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Top 10 Internship in journalism in the area

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Student Resource Guide - Sacramento Press Club - Resources for journalism students in the Sacramento Region The list below includes internships, scholarships, fellowships and mentoring programs.

Student Resource Guide - Sacramento Press Club -

At the end of this list, there’s also a link to all major journalism organizations in the nation. California Press Foundation The California Press Foundation provides newspaper internship grants to college students who demonstrate an exceptional interest in pursuing careers in the newspaper business in California. Applications are accepted from full-time 3.0+ GPA sophomores, juniors or seniors pursuing journalism, advertising or marketing careers at California newspaper companies. California Watch Offers part-time reporting, multimedia and data internships in the fall and spring semesters Capitol Weekly Intern program is run by the U-C Center Davis Enterprise Contact intern coordinator Kim Orendor at or (530) 747-8043 The Granite Bay View Internships for current students, both writing and photography.

The Placer Herald or. 2015 Journalism Internships in California. Journalism Fellowship – Google. In an effort to help develop the next crop of reporters working to keep people around the globe informed, educated and entertained, we have created the Google Journalism Fellowship.

Journalism Fellowship – Google

As a company dedicated to organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful, Google recognizes that behind many blue links is a journalist and that quality journalism is a key ingredient of a vibrant and functioning society. This program is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines interested in using technology to tell stories in new and dynamic ways. The Fellows will get the opportunity to spend the summer contributing to a variety of organizations -- from those that are steeped in investigative journalism to those working for press freedom around the world and from those forging new approaches to reporting to those that are helping the industry figure out its future in the digital age.

22 Useful Sites to Find Journalism Internships. Do you enjoy writing, and getting at the truth of the matter?

22 Useful Sites to Find Journalism Internships

If so, you might make a great journalist. Journalists are becoming more prominent these days as the Internet provides a platform for more people to share their stories — even if they lack formal training as a journalist. Of course, while these so-called “citizen journalists” add an important layer to our society, there are still those who dream of working for major news organizations. For jobs at the top, you need some sort of training and experience. 2015 Journalism Internships. Are you a reporter for your school newspaper who dreams of writing for the New York Times?

2015 Journalism Internships

Do you love to word-smithing sentences until they sound just right? Then a journalism internship might be perfect for you. When thinking of journalism internships you may conjure up images of a hectic newsroom with papers flying hot off the press. Certainly some of the most sought after journalism internships still include working for prestigious newspapers and magazines like New York Times or Wall Street Journal. However, with the explosion of digital content, internships in journalism are now shifting online and moving outside the news industry. Another form of journalism internship that students have long flocked to is working on the other side of the table at PR firms.

So while the journalism industry is rapidly changing as online media supplants the old print industry, there are still plenty of opportunities to get excited about if you know where to look. Here are 40 great journalism internships and fellowships for application season. New: Here are 80 journalism internships and fellowships for the 2015-16 application season ——————————- For journalism students, October through January is internship application season, a pressure cooker of equal parts excitement and anxiety.

Here are 40 great journalism internships and fellowships for application season

It’s our profession’s draft day. By mid-march, most of your classmates will have declared their intention to work at a journalism organization, like a prized NFL recruit putting on their team’s hat in front of a live studio audience. Don’t get left behind. Some of the applications for the most prestigious news organizations are due in a few weeks time, so work up the courage to request that letter of recommendation, update your résumé and figure out how stamps work. To make the process a little easier, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best journalism internships I could find on the Web, many of which I applied for myself when I was in school.

The Tampa Bay TimesDeadline: Nov. 1Location: St. The Baltimore Sun’s Mary J. 2015 Journalism Internships in San Francisco, CA. Find a 2015 journalism Internship in San Francisco, CA.

2015 Journalism Internships in San Francisco, CA

2015 Journalism Internships in Monterey Bay, CA. Internships. Take this simple six question test to see if a Comcast SportsNet Internship is right for you!


Do you love Sports? Answer: Must be "I LOVE SPORTS! " Would you like to learn about broadcasting? Answer: Must be "yes. " Can you obtain college credit for working here from your university or college? Are you willing to work without financial compensation? Do you know everything about Sports Broadcasting already? Are you capable of asking lots of questions, working hard and making connections that may help you find a real job out of college? Do you think you'll find a job on the air, in marketing, doing web design, or in advertising right out of college? If you passed the test, click here to send your resume.