de luxe. Fondé en 2003, l’atelier BioCouture s’intéresse à l’utilisation de cultures de micro-organismes en vie (levures et bactéries) pour faire pousser des vêtements durables et compostables à partir de biomatériaux comme la cellulose. BioCouture a récemment évolué pour devenir une société de conseil qui établit des partenariats avec des producteurs émergents de biomatériaux afin de concevoir et façonner l’avenir des produits de consommation cultivés. L’atelier BioCouture développe actuellement l’utilisation de micro-organismes vivants afin de « faire pousser » une chaussure.

C’est la première fois au monde qu’un tel procédé de fabrication de chaussure est exploré. Design du vivant : salut ou ruine de l’humanité ? | Prospective Design. Faire pousser des vêtements, des chaussures, des maisons ?! Créer des vases en cire grâce à des abeilles guidées ? Rapetisser génétiquement l’espèce humaine afin de pallier les besoins alimentaires d’une population mondiale qui croît inexorablement… À travers l’exposition « En Vie, Alive, aux frontières du design » présenté à l’Espace Fondation EDF (Paris) jusqu’en septembre 2013, une nouvelle génération de chercheurs, designers et artistes a souhaité communiquer sur la révolution biologique dans laquelle pénètre à tâtons, l’humanité. Éclairage de la chercheuse et designer Carole Collet, commissaire de l’exposition. : Des designers, architectes et chercheurs qui s’interrogent sur les nouvelles relations avec la nature depuis la découverte par les scientifiques du génome et de sa reprogrammation ont exposé leur travail lors de l’exposition « En Vie, Alive, aux frontières du design ». Concrètement, qu’est-ce que le public a observé ? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Prospective Design, Les escales du design à Bordeaux. Ele Miško Communication Visual on Behance. Processing Hour of Code | Home. Grain de Couleur. Mutuo on Behance. ‎ Kano computer kit by MAP. Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby's creative consultancy MAP has designed a build-your-own computer kit (+ slideshow).

London studio MAP worked with computer company Kano to create parts for the machine, designed as kit for learning about how computers work. The kit runs on the Raspberry Pi platform - a customisable single-board computer that allows the user to add components. MAP created a transparent case for the Raspberry Pi board, comprising two C-shaped transparent shells that clip together to secure the cable connections but leave the top open for the user to experiment with adding additional parts.

"We knew that it was important to protect the Raspberry Pi board and we were frustrated to see that most of the cases on the market actually seal the board in a box," said MAP director Jon Marshall. A clear cover can be added over the board to protect the components or a speaker and small amplifier powered directly from the Raspberry Pi can be clipped on the top. W.I.A Brand. Spring Summer 2014 fashion collection by Y-3 and Peter Saville.

Prints by graphic designer Peter Saville adorn the garments and footwear in fashion brand Y-3's Spring Summer 2014 collection. Peter Saville picked images and slogans he found across the internet for the Meaningless Excitement range by Japanese brand Y-3, designer Yohji Yamamoto's label produced by sports brand Adidas. Pictures of car parts and rain-splattered windows were distorted with bright colours and printed onto a variety of waterproof, sheer and cotton fabrics. "This collection served as testament to the irreverent brilliance of Peter Saville, who found inspiration in the vastness of the internet, culling images and words from online forums, social media and personal blogging platforms," said the brand. Used for both men's and women's apparel, the prints cover baggy trousers and hooded T-shirts to create colourful ensembles as well as sections of clothing like sleeves.

Saville also designed the typography to write the slogans he took from social media sites across the clothes. Spring Summer 2014 footwear by Y-3 and Peter Saville for Adidas. Graphic designer Peter Saville has created the prints and typography on these shoes by fashion brand Y-3 (+ slideshow). Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 line produced by sports label Adidas includes a range of colourful casual footwear.

For Spring Summer 2014, Y-3 used colourful prints created by Peter Saville, who "found inspiration in the vastness of the internet, culling images and words from online forums, social media, and personal blogging platforms" to use for the Meaningless Excitement collection. Saville warped and distorted the images taken from various corners of the internet to create the acid-coloured graphics printed onto high-tops and trainers. He also designed the typography for chunky platform sandals that says "Hi! My name is Yohji" on the side. More platforms have speckled bases in a bright yellow-green colour, paired with brown leather straps.

Silver-coloured foil is used on sections of black and white trainers. Read on for the text sent to us by Adidas: Westminster BA Fashion 2013 collection by Philli Wood. The illusion of giant cable knits was created by prints on sportswear fabric in Westminster student Philli Wood's BA fashion collection. Wood chose to print black knitwear patterns onto pink and orange performance nylons instead of knitting the pieces.

"I liked the idea of something looking like knit from afar but in fact being something completely different," he told Dezeen. Three dimensional cables on a round jacket and a separate chunky scarf appeared to be inflated. The wool patterns were also printed onto silk dresses and tights in the same colours. Parkas of various lengths with wide-brimmed hoods were lined with orange nylon to reference the traditional anoraks. Drawstrings used to manipulate the outline of the garments were made from thick rubber and had oversized metal toggles. "For the silhouettes I began looking at traditional parkas and then exaggerated the traditional shape into something more modern and exciting," said Wood.

See more fashion collections » TOTEM | Fr. Aurélie Bidermann. BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS / SELFRIDGES pop-up store on Behance. Commissioned by Selfridges London 2013 The Bright Young Things initiative is a launch-pad for young creation, legitimizing the selected designers by giving them a space to display their creative prowess. We decided to use this showcase in a factual approach by designing a store that plays with materials and feelings through a unique furniture collection. Our idea for the Bright Young Things concept store and window display was to create a simple mix of ephemeral inflatable modules and timeless marble forms. These modules, inspired by ephemeral structures from the 1960's, play with the transparency and weight of materials. We select two main materials: air (encapsulated by inflatable plastic) and marble.

Despite 60’s inspirations, the new use of these materials gives a very futuristic effect. On the one hand, inflatable plastic is a temporary material : a materialisation of the air that also refers to a childhood world. NOIR NOIR - NOIR NOIR. [Exclusive Video] From Sketch Board To Spectacle: The Making Of Krewella's Crystal Volcano. Enlisting the help of V Squared Labs, the studio behind the visuals for ISAM, Amon Tobin's mind-blowing projection-mapped performance sculpture with fabricator Stefano Novelli, Chicago trio Krewella recently realized a two-year dream of creating a giant, first-of-its-kind glittering volcano for their live shows.

As part their newest tour, the band, whose debut album Get Wet hit stores on Tuesday, worked in tandem with the studio to turn ideas and sketches into a full-scale light extravaganza. Above, we talked with the the masterminds behind the project about the massive crystal volcano, how it works, and the steps it took to get it from idea to installation. Below, one of the bands earliest sketches of the volcano: Below: How the band and V Squared Labs imagined the crystals lighting: The finished result: Inspired by past album cover art and the idea of a "crystalline explosion" the band set out to do a full-scale, first-of-its-kind explosion of LED lights and reflector crystals. Art & Fashion Bilbao International. Participation Entrance is open to young people of any nationality who are aged between 18 and 35 years. Registration Period: From October 1st. to December 16th. 2013.

Theme of the competition This is open, although for added merit the work presented should bear some relationship to the world of art from the historic or creative point of view, manifested either, in the inspiration behind the collection itself or in specific references: fabric prints, shapes, details etc. The Jury will pay special attention to the creativity, the quality of the finish and the elegance of the works presented. All collections must be original without having been entered for any other competition. Competition Breakdown Participants may enter for two separate categories: CATEGORY A: Outfit Design * 1. Each participant can attend both categories.Each participant must be individual. CATEGORY B: Accessory Design * 1. Each participant must mark their collection with their name. Projects should be sent to.


Expérience & synesthésie. Hoi Bo on Behance. Design. Illustration pack 2012-2013 on Behance. Medici on Behance. Tobias van Schneider on Behance. Black Diamond Fund on Behance. Andrei Gorokhov. Site mobile operator SMARTS on Behance. Ruslan Khasanov on Behance. Webydo Website: Yoav Gurin. on Behance. Noma Authentic | Website & App on Behance. The concept for Noma Authentic is a side project from the world famous restaurant Noma. The concept is to create a culinary grand tour, for peopl… Read More The concept for Noma Authentic is a side project from the world famous restaurant Noma. The concept is to create a culinary grand tour, for people who wants to learn more about commodity, hunting and fishing.

The events will take place 4 times every season, in Scandinavia. Noma will pick out places in Scandinavia, which has great commodities for each season, and find hunters and fishermen that knows the area to help the traveling participants. This is not only a travel, one of the chefs from Noma will travel along to learn the participants about the areas commodities, and how to use them. He/she will also cook for the participants along the journey, so they will get a taste of Noma's great knowlegde in food culture. Nordic by noma on Behance. Nordic by Noma is a concept developed by the world's best resturant Noma located in Denmark. Noma will present an outside dinner event in each of… Read More Nordic by Noma is a concept developed by the world's best resturant Noma located in Denmark. Noma will present an outside dinner event in each of the seven Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Denmark.

The seven events will take place in the nature which get you close to the commodities that have been used in the dinner. Flat UI Design - A showcase of the best examples of the flat UI design aesthetic on the web. UNI:VERSE 2012 on Behance. Laser-Engraved Recycled Notebook on Behance. Bookline Rebranding on Behance. JUST IN CASE. Packaging / packaging | UQAM | Sylvain Allard. Lo Siento Studio | Graphic Design Barcelona. The Vein 'Magma' on Behance. THE SKRILLEX CELL. The Skrillex Cell is a multidisciplinary touring production that mixes 3D projection mapping and real-time motion capture for live performance.

SHOW Sonny Moore - Executive Producer Tim Smith - Executive Producer Dave Navarro - Director / Art Director Miguel Garcia Risueno - Technical Director Corey Johnson - Producer / Production Manager Vello Virkhaus - Consulting Producer / V Squared Labs Mat Daly - Consulting Producer & Animator / Leviathan Phil Reyneri - TouchDesigner Programmer Stefano Novelli - Lead Fabricator Peter Sistrom - VFX Designer / V Squared Labs Mat Hale - Character Modeling & Rigging / Imag8nineteen Jose Fèlix Lucia - Lead UDK Developer William Kladis - UDK VFX Artist Scott Pagano - Animator Carlos Sa - Animator / V Squared Labs Jaume Creus - Animator Jordi Pagès - Animator Emile Van De Coevering - Animator / V Squared Labs Adam Murray - SFX Director / BPM SFX This video is directed and edited by Stephen Vasquez for roboto page ADD: Role: Director/ Art director.

Votre design 3D devient réalité avec l'impression 3D. Cartes de Visite, MiniCards, Cartes Postales personnalisées et bien plus encore... AFD (défense des designers) What’s in a Name? | Bluerock Design | Boston Area Graphic Design & Photography. Now that we’ve introduced you to our new website we thought we should explain where our namesake comes from. As with any naming project we’re asked to approach, the name needs a few important attributes.

Memorable: The name must be something succinct that is either unusual, different, or special. Ideally it would be all three.Creates a strong mental image: You know that look when a dog tilts his head when you say “cookie” or “walk”? This is what we’re talking about. Close your eyes, Bluerock looks like something. Maybe not anything you’ve seen or touched, but that’s the point.Meaning: All good or great names contain a root source of inspiration that can be explained. So what’s the meaning behind Bluerock? Ben grew up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, which often looks blue from a distance.A stream bed near Lainey’s hometown contains unusual blue slag rocks.The words “blue” and “rock” are strong and evocative.To us, the name feels solid, unusual, friendly and professional.

Designer Mode d'emploi N°1. J’ai douze ans J’ai douze ans. Je suis graphiste, ou bien designer, ou bien chef d’entreprise ou bien freelance ? Je ne sais plus trop. Ce qui est certain c’est que j’ai douze ans d’expérience. « Je suis resté qu’un enfant qu’aurait grandi trop vite, dans un monde en super plastique j’veux retrouver maman… » À douze ans on est encore petit. Sauf que j’ai pris mon indépendance très jeune, j’avais à peine un an. En étant indépendant, j’ai vite compris qu’une journée de travail ne faisait pas 8h mais plutôt 10/12h. Comme j’ai grandi tout seul, sans père ( = un DA senior, un patron, un tuteur… ), et probablement comme tout adolescent livré à lui même, j’ai fait pas mal de bêtises.

Comme j’ai une mauvaise mémoire, et que je refais souvent les mêmes bêtises, je me dis qu’en les notant ça m’aidera. C’est donc une série d’articles sur le métier de designer graphique que je commence ici. La liste est ouverte. Commençons par définir un peu ce métier ! Papa, c’est quoi un designer ? Pour qui ? Designer Mode d'emploi N°2. Pourrons-nous un jour nous passer de nos claviers et de nos souris ? Le design numérique, révélation artistique et industrielle. Abolir l'espace et le temps : une allégorie du monde numérique ? Wow, mec, on serait pas dans un ordinateur, là ? PlaceIt by Breezi - Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments. ConceptCookie's deviantART Gallery. ColorClaim on Behance. Street Peeper | Global Street Fashion and Street Style.

Making of... our Jewellery! on Behance. Cartilage chain earrings sur Etsy, la plateforme de vente du fait main et du vintage. Sire by Aekae and Swisshorn. T-shirt printing on Behance. ISO50 Blog – The Blog of Scott Hansen (Tycho / ISO50) » The blog of Scott Hansen (aka ISO50 / Tycho) Dark Matter. Weird Space. Kyle Thompson - Fine Art.