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by Cliff Pickover, Reality Carnival "DMT in the pineal glands of Biblical prophets gave God to humanity and let ordinary humans perceive parallel universes." The molecule DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) is a psychoactive chemical that causes intense visions and can induce its users to quickly enter a completely different "environment" that some have likened to an alien or parallel universe. The transition from our world to theirs occurs with no cessation of consciousness or quality of awareness. In this environment, beings often appear who interact with the person who is using DMT.

DMT, Moses, and the Quest for Transcendence

DMT, Moses, and the Quest for Transcendence
Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves "Clifford Pickover's ability to connect various fields of understanding is a true display of synthesis to reveal wholes greater than their parts. At the same time he can analyze a subject to extract the one or two things he needs in yet another larger insight. He is a deep sea diver, and a stellar voyager." --George Zebrowski, John W. Campbell Prize winner for Brute Orbits "Dr. Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves
Charles Eisenstein: The Ascent of Humanity
Charles Eisenstein - Why the Age of the Guru is Over Charles Eisenstein - Why the Age of the Guru is Over . To me, this is less about the guru thing (which never even appealed to many of us in Gen X) and more about a recognition of the interconnected self - a sense of mutual care that is based in a participatory, interpersonal spirituality.This is a long essay, so I want to offer a (still quite long) section from the middle that gets to what I feel is the point - there's also a wee bit from the beginning to set the tone. Why the Age of the Guru is Over For a few decades now, it seems, humanity has been on the verge of a breakthrough in collective consciousness. Perhaps it was the Hippies in the 60s who saw it first.
Halte à la croissance ?

Halte à la croissance ?

Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Halte à la croissance ? : Rapport sur les limites de la croissance (The Limits To Growth en anglais, littéralement « Les limites à la croissance »), également connu sous le nom de rapport Meadows, est le titre en français d'un rapport demandé à une équipe du Massachusetts Institute of Technology par le Club de Rome en 1970.
Unconventional Guides
Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge is a 1998 book by biologist E. O. Wilson. In this book, Wilson discusses methods that have been used to unite the sciences and might in the future unite them with the humanities. Consilience (book) Consilience (book)
Home - Reflections on Evolutionary Activism Evolutionary activism is an idea whose time has come. In this lucid, engaging book, Tom Atlee shares from the leading edge of his own learning about how to mobilize our collective wisdom to transform our social systems. A must-read. —Craig Hamilton, founder of Integral Enlightenment and host of the Great Integral Awakening Activism has a bad rap as militant and angry. Home - Reflections on Evolutionary Activism
Home - Ascent of Humanity The Ascent of Humanity by Charles Eisenstein The Age of Separation, the Age of Reunion, and the convergence of crises that is birthing the transition The Ascent of Humanity is about the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the evolution of the human sense of self. Read The Ascent of Humanity onlineor buy it on Writings by Charles Eisenstein in your language: Chinese . Home - Ascent of Humanity
The Tao of Physics The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism is a book by physicist Fritjof Capra, published in 1975 by Shambhala Publications of Berkeley, California. It was a bestseller in the United States, and has been published in 43 editions in 23 languages. The fourth edition in English was published in 2000. The Tao of Physics
Worlds in Collision Worlds in Collision paperback book cover. Worlds in Collision is a book written by Immanuel Velikovsky and first published April 3, 1950. The book postulated that around the 15th century BCE, Venus was ejected from Jupiter as a comet or comet-like object, and passed near Earth (an actual collision is not mentioned). The object changed Earth's orbit and axis, causing innumerable catastrophes that were mentioned in early mythologies and religions around the world. Worlds in Collision
Le Paradis Perdu de Mu
Blessed Unrest is exciting, compelling, and very important. It describes the growing unrest that I encounter around the world, the frustration and courage of those who dare to challenge the power of the political corporate world. Paul Hawken states eloquently all that I believe so passionately to be true - that there is inherent goodness at the heart of our humanity, that collectively we can - and are - changing the world. Please read and share Blessed Unrest, a celebration of the awakening of the human spirit. It will inspire and encourage millions more to take action. -Jane Goodall, UN Ambassador for Peace Blessed Unrest
Law of Attraction Some short facts: A psychological theory based on the premise that like attracts like. Law of Attraction
Animas Valley Institute — founded in 1980 — offers multi-day, nature-based, experiential explorations into the depths and wilds of soul for the purpose of discovering the unique, mysterious identity at the heart of each life. The Institute is one of North America’s longest-standing organizations offering contemporary wilderness rites. Who We Are Animas is a nonprofit organization of 10 to 15 guides and a small staff with offices in Durango, Colorado, USA. Nature and the Human Soul - A New Book by Bill Plotkin, Ph.D.
Nature and the Human Soul - A New Book by Bill Plotkin, Ph.D.
Impostures intellectuelles
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La prophétie des Andes - Livre
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The Alchemist (novel)
La Prophétie des Andes
la prophetiedesandes
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La Nuit des temps
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The Prophet (book)
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The Manual of the Warrior of Light
ASTROTHEOLOGY & SHAMANISM, A review by Gerrit J. Keizer
Manuel du Guerrier de la Lumière - Livre
The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo
ZOR | Relationship of mind/body/spirit
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