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How Blockchain Can Make Identification Borderless and Immutable. Dubai to pilot biometric border control. A British start-up company are behind a new revolution in passport control, which could see the end of the passport, and passport control, as we know it.

Dubai to pilot biometric border control

UK based ObjectTech today formally announced an agreement has been reached between themselves and the Dubai government for the launch of a pilot project to install the world’s first ‘biometric border’. It will see passengers travelling to Dubai able to step off planes and walk straight to baggage reclaim via a short tunnel in which a three dimensional scan of a person’s face is able to instantly check them into the country from an entirely digital passport.

Having been chosen to take part in the Dubai government’s ‘Dubai Future Accelerator’ programme in January, the team at ObjectTech have been working with Dubai’s immigration department (the GDRFA) to apply their technology to the country’s main international airport. Cittaslow, le réseau de villes qui revendique la lenteur. FIGARO DEMAIN - Créé en Italie en 1999, ce réseau regroupe aujourd'hui 168 villes à travers le monde, dont Valmondois en Ile-de-France.

Cittaslow, le réseau de villes qui revendique la lenteur

Because of climate change, the US is relocating the entire town of Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana. This is just the beginning. — Quartz. The First Space-Based ‘Nation’ Wants to Store Data Off-Planet, Beyond the Law - Motherboard. Le fondateur d'Oculus veut aider Donald Trump à surveiller les frontières. Après avoir quitté Facebook, le controversé Palmer Luckey revient avec un projet dans la droite ligne de ses opinions pro-Trump.

Le fondateur d'Oculus veut aider Donald Trump à surveiller les frontières

Palmer Luckey passe de la réalité virtuelle à la surveillance du réel. Le fondateur d'Oculus, entreprise rachetée en 2014 par Facebook, planche désormais sur une technologie de surveillance des frontières entre les pays et autour des bases militaires, selon trois sources anonymes du New York Times. L'entrepreneur aurait déjà présenté ces outils à des représentants du gouvernement. Alice Barbe : « Pour les réfugiés, nous créons de manière artificielle des amitiés qui deviennent essentielles »

Chaque mercredi, « M » rencontre une femme qui fait bouger les choses.

Alice Barbe : « Pour les réfugiés, nous créons de manière artificielle des amitiés qui deviennent essentielles »

Cette semaine, Alice Barbe, codirectrice de Singa, un réseau d’aide qui cherche à favoriser « l’inclusion » des migrants. M le magazine du Monde | • Mis à jour le | Propos recueillis par Aurore Merchin Alice Barbe, 29 ans, a cofondé le mouvement Singa, qui vise à faciliter l’accueil des réfugiés via la rencontre, l’entreprenariat et les outils numériques. Culture - A passport from a country that doesn’t exist.

The woman who stamps my passport is called Mercy and she has no fixed abode.

Culture - A passport from a country that doesn’t exist

Born in Nigeria, she travelled via Libya to Italy, where she lives in the city of Padua in a state of legal limbo. Economist. A PIECE of paper is a complicated product.


China social credit system: Ant Financial's Sesame Credit and others give scores that go beyond FICO. Airport face recognition could extend to US citizens, says Customs - The Verge. Delta Air Lines plans to use facial recognition to speed up bag drops - The Verge. Anti-vaccine activists spark a state’s worst measles outbreak in decades. The young mother started getting advice early on from friends in the close-knit Somali immigrant community here.

Anti-vaccine activists spark a state’s worst measles outbreak in decades

Don’t let your children get the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella — it causes autism, they said. Suaado Salah listened. And this spring, her 3-year-old boy and 18-month-old girl contracted measles in Minnesota’s largest outbreak of the highly infectious and potentially deadly disease in nearly three decades. Her daughter, who had a rash, high fever and cough, was hospitalized for four nights and needed intravenous fluids and oxygen. “I thought: ‘I’m in America. Salah no longer believes that the MMR vaccine triggers autism, a discredited theory that spread rapidly through the local Somali community, fanned by meetings organized by anti-vaccine groups. UN picks Estonian e-Residency to support global entrepreneurs. The United Nations is partnering with the Estonian government to its e-Residency platform to entrepreneurs in developing countries, it was announced this week.

UN picks Estonian e-Residency to support global entrepreneurs

The UN’s digital trade initiative will increase access to new markets for entrepreneurs in the developing world, according to a blog post on Estonia’s e-Residency website. It was also announced that Alibaba founder Jack Ma would serve as an advisor for the digital trade program, called e-Trade For All. With the e-Residency platform, anyone, anywhere in the world can pay a small fee and receive a secure digital identity issued by the Estonian government. This way, people can quickly and easily establish a business, sign contracts, and open bank accounts within the European Union free trade zone.

The radical idea that could actually fix America's broken immigration system. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters If one thing was crucial to the election of President Trump, it was the support of anti-immigration hardliners.

The radical idea that could actually fix America's broken immigration system

Indeed, the country has become more draconian on the issue of immigration, and one reason is certainly the cack-handed way the country has been going on about it. And I do mean "the country," and not just the United States government. While Washington has been unable to produce actual immigration policy, a significant and influential minority of the country are dedicated to the view that increasing the number of persons on American soil is a profound humanitarian endeavor that requires disrespect for American laws or the view of a majority of the people. The actual immigration policy of the United States has been one of negligence and neglect.

Denmark is naming an ambassador who will just deal with increasingly powerful tech companies. Mark Zuckerberg is the chief executive of Facebook.

Denmark is naming an ambassador who will just deal with increasingly powerful tech companies

(Josh Edelson/Agence France-Presse) The job of an ambassador has changed a lot over the centuries, perhaps first with the advent of the telegraph in the 19th century, which dramatically diminished the authority of an overseas ambassador. Lack of workers with 'soft skills' demands a shift in teaching. This Infamous Amsterdam Prison Is Now A Creative Hub For Refugees. On the night of January 20, a crowd of people gathered in a courtyard in Amsterdam. Under strings of lights, a circus performed for the children, conversation sparked around fireplaces, people shared bowls of warm food, and DJs spun upbeat Syrian and African music through the loudspeakers.

It looked like any street party, but until last summer, the tall buildings that rose around the courtyard housed Amsterdam’s most famous prison, the Bijlmerbajes. It is time for immigration 3.0. Written by Date published Share Story. This is what transport in the future could look like. Between Hyperloop, Boom jets, and near-supersonic trains, the future of travel is getting much closer — Quartz. Across three continents, the kind of futuristic high-speed transport that sends passengers far faster than a speeding bullet train to where they want to go is being built.

It may be ready much sooner than you think. Toronto a 'Sanctuary City' Toronto remains a “Sanctuary City”, open to immigrants and refugees. City council voted Tuesday to reaffirm the city’s status as a place of safe harbour for illegal immigrants. During a mid-day press conference, Mayor John Tory said the symbolic motion was a direct response to the new immigration policies implemented in the United States and the weekend mosque shooting in Quebec City.

Big city mayors confident they'll remain sanctuaries. Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that White House press secretary Sean Spicer said will "strip federal grant money from the sanctuary states and cities that harbor illegal immigrants. " New Cities as a Solution to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Europe is facing its biggest crisis since the fall of the Berlin Wall, if not World War Two. How Technology Could Facilitate and then Destroy Legal Immigration. Airbnb Promises Housing for Refugees in Need in Response to Donald Trump. Google Creates $4 Million Emergency Fund to Fight Trump Immigration Order. Google has created a $4 million emergency immigration fund to help employees affected by President Trump's new immigration policy, USA Today reports. In world first, Denmark to name a ‘digital ambassador’ Somali Refugees Struggle in Shadow of Forced Return — Refugees Deeply.

Anti-surveillance Clothing Aims To Hide Wearers From Facial Recognition. Share Tweet Email Hyperface project involves printing patterns onto clothing or textiles that computers interpret as a face, in fightback against intrusive technology. Japanese white collar workers are already being replaced by artificial intelligence — Quartz.

Futurist predicts online school will be largest internet company by 2030. Facial recognition systems to replace passports at Australian airports by 2020. Automation allows manufacturer to leave China for U.S. production. Jon Hamm Hologram at Sundance Film Festival 2017 as Part of 'Marjorie Prime' Premiere (Exclusive) Give robots 'personhood' status, EU committee argues. The Alberta CoLab Story – The Overlap – Medium. Exclusive: How Singapore Plans To Spend $20Bn. UK garment workers paid as little as £3 an hour in violation of labor law — Quartz. Despite all the talk of borders and walls, International tourism reached a record in 2016 — Quartz.

Refugee camps are the "cities of tomorrow", says aid expert. Transhumanist Rights Are the Civil Rights of the 21st Century. Connecticut's Facial Recognition Bill: A Model for States? Pour entrer aux États-Unis, les douanes pourraient exiger votre compte Facebook. The Deportees Taking Our Calls. Forget A.I. 'Remote Intelligence' Will Be Much More Disruptive. VIDEO. Nice: Cédric Herrou, un symbole de l'aide aux migrants devant la justice.

Survival to Success: Transforming Immigrant Outcomes. The Chatbot Will See You Now.