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Laboratoire Evolution et Diversite Biologique - AQUAECO : Ecologie Aquatique. - Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD) Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation - Home. CW Azores - Whale Watching in the Azores on Pico Island. Department of Oceanography at UH Manoa. Projects of the department Terrestrial Ecology. Institute of Marine Research. Oceanography Sites Hotlist - Europe. Présentation - Agence pour la Recherche et la Valorisation Marines. L’ARVAM est une structure qui intervient en qualité d’agence d’exécution et de pôle de recherche & développement dans le domaine de la gestion et de la valorisation des ressources marines et côtières.

Présentation - Agence pour la Recherche et la Valorisation Marines

Régie par la loi de 1901, l’agence a pour mission dans la région de l’Océan Indien et plus particulièrement à la Réunion et à Mayotte, de mener des actions de recherche appliquée et de concourir à l’application des outils et méthodes développés. Elle contribue ainsi à la réalisation de programmes nationaux, régionaux et internationaux de surveillance des océans, crée et met en application des outils méthodologiques adaptés aux spécificités tropicales et insulaires dans les domaines particulièrement variés concernant les ressources marines et côtières. En 2010, l’ARVAM a obtenu le label CRT, Centre de Ressource Technologique pour une durée de trois ans. Pour mener à bien ses actions, l’ARVAM dispose : Accueil - Cemt1. CMRE. CMRE. Marine institutes : La Spezia, SACLANT Undersea Research Centre.

Marine institutes : Genova, Istituto di Scienze Ambientali Marine. Marine institutes : Napoli, Istituto di Meteorologia e Oceanografia. Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale. Marine Careers. Aquaculture, the farming of finfish, shellfish, and seaweeds, is another field that has been aided by marine biotechnology and molecular techniques.

Marine Careers

Aquaculture is gaining importance in this country as consumer demand for fish and shellfish becomes greater than can be met by traditional commercial fishing. At the same time, technological advances have made aquaculture more economically feasible. In one example, researchers developed a "triploid" oyster, whose meat remains firm and sweet throughout the entire spawning season (May to August).

By extending the harvesting and marketing season of the oyster, its economic value increased. Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. Poseidon Everyday life and business practice are closely related to the sea in many countries.

Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

This is especially true in Greece with more than 16,000 Km of coastline. Baltic Sea Portal : Research. Sampling on Aranda.

Baltic Sea Portal : Research

Bild Jan-Erik Bruun. Marine research provides crucial data about the changing state of the Baltic Sea, the wide-ranging impacts of environmental changes, the conservation and utilisation of natural resources, and measures that can be applied to maintain or improve the state of the sea. ITME Institute for Tropical Marine Ecology Inc. Universidade dos Açores - DOP/UAç. The Australian Institute of Marine Science - AIMS. Universidade dos Açores - DOP/UAç. Cooperative Institute for Ocean Exploration, Research & Technology. Summer Internship Database.

Robertson Coral Reef Research & Conservation Program. Our coral reefs are a barometer of the Earth’s health, and nowhere else on earth is biodiversity greater than in our coral reefs and rain forests.

Robertson Coral Reef Research & Conservation Program

Coral reefs provide food, tourism revenue, coastal protection and the potential for new medicines for increasingly resistant diseases. Both our shallow and deep water coral reefs face a time of crisis, not only in the Caribbean, Florida and the Bahamas, but worldwide. Global Change Ecology. The program is devoted to understanding and analyzing the most important and consequential environmental concern of the 21st century; namely, Global Change.

Global Change Ecology

Problems of an entirely new and interdisciplinary nature require the establishment of innovative approaches in research and education. A special program focus is the linking of natural science perspectives on global change with approaches in social science disciplines. The elite study program combines expertise of the Universities of Bayreuth, Augsburg and Würzburg, with that of Bavarian research institutions, and economic, administrative and international organisations.

The program is unique in Germany from the standpoint of content and at the forefront with respect to international efforts. The goal is training of highly qualified leaders for tasks and problem solving in science, environmental protection, and with respect to political or economic decision making. Info leaflet (English) for more information: Prof.

Stephanie Thomas. Future courses -Tropical Biology Association - CAREERS. Where are we?


UNESCO has a worldwide presence with 66 Field Offices and Institutes. Its Headquarters are in Paris. More than 2000 employees of about 170 nationalities currently work for the Organization. It came to our attention that fraudulent vacancy notices have been sent, generally by email, to individuals on behalf of UNESCO and the International Funds for Cultural Diversity (IFCD). Please be advised that neither UNESCO nor the IFCD are responsible for sending these vacancies which are fakes. African Conservation Experience - Work With the Wildlife - Become a Wildlife Volunteer in Africa with ACE.

Underwater Research Internship - Lake Malawi. Details Our research programmes are diverse in focus but each one aims to increase our knowledge of Lake Malawi, the people who live near it, and the interactions between the two.

Underwater Research Internship - Lake Malawi

As an Intern on this Underwater Research Project, we will train you to become a useful member of our lake research team. If you are not already qualified, you will become a PADI Open Water scuba diver in order to assist us in conducting underwater population and biodiversity surveys of Lake Malawi. The most biologically diverse lake on the planet, Lake Malawi, is home to nearly 1000 endemic species of fish. Conservation and Community Volunteer Projects in Africa.

Take part in fascinating field work that ventures into the famous forests of Madagascar.

Conservation and Community Volunteer Projects in Africa

Trekking for Lemurs and taking part in very important scientific research is an unforgettable experience. This initiative aims to conserve not just the variety of lemur species, but also the other inhabitants of a very rapidly disappearing forest. You will be involved in collecting data that makes a real difference to the conservation of the unique biodiversity in the area. You will spend the weekdays camping in the reserve and completing fieldwork, and will have the opportunity to return to our volunteer accommodation on weekends and take part in an exciting excursion.

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