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Pinterest. Pinterest. After Super Tuesday, don’t discount the underdogs just yet, UB political scientist says. BUFFALO, N.Y. – Donald Trump won seven more states on Super Tuesday, making it anything but Super for Republican rivals. But the stakes – the potential election of Hillary Clinton, perhaps a Democrat controlled Senate, and a liberal controlled Supreme Court – are much too high for Trump’s Republican rivals to concede the nomination to him, according to James Campbell, University at Buffalo Distinguished Professor of Political Science. “There is still much more of the nomination process to go and there is a firm resolve among Trump’s rivals to see this through to the end of the process,” says Campbell, author of the forthcoming book Polarized: Making Sense of a Divided America.

“Although many now see a Trump nomination as an inevitability, I think it would be a mistake to underestimate the commitment of a large part of the Republican Party, probably a significant majority, to stop Trump. “Many see Trump as unfit for the presidency.” Trump now leads the Republican pack with 319 delegates. Pinterest. Neighborhood Tool Library - UFG.

Living Better

The Big Picture. Why Millions Need Not Starve - No Donations Wanted ! To Spank or Not to Spank? - Half Moon Bay, CA Patch. The Long, Murderous Arm of the Law Has Killed Troy Davis. The execution came following a harrowing and wrenching night for Davis’s family and supporters all over the world. Hundreds had gathered for a vigil outside of the Jackson, Ga., prison where Davis was put to death. Literally minutes before Davis’s scheduled 7 p.m. execution, the U.S. Supreme Court delayed the killing in order to review a final appeal. A little over three hours later, news broke that the court had refused to block the execution.

He was slain at 11:08 p.m. eastern. As the world waited those agonizing hours, the crowd chanted, sang songs and prayed. Perhaps the most moving speaker of all was Davis’s 17-year-old nephew DeJaun Davis-Correia. Amnesty International director Larry Cox offered that, importantly, the massive movement that developed around this case offers an opportunity to question this country’s values. Davis’s case offers a bracing and depressing illustration of capital punishment’s many problems. Death Penalty : Site Map. USAction. Make Huge Corporations Pay Their Fair Share General Electric, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup don’t need billions in taxpayer handouts. We needRead More » Tell Boehner to Renew UI Immediately! Tell Speaker Boehner: Extend Unemployment Insurance Now » Tell Speaker Boehner: Extend Unemployment InsuranceRead More » Florida Election Shows Danger and Promise in Obamacare Debate By Richard Kirsch, USAction Board Member and Strategic Adviser Originally postedRead More » Citizen Action of New York: Fair Elections Now!

Check out the action below from USAction affiliate Citizen Action of NewRead More » Eliminate the Pentagon’s OCO war slush fund We deserve to know what the Pentagon is doing with our tax dollars.Read More » The F-35 is a Bad Deal for America We’ve been fighting to rein in wasteful Pentagon spending for years andRead More » When women succeed, America succeeds As President Obama said in last week’s State of the Union,”I firmly believe that whenRead More » America Deserves a Raise.


‪Ken Robinson on schools kill creativity (snippets)‬‏ Got an hour? Boost your grades. Stanford psychologists design 60-minute exercise that raises GPAs of minority students. Jack Hubbard Greg Walton, assistant professor of psychology. Along with the excitement and anticipation that come with heading off to college, freshmen often find questions of belonging lurking in the background: Am I going to make friends? Are people going to respect me? Will I fit in? Those concerns are trickier for black students and others who are often stereotyped or outnumbered on college campuses. But when black freshmen participated in an hour-long exercise designed by Stanford psychologists to show that everyone – no matter what their race or ethnicity – has a tough time adjusting to college right away, their grades went up and the minority achievement gap shrank by 52 percent.

"We all experience small slights and criticisms in coming to a new school" said Greg Walton, an assistant professor of psychology whose findings are slated for publication in the March 18 edition of Science. "Being a member of a minority group can make those events have a larger meaning," Walton said. Troy Davis denied final appeal Photos | Troy Davis denied final appeal Pictures. Serious Fun: Stand Up for Health: To: Spkr Boehner, Sen McConnell, Sen Reid. Cc: President Obama, [Decision Maker], Saturday, July 30 marks the 46th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid - critical programs that ensure seniors, children, and people with disabilities have access to quality, affordable health care.

As your constituent and a strong supporter of these programs, I am writing because I strongly disagree with deficit reduction proposals being put forth that would cut billions of dollars from Medicare and Medicaid. Cuts to vital services provided by Medicaid would have a devastating impact both on states AND on Medicaid enrollees. If extreme cuts to Medicaid are included, funding for nursing home residents could be cut, which would force many seniors to get kicked out of their nursing homes.

Not only that, but the cuts could eliminate access to quality health care for millions of children, meaning sick kids wouldn't be able to see a doctor. A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, airing on over 900 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the United States. Tell Congress we will never forget 9/11 first responders and survivors.

I went to Ground Zero shortly after the 9/11 attacks because I knew my experience as a US Army veteran and demolition supervisor would be of service to my country. I live with the memory of the lives lost that day, but also the sadness of knowing survivors are still dying from cancer, respiratory illness, and other health problems while their families struggle to put food on the table. Congress now has the choice whether or not to extend the Zadroga Act to permanently cover health expenses of our 9/11 heroes, and I ask you to please sign my petition to gain support for our fellow Americans in their time of need. Tragically, our elected officials have refused to come together to guarantee support for these victims through an extension of the Zadroga Act (named after a police officer who died from illnesses sustained at Ground Zero).

I’ve been to 144 funerals since September 11, 2001 including services for many first-responders who joined me at Ground Zero days after the attacks.