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Pop Couture | La couture gratuite ! Livres de couture « vintage » gratuits ! - Couture Stuff | Couture Stuff. Bon je vais commencer par un site… en anglais (pas taper, il y a des bouquins en français plus bas !). Vintage Sewing a pour but de mettre à disposition en ligne des livres sur la couture (en anglais), passés dans le domaine public. Les livres s’étalent sur une période allant de 1893 à 1952 (à l’heure actuelle). Pour l’instant je suis en train de liresize: small;"> Modern Pattern Design by Harriet Pepin de 1942. Ce livre est vrai une mine d’or ! Size: small;"> size: large;">size: small;">Edition du 20/05/2011 : malheureusement le site Vintage Sewing est inaccessible depuis le début du mois et le message d’erreur me laisse pessimiste quant à un futur retour.

Pour l’instant vous pourrez arriver à le consulter en utilisant Wayback Machine qui archive certains site à un moment donné. Sur Gallica, heureusement tout va bien, je vous laisse donc reprendre la lecture de cet article. size: large;">Vêtements femmes et enfants 1926 spécial chapeaux (pas tout à fait de la couture mais bon): Tutos vêtements Femme - toujoursplushaut. Vêtements Grossesses: Bandeau de grossesse: de grossesse (T38 40): et jupe femme enceinte (tailles 40 à 48): femme enceinte (42-60): de grossesse (36-42): de grossesse (T38): de grossesse: des patrons en vêtements de grossesse: with Hook-and-Eye Closure: 2 en 1 d'allaitement: Tee-Shirt + Pantalon de grossesse: Salopettes + Robe style Renaissance: de grossesse et de portage (T38 40): de Portage: Jupes, Jupons, ...

Robes, ... Tuniques, Blouses, Bustiers ... Manteaux, Vestes, Gilet ... A cute fix for a hole in the knee of jeans. I wish this was my original idea, but I found it on Pinterest. I did however, do things a little differently than the original. The original poster sewed hers on by hand, but when I patch a knee, I like to sew by machine (because it's faster, and I am lazy, lol), so I seam ripped open the leg to sew mine on the machine, and I, of course, used felted recycled wool. Here is the before (not a very big hole, but it would have been quickly!) ... and after... Much cuter, eh? If your little guy is not so little, and this is a bit too cute for your little man, I wrote a tutorial here for repairing holes with the "destroyed" look. ~ Reuse, Recycle, Resweater!

Category: Vintage. A Very Vintage Wedding Fair Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 Love is in the air this Valentine’s week, and to celebrate, A Very Vintage Wedding Fair is throwing its bouquet to Brisbane once more! After a hugely successful event in 2012, this year’s fair promises to inspire future brides and grooms alike with its intimate, hand-curated showcase of the best in the local wedding industry. Held at the beautiful Bleeding Heart Gallery, attendees can peruse everything from vintage wedding dresses and era chic accessories, to retro hair styling and stunning floral options – all to the soundtrack of the Black Tie Band performing live.

Grooms are welcome to come along for free, and to put the proverbial icing-on-the-wedding-cake, we have five double passes to give away! Simply comment below before 10am, Friday February 15th letting us know you’d like to attend. {A Very Vintage Wedding Fair takes place at Bleeding Heart Gallery, Ann St, Brisbane from 10am-4pm Sat 16th & Sun 17th Feb}.

Pillow Talk. Dusty rose tunic {with instructions how to make it} Here I am with my newest tunic. What do you need: just a stretch fabric - jersey being the best, but one with high percentage of elasticity in it. Here's the how-to: Every step in the making of this tunic is made with the right side (the face ) of the fabric facing up.Do step 1. You don't want to mess up step 2. Here you fold the fabric again and cut just a tiny part (where shown on pic) because if you cut it too big there is no turning back - the opening will be too large and the fabric ruined. If when put on the opening is too small then you fold it again and try to make it slightly bigger. Unfold it when done and here it is. Next, you have to top stitch it where shown. Now maybe a question that should have been addressed at the beginning:the length of the fabric.

Ok. Since my jersey was plain / not patterned, I made some flounces, ruffles,straps and a rose and decorated it. I also made a ring out of the same jersey and am already in love with it! P.S. Terry Macey and Angelika Elsebach Spring / Summer Collection 2013. Fun wrap skirts. I've been obsessed with making these wrap skirts lately. The yellow and pink (or mustard and mauve ) is two overlapping layers while the stripped one is just one. I left the edges raw - because I like the 'deconstructed' look.

The waistband is finished and long enough to wrap around twice or tie into a long bow. Thank you so much for all the awesome feedback! Here are a few more pictures and a very simple tute as I could not get the photo hosting to cooperate. This is the J shape each of the 10 panels the skirt is made out of. Carefully pin together the J's, starting at the top. And of course a few action shots - Thank you for looking and I'd love to see your version of a skirt if you make one! (tutorial) Petal Dress (Finally!) Fabulous Free Pattern Friday....A Little Late. I must apologize for not getting this post out on Friday. First of all, I had a raging headache and my Little Bit was once again having back problems.

I sat on the sofa and rubbed her back and tried to make her feel better. Thankfully, we're both better. I did this post back in February. I'm reposting because I want this to be a part of the 52 weeks of patterns and if anyone wants to look up the patterns they can just go to all the Fabulous Free Pattern posts. Hopefully, that will make it a little easier. The skirt that you see in this picture is nothing more than a rectangle and has only one seam. The same skirt again in a different fabric and with a different top. In this picture there are two skirts, one over the other in a contrasting fabric. If you make two, they can be worn together as in the previous picture or one can be worn as a skirt and the other as a poncho. Or you can mix and match other fabrics as above. To begin, you will need a knit fabric. Fabulous Free Pattern Friday. I feel like it has been such a long time since I've done a FFPF post.

But it was only two weeks ago as I missed last Friday due to the fact that I was trying to get my garment finished for the Passion For Fashion contest. I have been wiped out all week, but I'm back with a fun little jacket. Believe it or not, it's just one rectangle, one half circle and one triangle. I'm calling it the Geometric Dreams Jacket The half circle actually wraps all the way around and stops at the center back neckline. In this picture of the back, you can see the triangle that radiates out of center back.

Cut a rectangle from your fabric, I cut mine from one side of the selvedge to the other. A view of the now tube from the back. Measure the center opening of the tube you have just sewn. With your fabric folded, or if you need more width you will need a double piece of fabric. If you are able to cut the half circle on the fold, cut your half circle in half. Happy Friday Everyone!!!! Fabulous Free Pattern Friday. This week's pattern is really a repeat of last week's pattern. I thought I would show you how it looks when not on such a full skirt. Last week's skirt with an elastic waist. All pieces are rectangles. This week I took my basic skirt sloper and made 4 "legs" rather than the 2 on last week's skirt. Above you can see how the skirt looks before the rectangle is added to the bottom of the skirt.

A side view. For the lower rectangle, I did the stripe in the horizontal direction. For something a little more sculptural, I did another straight skirt and only added the extension to the center back. Fabulous Free Pattern Friday. The Layered Circular Skirt Happy Friday Everyone! Where does the time go?? Today marks the half way mark for the Fabulous Free Pattern Friday series, number 26! When I began this series, my intention was to have 52 posts over the period of one year and to post pieces that are extremely simple and hopefully stylish.

Sewing can be quite difficult with all the fitting and detail work (which I do love), but I am hoping to show that it can also be quite simple, easy and fun. I've enjoyed doing this more than you can imagine. I find it challenging and exciting to take a garment and turn it into a series of basic shapes. All of you who stop by every week to see what I've done, thank you, thank you. My skirt is a little short. This is the front of the skirt. The side view. The back view. The opposite side view. To begin, you will need your waist or your high hip measurement, which ever you feel most comfortable with and the desired length of your skirt. Rhonda. Le porte-petits-pains de Françoise... Couture : le patron universel. Allons ! Vous en rêvez de ces petites robes légères, à couper et coudre en un tournemain, avec un déconcertante facilité...

Eh bien, voilà l'occasion de vous lancer : créez vous même, à vos mesures, un patron de petite robe d'été que vous pourrez décliner en une multitude de tissus, de couleurs, de longueurs... Une petite robe toute simple, à vous d'adapter le patron à vos mesures et à vos goûts : la longueur de la jupe selon ce que vous voulez montrer ou cacher : attention, si vous faites plus long que le genou, il faudra prévoir une couture non fermée pour pouvoir marcher, sur un côté, sur les deux, ou seulement derrière! Ou devant pourquoi pas, ça fera anti conventionnel... Prenez vos mesures justes, sans serrer le mètre en ruban, sans laisser de jeu non plus.

Lorsque vous aurez toutes vos mesures, pour le tour de taille, le tour de hanches et le tour de poitrine, vous ajouterez 2 cm : c'est ce qui vous donnera l'aisance. La farandole des sacs. How To Make a Bow Tie For Prom. This time on Threadbanger, Rob and Corinne have been showing you how to DIY your prom threads. Now it just wouldn't be fair if we only worked on dresses for the girls.

So, here's a simple tutorial on how to make a bow tie out of an old scarf. To see more of threadbanger, subscribe to us on itunes! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. If you are a girl, and feel as if you may be in need of a new dress for the prom rather than a bow tie, check out our episode at, or our Curbly on how to create an ultra-cool prom dress out of a vintage 80's dress. Tagged : bow, bow, tie, tie, threadbanger, prom, prom, night, date, men, men's, apparel, men's, clothing, ties, fancy, threadheads, thread-heads, DIY. Tunique ample - Hélène coud. Nani IRO-Textile-»nani IRO 2010.

Gypsy Romance: 3-D Triangle Pillows. Truth be told, these pillows are not actually triangles, they are tetrahedrons. But not only is that impossible to say, it sounds like a scary flying dinosaur - not what it really is: a cute pyramid pillow. We found these unique pillow forms from online resource, Downlite. Each pillow (we provide templates for a small 14" and a large 16") is made up of 16 triangles, and because we paid extra attention in Geometry class, we were able to come up with a layout that, when folded and stitched together into its final 3-D shape, has different patterns aligned at every seam.

Like a little tetrahedron Rubik's Cube. We thank the folks at Downlite for sending us their non-scary tetrahedron pillow forms, and invite you to take a stroll through their website. It was impressive to find out they are a 100-year-old family business based in the USA. It can be hard to find well made, reasonably priced down products, so we were delighted to come across this site. We have shown the minimum fabric required. Sewing | The Hyper House. I have this giant chalkboard in my kitchen that has at times had anything from a dart board drawn on it to shopping lists and meal plans and even a cock fighting ring drawn on it.

(Yes, that really happened) For summer I envisioned an actual theme to the board. I wanted a big banner with all my summer goals below it so I could try to do all the cool hipster things like picnics in the park, a drive-in movie, and music festivals. I had no clue my summer would have so many days over 100 degrees and my summer goals would shift from fun outdoor things to hiding inside with the air conditioning. Before that reality hit, I did manage to make myself a cute banner for free. To make this banner I took 16 paint chips, 4 in each shade I had laying around. I cut the labels off each paint chip and then cut each paint chip into 3-4 usable pieces vertically before cutting each color into its own strip. The banner hung for a month because I just couldn’t think of anything worthy of the fun design. No-Sew Summer Picnic Basket Tutorial. *Tutorial by ChiWei @ One Dog Woof for her win of the Summer Bounty challenge for season 12* Like the Scrap Wood Lantern, the brainstorming process for this project took quite a circuitous route.

I was originally thinking about some summer placemats, but after Drew gave me a big THUMBS DOWN, I asked him for ideas, if he was so clever indeed. We also had to take into account that we were going to be on vacation that week, so I wouldn’t have access to my usual assortment of sewing and crafting and woodworking supplies. My MIL gave us a spark of inspiration when she talked about handmade baskets in Williamsburg, and then Drew suggested that his dad cut me super thin slices of wood with which to weave a basket. Are you kidding me?! Materials: 2 yds of 60″ wide heavy duck canvas. 2 rolls of 3/4″ hem tape. iron. scissors + t-square (or rotary cutter/mat/straight edge) hot glue Beware, there’s some math involved.

Fold each strip in half lengthwise, and fold in the rough edges lengthwise by 1/2″. Adventures in Sewing: Picnic Placemats. Making a picnic dress. Picnic Easter Baskets. Anniversary sewing: picnic placemats | Fabric Box Patterns and Sewing Directions. 43129430.jpeg (562×818) A craft blog: A Very Simple Bento Bag Tutorial : The Math. Square(ish) Bottomed Hobo Lunchbag Tutorial. Free Project Friday: Your Bento Box. Sewing Pattern and Instructions | Sea Flower Studios. 43131776.jpeg (556×852) 43129430.jpeg (562×818) Couture : tuto de la trousse à trésor ou vanity | 123-tutoriels. Les 3 B du patch Delegation France-Patchwork 64 pochette bijoux Patchwork-Art textile. Allez, on en fait un ensemble ? - Sur un fil.

P'TITE TROUSSE A CRAYONS. Trousse protège-cahier en tissu, Patron couture gratuit. All Free Sewing - Free Sewing Patterns, Sewing Projects, Tips, Video, How-To Sew and More. Over 100 Free Kitchen and Dining Sewing Patterns at - Free Crafts Network. Messenger Bag a.o. Cool Map Art. How to make a piano shoulder bag. Couture Stuff - patrons de couture gratuits.

Couture facile. Hiver 2012 - Coudre Quotidien. Tutos vêtements Femme - BLOG. TUTORIALS. Les patrons de vêtements gratuits, Modèles Vêtements & Handmade projets Vêtements Bricolage - Craftster. Nani IRO-Textile-»nani IRO 2012. Patrons Archives. Jupe portefeuille. Couture facile: modeles simples inédits et explications en images. Couture : Patrons fêtes - Déco et déguisements.

Pattern drafting. Patrons de couture vintages - Couture Stuff | Couture Stuff. Couture : toutes les conseils et patrons de couture. Patrons - 3 patrons de… - Patron de blouse à… - Robe pour bébé. Tutos de sacs. La pochette hexagonale - tuto - La souris à plumes. Thread&needles - La communauté couture. Pop Couture | La couture gratuite ! Zip-Itself Coin Purse.

The Origami Lotus Bag Tutorial | Exchanging Fire. The Katie poncho. Pop-Open Little Purse! InfinityDressDiagram.png (1000×600) Sewing Ideas | Project on Craftsy: The "One Dress" ... HUNGRYHIPPIE: Sewing Clothing: Top in Ten Tutorial. Le tuto de Katy en Français. October | 2009 | Laupre. DIY for the soul (truebluemeandyou: DIY Two Tutorials for the Bina...) Button Cowl (Step-by-Step) | Mallory Paige. Self Drafted - TableCloth Skirt (with Tutorial) Tuto-couture: Le patron gratuit de la cape poncho.

Back with buckets ! Family Connection Letter Writing Center. Fabric Storage Boxes (per your request. Rollie Pollie! Mail organizer tutorial. Wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Simple-Lunch-Bag-Pattern.pdf. Tutorial: Lunch Bag. Lunch Bucket Pattern!

In Search of a Mate. Ruffle Necktie Tee Tutorial. Date night double bow clip. Organized Work Bag. Pleated bundt pillow tutorial | skirt as top. 设计师Gaspard Tiné-Berès的产品Lasso鞋,由一片剪裁完好,5mm厚度的羊毛毡以及一…-嘀咕网 - 收集高清唯美图片视频,分享你所爱,结识心朋友.