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Social networking service. Facebook Statistics, Application Statistics, Page Statistics. Social Media Search Tool. 30+ Twitter Tools for Research « Ana ADI. 30+ Twitter Tools for Research Posted by Ana ADI on November 6, 2010 · 28 Comments NOTE: If you find this blog post useful please bookmark it.

30+ Twitter Tools for Research « Ana ADI

I am planning to include here the latest info on Twitter tools. For some time now, I am doing my best to participate in a Twitter chat dedicated to social media measurement, #smmeasure, as a means of exploring what practitioners do and of discovering new tools. Last Thursday (November 4) the discussion who brought together marketing/communications practitioners, bloggers and representatives of social media measurement companies have focused on influence and influencers – identifying them, measuring their influence/reach, engaging them.

TwentyFeet is a rather new platform dedicated to aggregating statistics related to Twitter and Facebook accounts. TweetEffect visualizes the fluctuations of followers for designated account. Xefer is an alternative to TweetStats. TwitterGrader is measuring the power, reach and authority of a twitter account. Reach. Real-time Market Intelligence from Social Data. Nielsen. Understanding how your brand is doing online is about more than clicks and page views.


It’s about the audience. Nielsen’s comprehensive and innovative online measurement methodologies analyze consumer behavior and trends, advertising effectiveness, brand advocacy, social media buzz and more to provide a 360 degree view of how consumers engage with online media. Our approach doesn’t stop at the computer screen because we understand that online audiences don’t just consume digital “cookies” -- they’re a shopper, a car-pooling power mom, a TV watcher, a tweeter and a texter. ComScore.

The Six Attitudes Leaders Take Towards Social Media - Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald. By Anthony J.

The Six Attitudes Leaders Take Towards Social Media - Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald

Bradley and Mark P. McDonald | 10:08 AM October 17, 2011 Slowly but surely, business leaders are shifting their attitude toward social media — from seeing it as a threat to discovering its very real opportunities. Mobile Marketer - The news leader in mobile marketing, media and commerce. Everything You Need To Know About Social Media. Social media news, strategy, tools, and techniques. 10 Reasons Why Social Is Your Future SEO Strategy. The social web and search results support each other and are inexorably linked.

10 Reasons Why Social Is Your Future SEO Strategy

It goes beyond a mere passive connection, the two create an active, virtuous cycle growing more powerful daily. I mocked up a quick version of what I view the cycle as: The link between search and social media only becomes tighter as the engines and the social web innovate and integrate together in ways which make both more valuable. From the standpoint of staying relevant and at the edge, the engines and the social web need each other. They are working together for the benefit of users, but site owners can benefit too by creating a strategy embracing the connection. The web itself has always been social, and search and social have already reached the convergence point. Here are 10 reasons supporting the above graphic, that social is your future SEO strategy: 1. Make no doubt about it, the search engines are only getting smarter at interpreting links and user data. 2. Home - Quora. Social Media Report.

Home. The social media ROI: It's not about immediate results. Remember a week or two ago when I told everyone to invite me to join your mafia in Crime City on Google+ Games because I just loved it so, so much?

The social media ROI: It's not about immediate results

Yeah. Stop that. There’s no way for me to individually mute the other games, so people are inviting me to a bunch of crap I don’t even play — cough, CityVille, cough. This inevitably means that the invites I actually want to respond to get lost within the floods of “so-and-so has sent you a message”, which means that there are way too many actual notifications to individually sort through.

This on top of several other minor issues — Phew! It would be a total headache if not for the awesome experience I’ve been having with Google+’s amazing staff. I know. Let’s look at this from the perspective of a newer user, however, who might see issues like this as a bigger problem. How Social Search Will Transform the SEO Industry.

Joe Devine is the Chief Executive Officer of The Search Engine Guys, LLC (TSEG), a full-service web marketing company based in Austin, Texas.

How Social Search Will Transform the SEO Industry

Facebook and Bing announced last week an agreement that would allow Microsoft’s search engine to return results based on the Facebook “Likes” of the searcher’s friends. Additionally, Google recently began including Twitter updates in its search returns. It’s a natural innovation that fits into the business models of both companies and takes the trend of individualized search results to its next logical level: results tailored to the searcher’s existing social footprint. SEO insiders have wondered whether this new search innovation would affect placement strategies.

And the simple answer is: yes. Changing the Method, Not the Mission But to think that this development is rocking the SEO world is to misunderstand the realities of the industry. Of course, as with any complex question about a dynamically evolving industry, there is a caveat.