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7 Habits Of Highly Influential People. Real influence rarely comes from title or position.

7 Habits Of Highly Influential People

It comes from understanding people and their deepest, most fundamental wants and needs. Everyone at some level wants to be heard, understood, and appreciated. Mänsklighetens historia. Svante Pääbo: DNA clues to our inner neanderthal. Ancient clues. Litt. ‘Americanah’ Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Wants Us to Stop Being Likeable. If there’s a Smart Girl we’d most like to take a master class in life from, it might just be author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

‘Americanah’ Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Wants Us to Stop Being Likeable

The Nigerian-born author of Americanah — though even if you haven’t read the novel, you may recall her TED Talk being utilized in the Beyoncé song, “Flawless” — has been a commanding feminist presence in her home country, building up the confidence of the girls there as much as her words have done so around the globe. BBC World Service - World Book Club - Downloads. Välkomna till poesiskolan! - Arbetaren. Bombs Blast And Time Marches On In 'A God In Ruins' This is FRESH AIR.

Bombs Blast And Time Marches On In 'A God In Ruins'

Kate Atkinson's 2013 novel "Life After Life" won critical praise for its achievement of being both a sweeping historical novel and an ingeniously constructed account of one woman's rather bumpy life's journey. Now, Atkinson has written what she calls a companion to "Life After Life. " Book critic Maureen Corrigan has a review of "A God In Ruins," which is also the selection for the "Morning Edition" Book Club.

MAUREEN CORRIGAN, BYLINE: On the 70th anniversary of V-E Day this year, a landmark restaurant here in Washington, D.C., invited all World War II veterans to come in and eat free. That restaurant later posted a picture of the vets who showed up.


32 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Bad. 39 Commonly Misused Words and How to Use Them Correctly. Yoga. A Workout You Can Do Anywhere. How to Move Handstand Away from the Wall. Growing up, I had a close friend who was good at handstands.

How to Move Handstand Away from the Wall

Like, really good at handstands. Though neither of us knew much about yoga, fueled by after-school snacks of Cool Ranch Doritos and Dunkaroos (hey, it was the '90s), we would often entertain ourselves with various asana-esque endeavors—practicing splits and backbends in the backyard or fixing our legs in padmasana and racing across the living room on our knees (a game we'd dubbed “lotus races”). But despite our mutual affinity for back walkovers and patellar mortification, when it came to handstands, my friend was light years ahead of me. As in, one day she learned how to do them and, try as I might, I couldn’t seem to balance on my hands like her. 5 ways to keep your data safe right now.

There seems to be a new data breach in the news every week — a major company hacked, millions of usernames, passwords or credit card numbers stolen.

5 ways to keep your data safe right now

There isn’t much that you, as an individual, can do to stop hackers from stealing the data you entrust to companies. However, there are some easy things you can do to significantly reduce the harm from such breaches. Outsource your passwords to a robot The human brain can only remember so many passwords, not to mention we’re actually really bad at picking good ones. So, too often we just reuse passwords across multiple sites. This is a Very Bad Idea. Historia. Everything You Know About Dinosaur Deaths Is Wrong. PRINCETON, N.J. — Ask any T.

Everything You Know About Dinosaur Deaths Is Wrong

Rex-obsessed 5-year-old boy how the dinosaurs died and he will tell you a giant asteroid killed them. He might describe a scene with a brontosaurus or two peacefully grazing, oblivious of the space rock whizzing past that will crash to Earth and ignite an explosion with the strength of a billion atomic bombs going off at once. A heat wave engulfs the globe, vaporizing most dinosaurs, with the rest starving to death as an ash cloud blocks the sunlight. The by-now iconic scene comes from a scientific paper first published on June 6, 1980, in Science magazine by a young geologist at the University of California, Berkeley, Walter Alvarez, and his Nobel Prize-winning father, Luis Alvarez.

But according to geologist Gerta Keller this is simply not what happened. When the Alvarezes put forward their idea three and a half decades ago, it was met with opposition. And this misses the point, according to American Museum of Natural History curator Mark Norell. BBC World Service - Witness, Iran's Cultural Revolution. Animated interactive of the history of the Atlantic slave trade. Source: For the full interactive version, use a larger device.

Animated interactive of the history of the Atlantic slave trade.

Interactive by Andrew Kahn. Background image by Tim Jones. Usually, when we say “American slavery” or the “American slave trade,” we mean the American colonies or, later, the United States. But as we discussed in Episode 2 of Slate’s History of American Slavery Academy, relative to the entire slave trade, North America was a bit player. Was The Soviet Union Really a Socialist Country? Noam Chomsky Dispels This Propaganda In 1 Minute. Both America and Stalin's Soviet Union has called his regime a socialist system, but for different reasons.

Was The Soviet Union Really a Socialist Country? Noam Chomsky Dispels This Propaganda In 1 Minute

America called Stalin's dictatorship a socialist system because it wanted to defame and demonize socialism. Stalin called his government socialist because that was a popular and celebrated term in Europe, despite totalitarian control having nothing to do with true, democratic socialism. In truth, as Noam Chomsky points out, the people of the Soviet Union had no control over the means of production or control over their lives and were essentially slaves.

It would be the same as if Stalin came to power in America, created a fascist police state, used coercive force to protect criminal banks, evict people unjustly from their homes, suppressed protests and broke up unions, then lavished massive subsidies on big companies, gave tax breaks to the rich and allowed many corporations like GE to pay nothing in taxes, and then proudly called this a free-market system. Direktörerna som trotsade nazisterna. Islam. How the Qur'an Was Revealed and Compiled - By Hamza Yusuf (Foundations of Islam Series: Session 1) Ramadan 2015. أخبار اليوم - أخبار سكاي نيوز عربية. Ramadan and Menses: What You Can Do. Tariq Ramadan ― Official Website. CILE Summer School Granada 2014 “Politics: Reality and Islamic Reference” Tariq Ramadan ― Official Website. Photographer Gives Squirrel Little Umbrella To Help It Stay Out Of The Rain.

Squirrels are cute little creatures we all adore from afar but few people have the chance to interact with a squirrel, granting these bushy-tailed nut-lovers with a bit of mysterious charm.

Photographer Gives Squirrel Little Umbrella To Help It Stay Out Of The Rain

Talented photographer Max Ellis has worked with quite a few charming squirrels. In fact, Ellis is known for his awesome squirrel photo shoots, but his latest endeavor is easily among his best. In the past, Ellis has taken photos of squirrels playing with pumpkins and other unlikely objects. Analyser om slöjan helt tagna ur luften. Conversations with History - Tariq Ramadan. The Khawarij - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. Mysterious Islamic tribe where women have multiple sexual partners, don't wear veil & own the property - Nigeria Camera.

Behind the ancient way of life for the Tuareg tribe of the Sahara is a culture so progressive it would even make some in liberal western cultures blush.

Mysterious Islamic tribe where women have multiple sexual partners, don't wear veil & own the property - Nigeria Camera

Women are allowed to have multiple sexual partners outside of marriage, keep all their property on divorce and are so revered by their sons-in-laws that the young men wouldn’t dare eat in the same room. What is even more surprising is that even though the tribe has embraced Islam they have firmly held onto some of the customs that would not be acceptable to the wider Muslim world. Islamic Awakening – Conversation With Tariq Ramadan : “Unity & Muslims” Egypt to remove books by Sheikh Ibn Taymiyya and other prominent Salafi scholars. Endowments Minister Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa The Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments has launched a nationwide campaign to remove literature authored by scholars affiliated to the Salafi movement from all mosques in Egypt.

Names of scholars whose books are to be removed or confiscated:- The stories of a headscarf. Muslim women are needed as critical agents of change in this historical transformative moment in Islamic history and the Middle East. Yet it’s tough to be a Muslim woman these days. We’ve become symbols, not individuals. And that’s in no small part thanks to the global fixation on the headscarf. Islamiska Förbundet - Uttalande gällande ”Fastetiderna och dess bestämmelser i de skandinaviska länderna"

Sammanfattning av uttalandet gällande ”Fastetiderna och dess bestämmelser i de skandinaviska länderna” Des civilisations 1/5. Nous ne cessons de parler de «civilisation» et nous ne sommes pas même d’accord sur la définition du terme et le contenu du concept. Certains se réfèrent à des définitions plus ou moins précises ; d’autres à un corps d’idées qu’ils rapportent à la notion de «civilisation» ; d’autres encore s’appuient sur l’«intuition» d’une entité existant «quelque part» et se traduisant par les liens naturels qui s’établissent entre les hommes et les sociétés partageant des valeurs communes ; alors que d’autres enfin y décèlent la terminologie paternaliste des «dominants».

Même si cette confusion est troublante, il n’en demeure pas moins que la référence constante au concept de «civilisation» a effectivement créé des catégories, des «perceptions» qui reconnaissent des entités, des grands ensembles, des univers de référence où l’on dit «nous» et à partir desquels on se différencie des «eux». Hamza yusuf at his best.(full video) 'Freedom of Speech' or 'Freedom to Insult'? - Hamza Yusuf. Rethinking Islamic Reform: Hamza Yusuf & Tariq Ramadan. 'Women Leading Prayer & Ibn Taymiyyah' - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf.

See How Ramadan Was Observed in the 1940s. As many Muslims prepare to observe Ramadan, a look back at the holiday during a time of great violence in India See Photos From Ramadan Prayers in the 1940s Margaret Bourke-White—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE. Worshipers stand in the beautiful courtyard of India's largest mosque, Jami' Masjid, which was finished...

Wednesday evening marks the beginning of Ramadan, the month-long observance during which many Muslims fast daily to inspire deep reflection and commemorate the revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. Bourke-White had the unique opportunity to take photographs inside Delhi’s Jama Masjid, India’s largest mosque. Ramadan in Egypt, very spiritual. If you are not in Egypt during the holy month of Ramadan, definitely you’ll miss the 30 most spiritual days of the year.

Though the core of Ramadan is the fasting, the country has its own traditional celebrations which consider one of its pure identities and heritage. The decorations and the lantern By walking down the streets you can find patchwork colorful decorations spreading along and between the buildings giving a warm feeling to the streets. First woman to lead Friday prayers in UK. A Canadian author will become the first Muslim-born woman to lead a mixed-gender British congregation through Friday prayers tomorrow in a highly controversial move that will attempt to spark a debate about the role of female leadership within Islam. Raheel Raza, a rights activist and Toronto-based author, has been asked to lead prayers and deliver the khutbah at a small prayer session in Oxford. She has been invited by Dr Taj Hargey, a self-described imam who preaches an ultra-liberal interpretation of Islam which includes, among other things, that men and women should be allowed to pray together and that female imams should lead mixed congregations in prayer.

Three of the four mainstream schools of Sunni Islam allow women to lead exclusively female congregations for prayer, but the overwhelming majority of Muslim jurists are opposed to the notion of their presiding over mixed congregations outside the home. The Bahia Muslim Slave Revolt. From the 1500s through the 1800s, European nations were engaged in a tragic and barbaric practice known as the slave trade. During this period, over 12 million Africans were boarded onto ships and taken to North and South America to work as slaves. Kroppen. Inflammationsdrivande mat kopplas till depression.

What Drinking Does to Your Body Over Time. Doctors Against Vaccines – Hear From Those Who Have Done the Research. The evolution of the human eye - Joshua Harvey. Kvinna, muslim, feminist – och fri. The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons. To the Parents of U.S. Kajsa Ekis Ekman: Krav på lika lön räcker inte. Kvinnornas krig tar aldrig slut. Ebba Witt-Brattström: "Jag har inte tid att hyckla mer" Zara Larsson bemöter kritiken: Jag hatar män i grupp. E.L. James Held A Twitter Q&A And It Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong. Feministisktperspektiv. Hello Kitty blir Bitch 2015 - Arbetaren.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas: Kajsa Ekis Ekman - Surrogacy Is Child Trafficking. Worldwide sexism increases suicide risk in young women. Lilla Drevet. 20 bästa ekonomi podcasts. Piketty: ”Tyskland har aldrig betalat” Skriv av Greklands skulder. Iceland Jailed Bankers and Rejected Austerity - and It's Been a Success. Marx2013 - Krisen - på vems villkor? Broström, Ekis Ekman och Flesicher. Vem är det som får vinsterna? Three charts that show Iceland's economy recovered after it imprisoned bankers and let banks go bust - instead of bailing them out - Business News - Business - The Independent. Vissa företag tjänar på att ha dumma anställda - Nyhetsmorgon (TV4)

Nina Björk - Konsumtion, frustration och kapitalismen i ditt vardagsrum - Arbetskritiskt forum 2013. Roland Paulsen - Arbetet och själadöden - Arbetskritiskt forum 2013. Ojämlikhet dödar. Roland Paulsen: Nog finns det skitjobb, Birgitta Ohlsson. Kan vi göra det själva? Roland Paulsen: Jag ville­ bryta ­formen. What Then Can I Do? Ten Ways to Democratize the Economy. "Kapitalism och marknad är inte samma sak" Why the rise of fascism is again the issue. John Pilger. John_Pilger - Cambodia (Year Zero) Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq.

Tobias Hübinette och Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom: SVT, vi är trötta på er "gulinghumor" Grekiske vänsterledaren: ”Vi har regerats av banker alltför länge” 19 thought-provoking maps that will change how you see the world. Quityourdayjob - BBC World Service - Witness, Denmark's Inuit Experiment. This Is The True Size Of Africa.

Looking for a new podcast to try? 45 great picks from the TED staff. Nina Björk: Klassism – ett första steg i fel riktning Dagens Arena. Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person  Från inbördeskrigets sönderslitande realitet - Arbetaren. THE SHOCK DOCTRINE HQ. Fracketeering: how capitalism is power-hosing the last drops of value out of us all. John Pilger - The New rulers of The World.