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Functional Testing Services. Medical Devices Quality Assurance. End-to-end Quality Engineering services for a Medical Devices company Abstract Groundbreaking technologies in the space of medical devices are simplifying the complex drug regimens for chronic disease patients.

Medical Devices Quality Assurance

An innovative medical devices company that offers a unique alternative to traditional insulin delivery methods required end-to-end testing & quality engineering services. Discover how Cigniti ensured both high quality & compliance for the client’s medical devices. End-to-end Quality Engineering services for a Medical Devices company Abstract Groundbreaking technologies in the space of medical devices are simplifying the complex drug regimens for chronic disease patients. Healthcare Software Quality Assurance. We respect your privacy.

Healthcare Software Quality Assurance

This website stores cookies on your device. These cookies are used to improve your website experience and provide more personalized services to you, both on this website and through other media. By clicking “Accept”, you agree to our use of cookies and similar technologies. To find out more, see our Privacy Policy. Salesforce Automation Testing. Cigniti’s Salesforce testing services help enterprises validate their customized Salesforce functionalities and integrations with other enterprise apps.

Salesforce Automation Testing

We offer full life cycle testing services to help organizations implementing or building applications. Robotic Process Automation Services. Industries such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Telecom, Manufacturing, Travel & Logistics, Healthcare, & Retail & eCommerce, and others are looking at Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enable automation of their business processes without disrupting their existing process flows.

Robotic Process Automation Services

Test automation services for RPA helps enterprises in these industries improve cycle time & productivity in transaction processing and elevate AI & ML capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks, faster and better. Cigniti’s experts collaborate with your team to identify the best RPA candidates based on the process characteristics & define the RPA governance framework for the engagement. We provide a proven desktop analytics and process assessment covering the automation activities & existing documents in place.

Enterprise Data Management. At Cigniti, we have implemented robust test data management practices for complex enterprise platforms.

Enterprise Data Management

With over 200 experts in the Data Governance practice, we have supported organizations in the implementation of solutions for centralized data governance, automated data management, data analysis & identification, and high availability of test data. In addition, the custom accelerators developed by us aid in synthetic test data generation, test data optimization and test harnesses for a wide variety of platforms. Automated Regression Testing Solutions. Users demand rapid changes to applications as their needs are more dynamic than ever.

Automated Regression Testing Solutions

Modifications in the database & operating system updates, deployment configurations, bug fixes, functionality enhancements, integrations, patches, interfaces, etc. require Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD). This requires Continuous Testing (CT) practices to be in place. Regression testing is a CT practice that mandates re-running of functional & non-functional tests. This ensures that the software continues to perform in the same manner as it did before making any changes.

For the regression test to function effectively, it is important for enterprises to implement robust test automation services in place. Cigniti’s systematic approach to Regression Testing ensures minimum disruption while keeping costs under control. Mobile Application Testing Company. With almost 85% millennials using apps on their smartphones, enterprises need to continuously deploy & launch quality, seamlessly functioning applications to stay ahead in this digitally transforming world.

Mobile Application Testing Company

Cigniti provides deep experience in cross-browser testing for mobile applications for both functional and non-functional (Manual & Automated) testing of mobile applications. Cigniti’s Mobile Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) constitutes of 500+ mobile testing professionals. Software Testing Company. Crowdsourced QA testing, or crowd testing, is critical for your enterprise if you are looking at a fast-paced digital transformation and improving your ROI & scalability.

Software Testing Company

However, working with crowdsourced teams involves business risks such as loss of quality, concerns regarding IP infringement, security & confidentiality, and finding and managing an extended team of crowd-testers across the globe. Cigniti offers a complete portfolio of Quality Engineering services, delivered through strategic go-to-market partnerships with crowdsourcing platforms having a global reach. The access to a globally-vetted community of 50,000+ user testers & testing professionals provides a great competitive edge through crowdsourced user research & digital testing, using leading edge digital platforms. Our experience in multiple domains and our niche capabilities add on to the value provided by this extended global reach. Software Testing for Airlines Industry. Cigniti’s Airline Domain Competency Group comprises a skilled pool of 300+ Testers with experience in end-to-end testing for Airlines. 15+ airlines have used our proven 400+ solution accelerators & frameworks, to improve their operational efficiency & end-to-end reliability.

Software Testing for Airlines Industry

Our enablers such as Mobile Center of Excellence, Automation Center of Excellence, and BlueSwan aid our analytics-driven, engineering-led, end-to-end testing and provide Quality Transformation in the following areas: Flights Operations & AirportRevenue Accounting & Yield ManagementReservationsPlanning & SchedulingPricing & FaresDeparture Control System (DCS)Contact CenterEnterprise & Corporate ApplicationsCrew SystemsDigital & Mobile. Banking Application Security Testing. Testing Services for Telecom Industry. Cigniti’s in-house DCG SMEs have an in-depth experience in the communications industry.

Testing Services for Telecom Industry

Our domain expertise spans across the diverse communication channels, such as, Wireless (Internet, mobility) & Wireline (Land Phone, TV), IoT (Apple watch, connected home, connected cars, etc.), SMB/Enterprises as portals for non-communications products, Media & Entertainment, Retail (POS), Cloud & Social, and more. Additionally, our DCG SMEs are experts in the arena of mature Agile & DevOps processes, and can ably support you in your journey of transformation to DevOps along with CI. Energy & Utilities Testing Solutions. Ranging from early integration to ensuring success of mission-critical operations, the importance of quality and the inherent business value have made software testing an essential component of the Energy & Utilities (E&U) project delivery.

Even during the transformation of core business applications along with infrastructure updates, testing is vital to ensure a smooth & flawless transformation. Cigniti understands the testing needs of the E&U landscape that is undergoing a massive transformation from existing systems to better ways of consumption, production, and distribution. Automated Testing for Retail Industry. Cigniti’s experience in Retail Testing has enabled multi-channel retailers transform their businesses through a quality-optimized, results-driven strategy, leveraging an unbiased quality engineering approach, customized retail testing frameworks & solutions, and a strong domain expertise. Test Automation Services for Insurance Industry. Lifesciences Software Validation Services.

The Healthcare & LifeSciences (HCLS) industry needs to adhere to various rules & regulations under 21 CFR Part 11, GxP Compliance, & Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP). This necessitates adoption of digital technologies, big data analytics & BI, compliance with a wide regulatory landscape, legacy modernization, transforming process & systems, improving IT efficiencies and ensuring functional efficiency, performance, security, and privacy of apps, data, & devices. Game Testing & Quality Assurance. Test Automation for Travel & Hospitality. To be successful in the Travel & Hospitality industry, enterprises need to ensure that their clients enjoy an out of the world experience – beginning the moment they start researching and planning their vacation – whether they prefer to book for air-travel, hotels, restaurants, or a luxury cruise.

However, this is easier said than done. QA Solutions for Transportation and Logistics. Are your Logistics & Transportation-based apps quality assured and ready to function seamlessly once deployed across multiple devices and browsers? Are the apps compatible & innovative enough to survive the continuously disrupting logistics and transportation environment? Software Testing for Logistics Industry. Ecommerce Application Testing Company. Cigniti’s Ecommerce Center of Excellence leverages proven methodologies, techniques, processes, guidelines, and a tool and technology-agnostic framework to ensure effective and efficient testing and validation of Ecommerce platforms along with its interfaces.

Cigniti’s Ecommerce testing framework also ensures that our philosophy of “Script Once” and “Executes Everywhere” is implemented on a plethora of devices, browsers, O/S platforms, POS, and Payment Systems. While the framework ensures the functional readiness of the application, the performance is addressed using the performance engineering approach. Our performance validation approach includes verifying the application performance via geographically distributed load, scalability, and stress testing to meet SLA for peak load response that helps releasing the application and preparing for “Holiday Readiness”. Software Testing for Manufacturing Industry. Penetration Testing Services. Regression Test Automation. Performance Testing Company. Test automation with assured return on investment is the key to reduce the time to market of business applications with increased quality.

Velocita – a component of BlueSwan, Cigniti’s Next-Generation Software Testing Platform – ensures that this becomes a reality. Application Regression Testing. Compatibility Testing Company. Quality Assurance (QA) Automation Testing. Cross Platform Functional Testing. Database Testing for Retail Industry. Financial Software Test Automation. Performance & Scalability Testing. Retail Testing Services. Test Automation & Performance Testing. Performance Testing Services. Retail Test Center of Excellence. Testing Insurance Domain Applications.