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World Population Clock. This page will only work with a graphical browser implementing Javascript 3.0 or higher.

World Population Clock

It fairly accurately clocks the current population and reflects its growth using a second-order approximation of the exponential; in addition, if you enter a date in any form Javascript will accept and hit the "Do this time" button, it will use its magic formula to estimate the population for any date from 1900 to 2100, although the estimates become unreliable outside the range 1950 to 2050. Use the "Un/Freeze" button to "freeze" the clock at a certain time while it is ticking, or to resume it ticking with the present population after you have frozen it or asked for an estimate.

Those familiar with the earlier version will note that the range in which the new version gives reasonable estimates has increased considerably. It is of some interest to note that this approximation predicts that the population will start decreasing before the end of the 21st century. The raw data is from the U.S. Enjoy! French city gets 'short story dispensers' to help people kill time in public areas-TNews. New Delhi: Technology has truly invaded our lives; from tablets to smartphones, there is no time which could be called a ‘no screen time’.

French city gets 'short story dispensers' to help people kill time in public areas-TNews

Whether we are travelling, eating, waiting at a public place, the smartphone never leaves our gaze.


One Book to Connect the World. Announcing Digital Citizenship on Nearpod! Peter Hale, #TeenWolf, once said, "Perfect combinations are rare in an imperfect world.

Announcing Digital Citizenship on Nearpod!

" And although that may be true, there are those rare times in history when certain things come together and nothing short of magic happens. For food lovers, it's the perfect combination of peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, or Oreo cookies and cold milk. And when an award-winning curriculum gets paired with an award-winning platform, well, you guessed it -- it's magic. Today we're thrilled to announce the perfect combination for your classroom: Common Sense Education and Nearpod have partnered to offer educators the chance to harness the full potential of technology for learning. September15. Free Online Course Materials. Start a petition. Preparing for a Digital Future - Research - Department of Media and Communications. Preparing for a Digital Future has two interlinked strands: How do parents and carers approach the task of bringing up their children in the digital age?

Preparing for a Digital Future - Research - Department of Media and Communications

What is their vision of their children’s future and that of the wider society? Painting Playground Markings. In painting playground markings the following supplies are necessary: 100 foot measuring tape, paint, playground chalk, snap line, a taut rope on a stake for marking the radius of circles, old cloth for spills, large sticks of chalk for detail work and layout prior to painting.

Painting Playground Markings

Paint for School Playground Markings Color adds a great deal to school playground markings, both aesthetically and functionally. The paint colors may be selected on preference. It is recommended that the primary, kindergarten, and preschool playgrounds use primary colors to enhance color recognition. Stand up to bullying. Media Education Lab. Why you should Google yourself now. Whether it's a potential employer, current employer, budding romantic partner, long-time significant other, or someone else in your life, there's a good chance they have or will run a Google search for your name.

Why you should Google yourself now

Do you know everything that they'll find? The answer could make a difference between a job and the unemployment line, or a happily ever after and nights alone. That's why you need to run your own search first. Search Google for more than mentions Start with a basic search for your name in quotes, such as "Kim Komando. " If you aren't finding anything, you can use your name plus modifiers like the city or state you live in, the names of your school(s), the name of the company you work for, or some other distinguishing characteristic. Afterwards, switch over to Google's Image Search at and locate any pictures of you. Digital Citizenship - Kids Internet Safety. 7 free tools for anyone who wants to become a better writer. The awesome (and scary) thing about being a writer is that you can always improve.

7 free tools for anyone who wants to become a better writer

It’s why people can sit on a draft for weeks—every time they take “one more look,” they can find a way to make it better. While it’s definitely a fun challenge to see how long you can keep finessing your work, it’s not always practical. After all, your boss usually doesn’t want you working on that press release for weeks on end while you try to brainstorm the perfect opening line. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources out there that can speed the editing process up and make you more confident about the work you’re submitting. For today, I went though Product Hunt’s newest Tools for Writers collection and chose my seven favorites. 1. As much as Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect function annoys us, we must admit to missing those green and red squiggly lines when we’re writing online.

Enter: Grammarly (for Chrome users). 2. If you struggle with being long-winded, Hemingway could be a game changer. 3. 4. iPad_Connection_06_15.pdf. Storybird - Artful Storytelling.