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Catégorie:Militantisme par méthode. Slacktivism. Slacktivism (sometimes slactivism or slackervism) is a portmanteau of the words slacker and activism.


The word is usually considered a pejorative term that describes "feel-good" measures, in support of an issue or social cause, that have little or no practical effect other than to make the person doing it take satisfaction from the feeling they have contributed. The acts tend to require minimal personal effort from the slacktivist. The underlying assumption being promoted by the term is that these low cost efforts substitute for more substantive actions rather than supplementing them, although this assumption has not been borne out by research.[1] Category:Revolutionary tactics. My Life Is My Message. Category:Protest tactics. Category:Culture jamming techniques. S Activism Resource Page. Portal:Social movements. Category:Methodology. Bunker Roy: Learning from a barefoot movement. How to Overthrow Corporate Rule in 5 Not-so-easy Steps. Resources and information on fighting corporate power, democratizing our government and freeing people's time.

How to Overthrow Corporate Rule in 5 Not-so-easy Steps

Pay it forward. Pay it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor.

Pay it forward

The concept is old, but the phrase may have been coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight.[1] "Pay it forward" is implemented in contract law of loans in the concept of third party beneficiaries. Specifically, the creditor offers the debtor the option of paying the debt forward by lending it to a third person instead of paying it back to the original creditor. Tit for tat. In Western business cultures, a handshake when meeting someone is an example of initial cooperation.

Tit for tat

Tit for tat is an English saying meaning "equivalent retaliation". 25 Ways To Thrive In The Midst Of Chaos — Life Advices. These times can be challenging.

25 Ways To Thrive In The Midst Of Chaos — Life Advices

I see many people around me who struggle to just stay afloat and I am struggling with them. Sometimes people say to me they admire my calmness and ask me how I do it. Civilisation 2.0 - Une approche positive de l'actualité scientifique. 6 milliards d'autres. The Activist's Handbook. Critical mass (sociodynamics) In social dynamics, critical mass is a sufficient number of adopters of an innovation in a social system so that the rate of adoption becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth.

Critical mass (sociodynamics)

It is an aspect of the theory of diffusion of innovations, written extensively on by Everett Rogers in his book Diffusion of Innovations.[1] Social factors influencing critical mass may involve the size, interrelatedness and level of communication in a society or one of its subcultures. Another is social stigma, or the possibility of public advocacy due to such a factor. Critical mass may be closer to majority consensus in political circles, where the most effective position is more often that held by the majority of people in society. In this sense, small changes in public consensus can bring about swift changes in political consensus, due to the majority-dependent effectiveness of certain ideas as tools of political debate. L'ancien maire de Londres propose de «pendre un banquier par semaine» La finance manque de moralité?

L'ancien maire de Londres propose de «pendre un banquier par semaine»

Les banquiers sont des irresponsables qui mettent en péril notre économie? Bankers Anonymous. 10 tactics. Les atouts des citoyens. La Triple Grève, pour sauver la planète et l'humanité. Ces 3 grèves sont individuelles.

La Triple Grève, pour sauver la planète et l'humanité

Vous pouvez commencer à y participer dès maintenant, et c'est vous-même qui déciderez d'arrêter, lorsque vous estimerez que les changements que vous souhaitez auront eu lieu. C'est un mouvement de résistance individuel, sans organisation centralisée, basé sur l'intelligence et le libre-arbitre des participants. Les 3 grèves correspondent à trois niveaux d'engagement croissant. Chaque niveau est plus puissant, mais demande aussi davantage d'efforts que le précédent. Vous pouvez participer à seulement un niveau, à deux, ou bien aux trois. Chaque niveau comporte 2 objectifs: un objectif de préservation individuelle, et un objectif de lutte contre les entreprises, en coupant leur "approvisionnement" en ressources financières et humaines. Enfin ces 3 grèves sont mondiales, car la guerre des entreprises contre les citoyens est une guerre mondiale qui appelle une réponse mondiale.

Action: zapper, ou couper le son de la TV dès que de la publicité est diffusée. Viktor Frankl: Why to believe in others. Personal Alignment Precedes Group Flow. I spent last week in an immersive personal development / coaching / business development retreat with a colleague, which spurred me to some new insights and opinions about collective intelligence, co-creation, and the general pursuit of goals and growth in life.

Personal Alignment Precedes Group Flow

The hosts were the same team that ran a culture-hacking bootcamp at Agile Boston a few months back, who were kind enough to invite us to Seattle to be facilitated through a longer team alignment process together. Hole-in-the-Wall. Global Citizen. Individual Membership. Free Card The above is a depiction of the free card that can be printed off and laminated by anyone. Open Knowledge: Home. Viktor Frankl on the Human Search for Meaning. By Maria Popova “Live as if you were living already for the second time and as if you had acted the first time as wrongly as you are about to act now!”

Viktor Frankl on the Human Search for Meaning

Celebrated Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, born on March 26, 1905, remains best-known for his indispensable 1946 psychological memoir Man’s Search for Meaning (public library) — a meditation on what the gruesome experience of Auschwitz taught him about the primary purpose of life: the quest for meaning, which sustained those who survived. For Frankl, meaning came from three possible sources: purposeful work, love, and courage in the face of difficulty. In examining the “intensification of inner life” that helped prisoners stay alive, he considers the transcendental power of love: Love goes very far beyond the physical person of the beloved. TrendHunter Activism (th_activism) Solutions / Critical Mass Actions - Would you take part in a social change if 100,000 others joined you? What Critical Mass Actions are taking place?

This, to a great extent, is up to you. Following are a list of actions we believe are most essential, and below is the place for you to suggest others. We will be partnering with other organizations to help mobilize what is necessary to achieve an effective critical mass action when the issues you value most become evident. Actions will be organized with integrity, transparency, and always designed to be non-violent. Do I have to travel to be part of a Critical Mass Action? Critical Mass Actions can take a variety of forms. 100,000 Monks meditate for a better world. PcqvG.jpg (Image JPEG, 960x639 pixels) DE LA DICTATURE A LA DEMOCRATIE, UN OUVRAGE INDISPENSABLE DE GENE SHARP - MBKM sur

Publié parMBKM post non vérifié par la rédaction. 198 méthodes d’action non violente. Chacune des méthodes indiquées ci-dessous a été mise en oeuvre au cours de l’Histoire et a fait l’objet d’études publiées dans le tome II de The Politics of Nonviolent Action écrit par Gene Sharp. Cette liste est disponible en anglais en ligne et en format PDF. La traduction française de cette liste est disponible en ligne. Méthodes de protestation et de persuasion non violente. Tom Feeds the Homeless - Tom Mabe. "Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results" Solving the World's Problems Differently. Gene Sharp: Author of the nonviolent revolution rulebook. 21 February 2011Last updated at 10:42 By Ruaridh Arrow Director of Gene Sharp - How to Start a Revolution In an old townhouse in East Boston an elderly stooped man is tending rare orchids in his shabby office.

His Labrador Sally lies on the floor between stacks of academic papers watching him as he shuffles past. This is Dr Gene Sharp the man now credited with the strategy behind the toppling of the Egyptian government. Gene Sharp - Trois livrets pratiques. 101 tactics for revolutionaries. 101 tactics for revolutionaries You say you want a revolution, well you know we all want to change the world. John Lennon sang that, now I’m writing this. 101 tactics for low level, cubicle-dwelling systems thinkers. You’ve had the strategy, now here are your battle orders. Onward to glory! Challenging the Public To Do Good. April 15, 2011 InnoCentive. An open and cooperative endeavor to distribute knowledge and precipitate action. 75 Boycott and Protest Innovations - From iTunes Boycotts to Profane Protests. Leaderless resistance. Leaderless resistance, or phantom cell structure, is a social resistance strategy in which small, independent groups (covert cells), including individuals (solo cells), challenge an established institution such as a law, economic system, social order, government, et cetera.

Leaderless resistance can encompass anything from non-violent protest and civil disobedience to vandalism, terrorism and other violent activity. Leaderless cells lack bidirectional, vertical command links and operate without hierarchal command.[1] While it lacks a central command, the concept does not necessarily imply lack of cooperation.

General characteristics[edit] United States Department of Fear. La dénonciation civique sans calomnie ni délation. 10 Steps to Defeat the Corporatocracy. May 20, 2011 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Le blog du C.L.A.P33. Actipedia. 3 Things That Must Happen for Us To Rise Up and Defeat the Corporatocracy. August 25, 2011 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Transforming the United States into something closer to a democracy requires: 1) knowledge of how we are getting screwed; 2) pragmatic tactics, strategies, and solutions; and 3) the “energy to do battle.”

Viral Videos, TV ads, and Campaigns that Pop. Online resources for activists, organisers, lawyers and legal support teams in Victoria. How to Identify an Agent Provocateur. Kettling. Smart mob. Collectifcitoyen. The Yes Men.  Be the change you wish to see in this world. Yes Lab. TEDxParis - Mathieu BAUDIN - Les conspirateurs positifs. Les conspirateurs positifs sont parmi nous. The Pirate Wheel. La Taxe Robin des Bois. Coalition of Resistance Against Cuts & Privatisation. 5 Trust Builders & 5 Trust Destroyers. Nobel Women's Initiative. Video Activist Network. Mouvement Zeitgeist Francophone - Site officiel.  The Creativity Post.

Center for Story-based Strategy. Les trucs d'un journaliste pour faire parler de vous dans les médias. A toolbox for revolution. Get Up, Stand Up: Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling ... - Bruce E. Levine - Google Books. R-éveillez vous : Etat des lieux - une vidéo Actu et Politique. Forum Appel au sans voix Paris CICP 28/03 - une vidéo Actu et Politique.