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Watson-developer-cloud/tone-analyzer-nodejs. Crayon.css. Mobile first: A future friendly approach to UX design. The 5 Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy in Web Design. Designer Portal. Value for your illustration can be either a pure subjective judgement from our moderators or the fact that the design is too simple in the sense that the lack of details makes it difficult to differentiate from icons.

Designer Portal

Again, the purpose of illustrio compared to other visual libraries is to unlock the potential of illustrations with custom controls. The platform will have a large audience, mainly companies that are looking to illustrate their on- and offline content, therefore we are looking for vectors that include a communication power, either symbolic or figurative. Best Website Designs of the Year 2014. Best Website Designs of Previous Month March Next Month.

Best Website Designs of the Year 2014

Tutorials Archives. Designing in the open - (Ryan Singer) There’s a phase we go through in our maturity as designers.

Designing in the open - (Ryan Singer)

At first we don’t have a lot of confidence in our process, so we hide while we work. We take feedback from directors, programmers, customers, and say “Ok let me go away and work on that and I’ll get back to you.” Presentations by mousegod. Noto Fonts. Typography - Style - Google design guidelines. Color - Style - Google design guidelines. Defining Custom Animations. Animations in material design give users feedback on their actions and provide visual continuity as users interact with your app.

Defining Custom Animations

The material theme provides some default animations for buttons and activity transitions, and Android 5.0 (API level 21) and above lets you customize these animations and create new ones: Touch feedbackCircular RevealActivity transitionsCurved motionView state changes Customize Touch Feedback Touch feedback in material design provides an instantaneous visual confirmation at the point of contact when users interact with UI elements. Beyond The Button: Embracing The Gesture-Driven Interface. Advertisement As a mobile UI or UX designer, you probably remember the launch of Apple’s first iPhone as if it was yesterday.

Beyond The Button: Embracing The Gesture-Driven Interface

Among other things, it introduced a completely touchscreen-centered interaction to a individual’s most private and personal device. It was a game-changer. Today, kids grow up with touchscreen experiences like it’s the most natural thing. Parents are amazed by how fast their children understand how a tablet or smartphone works. UX Project Checklist. SplitText. Beyond The Button: Embracing The Gesture-Driven Interface. Elastic SVG Elements. 2014 Year in Review. Adobe's got Photoshop running in Chrome.

Using Photoshop usually requires lugging a typically cumbersome, expensive computer around, and changing that experience has been the dream of many creatives for years.

Adobe's got Photoshop running in Chrome

As we found out back in September, it's a problem that Adobe has been actively working with Google to solve. The two companies have been working together for almost two years to bring Photoshop to the browser, and they finally have a working version called Photoshop Streaming that they're letting educational institutions apply to test over the next six months. Yesterday, I got a look at it in action when Adobe's director of engineering, Kirk Gould, remotely ran me through a brief demo of the program.

Adobe will test it for about six months in the education sector The way it works is pretty simple. Sites - Create a free website and blog; get free hosting. DROPBOX hack Third Teaser. Apple Design Awards winners 2014: beautiful games and delightful apps. The Post-PSD Era. Are we entering the Post-PSD Era of web design?

The Post-PSD Era

Throughout my career, I’ve watched immensely talented designers waste a shitload of time creating fully fleshed-out comps of what a website could look like. The Post PSD Era doesn’t want to kill designers. As an interactive designer, I am of a dying breed.

The Post PSD Era doesn’t want to kill designers.

I am one of the many interactive designers who is slowly being nudged (pushed, shoved, tossed) out of the digital design process. Mazwai. A P R I L Z E R O. Intense-images/ at master · tholman/intense-images. SAVEVIDEO.ME: download dailymotion video, download vimeo, facebook and more! Performance As Design. Too often, any talk of web performance quickly ventures into the land of heavy geekery.

Performance As Design

Site Speed Test - The Good. Is Your Brand’s Overweight Website Losing You Revenue? Take the Test. - The Good. Project Parfait (Beta) - PSD CSS Extraction, Measurements and Image Optimization Service for the Web. Guillaume JUVENET - Portfolio. Architecture Photography - Peter Clarke Photography. Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2 - Services and Opening Sublime From the Terminal. Credibility. There is some evidence to suggest that Web users are becoming more skeptical of the information they find online.


Many Web sites contain incorrect or misleading information (Fogg, et al., 1999) [1] and some are pure hoaxes. As a result, designers face increasing pressure to enhance the credibility of their Web sites. According to, credibility is defined as believability or trustworthy. Tseng & Fogg (1999) found that in their research believability is a good synonym for credibility [2]. The academic literature on credibility dates back to the 1950s and has to do with the fields of psychology and communication. Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design. User Research Glossary Terms. Glossary. User-Centered Design Process Map.

User Experience Basics. User experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations. It also takes into account the business goals and objectives of the group managing the project. UX best practices promote improving the quality of the user’s interaction with and perceptions of your product and any related services. Factors that Influence UX. Embedding New Google Maps. The all new Google Maps was made openly available to the public back in July, but it's still a preview of what the final product will be and therefore lacks a few familiar features.

For example, have you tried to embed a newer Google map into a web page? The reliable old "link" button is nowhere to be found! Some folk will suggest you revert back to the old Google Maps, embed an iframe in the original way, then shift back to the newer Maps preview once you're done. The App System. We've personally gotten over 10,000,000 downloads of our apps on iOS and Android and here's exactly how we did it. Learn Everything From Beginning To End. $400 An Hour? YES! Freebie! QR Code Generator: QR Stuff Free Online QR Code Creator And Encoder For T-Shirts, Business Cards & Stickers. Web hosting, domain names, VPS - Can you imagine free web hosting service that has 99.9% uptime? Homemad. Front Row to Fashion Week - Interactive Feature. Color Thief. The Many Faces of ‘Adaptive Design’ Lots of terms evolve beyond their initial definitions and become a catch-all for a general notion or idea.

I’ve talked about this regarding responsive web design and mobile first, and there are certainly other terms that escape their original definition. “Adaptive Design” is another one of those terms you see thrown around in various ways. Apple’s iOS 7 includes a surprise: a ticket to the next generation of the internet - Quartz. For five years, researchers have toiled over an obscure bit of fundamental internet infrastructure that promises to make the connections to our mobile devices faster and more reliable than ever, and if you’ve already downloaded Apple’s iOS 7 to your iPhone or iPad, you could be using it already. Parallax scrolling in Adobe Muse CC websites. Create Your Own @font-face Kits. Robby Leonardi. Nicholas Zambetti – LiveView for iPhone & iPad. LiveView is a specialized remote screen viewing application intended as a tool to help designers create graphics for mobile applications, it has also proven to be useful for creating quick and dirty simulations, demos, and experience prototypes.

For visual designers — Develop pixel–perfect graphics for the iPhone and iPad quickly and easily with a live view of your canvas/artboard while you work. Free textures for your next web project. Web hosting, domain names, VPS - Esuna · Classy Front-End Framework. Structure . ├── index.html ├── Gruntfile.js ├── package.json ├── _ui │ ├── style.css │ ├── fonts │ ├── img │ └── js │ ├── jquery.js │ ├── modernizr.js │ ├── plugins.js │ └── main.js ├── _assets └── _media index.html.

Creating patterns in Illustrator CS6. Creating patterns in previous versions of Illustrator has always given me a bit of headache. Depending on the pattern that I wanted to create, I often chose another route to achieve the result I wanted. Simple YouTube Menu Effect. A tutorial on how to recreate the effect of YouTube's little left side menu. A Collection of Separator Styles. A collection of separator styles for horizontally dividing sections on a website.

The dividers are created using several techniques, including styling pseudo-elements, using gradients and inserting SVG graphics with responsiveness in mind. View demo Download source. Digital Reputation. Account — Firefox OS — The Adaptive Phone — Great Smartphone Features, Apps and More — How to create website with Adobe Muse CC. Adobe's Train the Trainer Course Members. Long Shadows Generator - by Juani. Personal Projects - Easel. Mona » Exhibitions. Web Safe Colors. Hex Color Tool. Tunnel vision 3D CSS. Jeremiah Shoaf — Interactive Art Director / Visual Designer. SIDEWAYS jQuery fullscreen image gallery. ImgLiquid Jquery Plugin. JQuery Corner Demo. It's important to understand that this corner plugin is pulling off its magic by adding more elements to the page. Specifically, it adds div "strips" to the item to be cornered and sets a solid background color on these strips in order to hide the actual corners of the real item.

So if you step back and look at the cornered element, think of there being solid colored divs hiding the true squared off corners of the item you wish to be changed. This helps you understand the inherent limitations of this small plugin. It's best suited for rounding off block-level elements (divs, paragraphs, etc) and may present more challenges when trying to round off inline elements (spans, anchors, etc).

Recently I added support for native border-radius rounding in browsers that support it (Opera 10.5+, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome). Auto-Ready! The default pattern is round $(this).corner("wicked"); $(this).corner("sculpt"); $(this).corner("dogfold"); A touchable jQuery lightbox. Allofthelights.js, jQuery plugin to turn off the light and enjoy your videos. Realistic Hover Effect With jQuery — Adrian Pelletier. Dark Patterns - User Interfaces Designed to Trick People.

A tidy repository of jQuery plugins. Unheap - A tidy repository of jQuery plugins. 9 marketing strategies you must stop using. Learn to code. - File Formats Glossary. Plate Interactive. Screen Recording and Screencasting Software - ScreenFlow Overview - Telestream. Contrast Ratio: Easily calculate color contrast ratios. Passing WCAG was never this easy! Bulletproof, cross-browser RGBA backgrounds, today. CSS3 Repeating Gradients [CSS3 Tips]


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