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Resources - Here's My Canada. Historical Timeline In marking Canada’s 150th anniversary, we are highlighting 50 events that have helped shape our country since Confederation.

Resources - Here's My Canada

At the same time, we note that the human history of what is now known as Canada began well before 1867. Indigenous peoples lived on this land long before European contact, and have histories that significantly predate modern Canada. New statue to honour Nova Scotia woman who hid Allied airmen from Nazis - Nov... A new statue will soon be erected in Wolfville, N.S., to honour a war hero who never carried a gun and never wore a uniform.

New statue to honour Nova Scotia woman who hid Allied airmen from Nazis - Nov...

Mona Parsons grew up in Wolfville but was living in the Netherlands during the Second World War with her Dutch husband when she was caught by Nazi forces hiding Allied airmen in her house outside Amsterdam. She was arrested and sentenced to death, but Parsons appealed and the sentence was commuted in 1941 to hard labour. Dear Mr. Prime Minister. As Canadas economic crisis deepened in the early 1930s, Prime Minister R.B.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

Bennett appeared to show little sympathy for the plight of his fellow Canadians. Bennetts government failed to come up with any far-reaching policy to alleviate the suffering caused by the Great Depression. But the tough-talking bachelor had a far different private face. Bennett was a kindly and generous man who donated $25,000 a year to numerous charities. And during the darkest days of the Depression, Bennetts compassion and humanity shone through.

The Prime Minister received hundreds of letters from desperate Canadians requesting help. Here are samples of letters to R.B Bennett exactly as written: Dear Sir, I am writing to see if their is any help I could get. Her letter to the Prime Minister was Mrs. Dear Mr. Dear Sir, Three little baby boys were born to Mr. and Mrs. Prime Minister RB Bennett dear Sir received your kind favour of underware for my husband. Dear Mr. Carte: La Guerre Froide en Europe. Jeux de Géographie - Jouons et apprenons le monde. Diefenbunker Museum escape room promises interactive Cold War history lesson ... Imagine this: You're on the final tour of the day at the Diefenbunker Museum when you and a group of friends duck into a room to hide because you want to spend the night.

Diefenbunker Museum escape room promises interactive Cold War history lesson ...

You quickly realize the museum isn't a museum at all — it's the headquarters of a spy organization that's planning an attack that very night. You've got to find the communications room, stop a launch sequence and transmit a red alert to the public before escaping. ARCHIVED - Second World War - War and Military - Posters and Broadsides in Ca... Archived Content This archived Web page remains online for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes.

ARCHIVED - Second World War - War and Military - Posters and Broadsides in Ca...

This page will not be altered or updated. Web pages that are archived on the Internet are not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards. As per the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada, you can request alternate formats of this page on the Contact Us page. Minutes du patrimoine: Viola Desmond. RACE Trailer (Jesse Owens MOVIE - 2015 ) Traité de Versailles (classe inversée) History. Historica Canada is the largest independent organization devoted to enhancing awareness of Canadian history and citizenship.


Our programs, all of which are offered bilingually, reach more than eight million Canadians annually. While our headquarters is in Toronto, we also operate the Ottawa-based Encounters With Canada youth program, and our staff regularly travel coast to coast to coast to meet participants and promote engagement in our activities. The Board of Directors of Historica Canada (listed here) includes some of our country’s most prominent citizens, drawn from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds. We are a registered national charitable organization, the product of the merger in 2009 of two existing groups: The Historica Foundation of Canada and The Dominion Institute. 12 mai 1949 : fin du blocus de Berlin.

Justin Trudeau to meet the Queen. OTTAWA – Thirty-eight years after his father caused an international sensation with a pirouette behind an oblivious Queen, Justin Trudeau is going to meet the monarch.

Justin Trudeau to meet the Queen

The prime minister says he’s looking forward to meeting and speaking with the Queen on his way to Malta near the end of the month. Trudeau will visit her before attending the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in Valetta Nov. 27-29 and later the United Nations climate change conference in Paris. READ MORE: French envoy says Trudeau will push others on climate at Paris talks Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, known for his flamboyance, was caught on camera doing a pirouette behind the Queen in May 1977 as they took part in a G7 summit in London, England.

Full list of Justin Trudeau's cabinet. The full list of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's new 31-member cabinet, in order of precedence, being sworn in today at Rideau Hall in Ottawa (with their province in parenthesis): Justin Trudeau (Quebec) - Prime Minister, Intergovernmental Affairs and Youth.

Full list of Justin Trudeau's cabinet

Ralph Goodale (Saskatchewan) - Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. Gender-parity-in-cabinet-a-look-at-where-we-now-stand-1. Jesse Tahirali , Published Wednesday, November 4, 2015 2:47PM EST Last Updated Wednesday, November 4, 2015 5:11PM EST With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointing an equal number of men and women to his cabinet, 2015 marks the first time gender parity has been achieved among ministers at the federal level in Canada.


Of the 30 cabinet ministers sworn in on Wednesday, 15 are women and 15 are men. Video: Explained: What does it mean to be 'middle class' in Canada? Canadian citizenship test too difficult, failing visible minorities - Home. Friday March 27, 2015 It's been five years now since some big changes to the way immigrants to Canada become citizens of Canada.

Canadian citizenship test too difficult, failing visible minorities - Home

And the results are causing some concerns. The government's 2010 overhaul was intended to make the citizenship process more meaningful for immigrants. The study guide for the citizenship test was updated, to make it more reflective of the country today. And the test itself, was made more difficult. Andrew Griffith is a former Director General of the Citizenship and Multiculturalism Branch at the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. Canadian Citizenship Test 2015 - Discover Canada Test. Offering a free practice test to help you get ready for the Canadian Citizenship test. The test consists of 10 separate section, and each section has 25 questions. The questions vary in difficulty, and there are several questions that pertain to Toronto. It is important to note that this is not the actual Canadian Citizenship test, but the questions are designed to help you build your knowledge and efficiently prepare for the real test.

In order to become a Canadian citizen, passing this test is mandatory. Practice Question and Answers UPDATED 2015 – Based on the new study guide “Discover Canada”. Discover Canada. Digital Archives - lesson-plan - For Teachers: Canadian Young People and the ... Subjects: History, Social Studies Purpose: To understand the impact of the Cold War on young people. Histoire - Chapitre 5. "La Guerre froide". Fiches de révisions et cours du ma... En vue du devoir à venir et pour vous aider dans vos révisions, voici le cours et la fiche de révision du manuel sur la Guerre froide. - Sur la Construction européenne :

Amour haine & propagande - La guerre froide. HIS_P.pdf. Diefenbunker, Musée canadien de la Guerre froide. Le Blocus de Berlin (1948-1949) Histoire à la carte Accueil Histoire à la carte > Histoire de la guerre froide et de la confrontation entre les deux blocs Est Ouest >Le Blocus de Berlin. "Emmurés", la reconstitution 3D du mur de Berlin. Duck and Cover Propaganda Film 1950's. L'Allemagne et Berlin, symboles de la Guerre froide (1945-1990) ( carte animée)