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Caption, translate, subtitle and transcribe video. Socrative. TouchCast. Measure Text Readability - Readability and Keyword Density Analysis and Tools - Unique readability tools to improve your writing! Screencasting and Video Editing Software. Mix. Beautiful, Free Math. Online Video Editor for Web, Mobile, Windows & OSX.

Annotate images and videos — ThingLink. About app < Smart Voice Recorder. About app < Smart Voice Recorder. Turn your phone and tablet into scanner for intelligent document management. Photo editor online - Paper & Pencil by FiftyThree. An Automatic Online Video Editor. Market better. Quia Web. StoryJumper: #1 rated site for making story books.

Platform that combines video, engagement and analytics - Echo360. Stormboard - Online Brainstorming and Planning. Add a sticky note and post it online with dot voting. - Online Whiteboard Collaboration. Realtime Collaborative Text Editing. New Technologies and 21st Century Skills. Wikisend: free file sharing service. Capture knowledge, share files, and manage projects within a secure, reliable environment. Getting Work Done Visually.

Free Online Journal and Diary. Remind. EDpuzzle. Matplotlib: python plotting. Matplotlib is a python 2D plotting library which produces publication quality figures in a variety of hardcopy formats and interactive environments across platforms. matplotlib can be used in python scripts, the python and ipython shell (ala MATLAB®* or Mathematica®†), web application servers, and six graphical user interface toolkits. matplotlib tries to make easy things easy and hard things possible.

matplotlib: python plotting

The 8 Best Free Word Cloud Creation Tools For Teachers - eLearning Industry. D3 Tutorials, D3 Screencasts, and a D3 Newsletter. Flowchart Maker & Online Diagram Software. DrawMyData. What browser am I using? Browse Happy. Caspio Online Database Applications - Caspio. PDF to Excel Free Online. GeoGebra. Get more customer feedback with one-click email and website surveys. iMovie - Apple. FxGuru: Special Effects for Mobile Video. International Image Interoperability Framework. NVivo product range. Import and analyze documents, images, PDFs, audio, video, spreadsheets, web pages, and Twitter and Facebook data.

NVivo product range

5 Tools to Help Beginners Rock Charts and Infographics. 17.11.2015 by Tiago Veloso by Tiago Veloso The data visualization community is extremely willing to help those who are taking their first steps in the field.

5 Tools to Help Beginners Rock Charts and Infographics

The 50 Free Apps We're Most Thankful For. The Best Online Backup Services of 2016 - The Best Online Backup Services. We all love technology because it makes so many things in life easier: Composing documents, editing photos and videos, and listening to music, for starters.

The Best Online Backup Services of 2016 - The Best Online Backup Services

Computers have become indispensable tools for business and financial purposes, too. But technology, like it or not, occasionally fails. Just ask Delta and other companies that have suffered recent computer outages. It can happen to a giant corporation, and it can happen to your humble hard drive. You can either tear out your hair when disaster strikes, or you can prepare for it beforehand.

INCIBE. Descargue prueba gratuita. Download SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer. SpeedFan lets you take a deeper view at the status of your computer.

Download SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer

Almost every computer includes support for hardware monitoring. Accessing digital temperature sensors is really useful. If you are trying to figure out why your PC hangs when under heavy load or after some hours of usage, SpeedFan might help you find the real cause. Very often it is a poor power supply, or an improperly installed heatsink that lead to behaviours that we tend to associate (incorrectly) with errors from the operating system. Creative Cloud desktop apps. RescueTime : Time management software for staying productive and happy in the modern workplace. : Document publishing service. iNZight for Data Analysis. 26 Free (or Free-to-Try) Content Curation Tools. Content is still king, but it isn’t always practical or cost effective for marketers to produce brand-new, meaty, thought-leadership level content pieces on a regular basis.

26 Free (or Free-to-Try) Content Curation Tools

That’s where curating content can come in handy. Content curation offers a nearly limitless method of fueling your inbound marketing efforts. Unearthing and sharing the quality content of others allows you provide your audience fresh content on a regular basis to serve any interest, industry, or market. What’s more, sharing and celebrating the work of others helps get you on their radar and can forge valuable, long-term relationships with the content authors. To help you curate, here’s a list of 26 tools you can use to find, aggregate and share your content with the world, be it in a blog roundup, big list of resources or to share via social. 1. A granddaddy of content curation, in practice if not in tenure, Pinterest is one of the Internet’s most popular sites for culling content. 2.

My Top 10 Web Curation Tools as A Teacher. 1- This is my favorite web curation tool.

My Top 10 Web Curation Tools as A Teacher

It allows you to create categories to which you scoop links and materials you find online. Mailinator. Google Drive: 10 trucos para sacarle todo el partido - Noticias Google. Si usas un Chromebook y/o te te ha tentado Google Drive sabrás que estás ante una gran herramienta para hacer documentos, compartirlos y almacenarlos en la nube siempre dispuestos para ti en el ordenador, móvil, tableta, etc.

Google Drive: 10 trucos para sacarle todo el partido - Noticias Google

Con estos 10 trucos podrás sacarle más partido a esta herramienta. High Quality, Easy to Use, Free Support. Kaizena · Give Great Feedback. Workflow — Powerful automation made simple. G(Math) - Google Docs add-on. Mind Mapping Software - Brainstorm Online. Los 15 mejores complementos de Google Drive para educación - Noticias Google. Google Drive ya permite el uso de complementos y algunos de ellos son ideales para el campo de la educación.

Los 15 mejores complementos de Google Drive para educación - Noticias Google

Otros podrían ser de más utilidad para los desarrolladores profesionales o las personas que trabajan a distancia. (Pinchar las fotos para los enlaces) 1. EasyBib. 4 Sites You Must Explore to Write Notes While Watching Videos for Learning. About ETR Community.

4 Sites You Must Explore to Write Notes While Watching Videos for Learning

The 18 best wireframe tools. Wireframe tools make the process of knowing how to create an app or website fundamentally easier, by visually stripping the product down and allowing all involved to focus purely on functions and user interactivity. Clients need to understand how your proposed app or website will work. But simply explaining to them verbally or textually leaves the vast majority of functions down to their imagination. Wireframe tools can be extremely helpful in squaring that circle. There are more wireframe tools on the market than ever, each offering varying levels of functionality. Some software can be used purely for simple wireframes, while others will allow you to create a working prototype.

Being creative should come first over any part of the process. 12 Free Web Apps to Boost Your Drawing Skills. Pad 4.0 - Draw, Create, Share! 8 Awesome Mashups Made Possible by APIs. This series is supported by PayPal X Innovate 2009, PayPal’s first dedicated developer conference. Register for $49 with the code ppblog3 or join us at $50 if you are a student. We here at Mashable are big fans of mashup services — it's our name, after all! And at the heart of almost all of these mashups is a term you'll see frequently thrown around related to web services: APIs, or application programming interfaces.

In this feature we'll celebrate some of the great mashups we know and love that were made possible by the existence of APIs. We know there are metric tons more great mashups out there, so be sure to let us know your favorites in the comments too. Must Read News About SEO, SEM & Search Engines. Webrecorder. Poll Maker - Create & Publish a Free Poll in Seconds.

Cómo crear vídeos educativos animados en Google Drive con PowToon - Noticias Google. PowToon es una aplicación web muy útil que podemos usar en Google Drive para crear vídeos y presentaciones animadas muy originales. PowToon ofrece una amplia variedad de herramientas para que empieces a crear vídeos educativos y presentaciones con animaciones como si fueras todo un profesional.

La interfaz es muy fácil de usar y dispone de plantillas prediseñadas y una librería con muchísimos estilos entre los que elegir. Con Potwoon es muy fácil convertir los vídeos en presentaciones animadas. Cada diapositiva representa una escena en la línea del tiempo de tu presentación. Anonymity Online. Storify · Make the web tell a story. Free online word cloud generator and tag cloud creator - The Free Scam, Spam or Trust Website Analyzer Tool. What Is My IP Address? RezScore. Online Whiteboard & Online Collaboration Tool. Cross-platform Data Replication Software, Real-time Data Sharing. Easy, automated data sharing between databases in real time MIMIX® Share™ makes it easy to capture, transform, enhance, and replicate data across multiple databases, operating systems and physical, virtual or cloud platforms.

Tubular Labs: Cross-Platform Video Intelligence & Analytics. Advanced Natural Language Generation Software. Domains and domain email made simple - Hover. Periscope Tutorial - How to use Periscope!