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WATCH: These Mind-Controlling Parasites Are Freaky, And Apparently There Are A Lot Of Them  Videoish Views. Untitled. 4 Multiplicities. 4 Others. New 2 View. BBC Radio 4 - Hobson-Jobson: A Very English Enterprise. BBC Radio 4 - The Goddess of English. We Are What We Eat (part one) Visual arts experimentations.

Charting culture. Ancient Egypt: Pineal Gland, Chakras. 15 Little-Known 'Frozen' Facts Packed Into One Video. Paul Salahuddin Armstrong. Hopalong Orbits Visualizer. Optimizing PDF before uploading. Muslim Demographics. Flower garden fun. Earthship Biotecture. Sun Gazing part 2. Parallel Universes. The Most Awesome Robots (until 2014) RSA Animate - Re-Imagining Work. Underrated gems(no particular order) - a list by sreeni_pacino. Om Namah Shivaya Part 26. Surya Namaskar with vedic prayer. Hatha Yoga, Sun Salutation, Prayer to God, Yogic Prayer, Hatha Yoga workout, Hathayogaway. [ Let This Sexy Asian Model Teach You Tantric Yoga! ]

TheTinyDot. Isn't this the truth? Batman and Abe Lincoln vs John Wilkes Booth. Étienne Sauret. Le Jeune Homme et La Mort. Video: 10 Americans. The Implicate Order. Un Certain Regard. Un Certain Regard (French pronunciation: ​[œ̃ sɛʁtɛ̃ ʁəɡaʁ]; a certain regard) is a section of the Cannes Film Festival's official selection.

Un Certain Regard

It is run at the salle Debussy, parallel to the competition for the Palme d'Or. This section was introduced in 1978 by Gilles Jacob. Each year, it presents a score of films with various types of visions and styles; "original and different" works which seek international recognition. §Main Winners[edit] In 1998, the Prize Un Certain Regard (French: prix un certain regard) was introduced to the section to recognize young talent and to encourage innovative and daring works by presenting one of the films with a grant to aid its distribution in France.[1] Since 2005, the prize consists of €30,000 financed by the Groupama GAN Foundation.[2] * Denotes first win for a country §Complete List of Winners[edit] §References[edit] Theory of Everything: God, Devils, Dimensions & Illusion of Reality. Addicted To Plastic 2009. Man Invents Machine To Convert Plastic Into Oil. Man Invents Machine To Convert Plastic Into Oil. Fire Flower by Pierre Michel.

Fire Time (A Journey at 2000fps) Old Pallets. History Channel Sun Tzu's The Art Of War. Water (extrait), le pouvoir secret de l'eau. Docteur Plantey: L'arnaque du Choléstérol et autres mises en danger de la vie par l'alimentation. L eau en bouteille pour qui ? Neurons To Nirvana. The Tenth Dimension. 4th Dimension Explained By A High-School Student.

George Carlin - Religion is bullshit. Wretches & Jabberers. Gods and Goddesses. [Gods and Aliens]

Gods and Goddesses

Love American Skin. Last week German photographer and filmmaker Diana Scheunemann unveiled her probing debut film, Love American Skin, a road trip across America that documented the many contrasting characters and viewpoints that make up one of the biggest nation’s in the world.

Love American Skin

Compelling watching, the film throws up opinions that may ruffle a few feathers but adds to our understanding of the vastness of the country, and the differences that one encounters from state to state. We catch up with Diana to talk through her experiences of making the film. Me and my partner had been living in NYC for a few years. You hear all these partisan views on the TV but we wanted to see for ourselves what this country we now live in is like, and form an opinion based on our own experience instead of from Hollywood movies and charged news commentators. 4 Groups that Gotta Go - George Carlin. Heating your home office for 8 pence a day- Potheadforkandle- Salvador Dali on "What's My Line?". The Wilderness Downtown.

Owning Spannabis. Documentary: The History of the Devil. Muslim Black Slavery - Islam Slave History of Black Africa - Video - StumbleUpon. PICNIC '09: Money, Values and Structural Solutions to Today's Crisis with Henk van Arkel and Bernard Lietaer. How Banks Create Money out of Thin Air. Good Bye Laptops, Here COmes Rolltops. 'Hell' as an invention of the church. Manifesting the Mind. THE WORD ‘PSYCHEDELIC’ means ‘manifesting the mind’.

This documentary presents an analysis of Shamanism, psychedelics, drug addiction, DMT, communication with plant spirits, modern monotheism vs. Shamanism, culture and the drug war, the ancient mysteries, the amanita muscaria, Soma, and much more! Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization‬‏ Science Fiction. Sexy Robot. Nicola Tesla. Videos. Léonard De Vinci, l'homme du Mystère Documentairs Complete ) Craig Venter unveils "synthetic life" Most Awsome Videos. Jason Silva. Jason Silva’s Total Videos. DATACHURCH. Watch Free Documentaries Online. Documentary List - The best documentaries to watch online. The Viking Warriors The Vikings (from Old Norse víkingr) were seafaring north Germanic people who raided, traded, explored, and settled in wide areas of Europe, Asia, and the North Atlantic islands from the late 8th to the mid-11th centuries.

Documentary List - The best documentaries to watch online

The Vikings employed wooden longships with wide, shallow-draft hulls, allowing navigation in rough seas or in shallow river waters. The ships could be landed on beaches, and their light weight enabled them to be hauled over portages. These versatile ships allowed the Vikings to travel as far east as Constantinople and the Volga River in Russia, as far west as Iceland, Greenland, and Newfoundland, and as far south as Nekor. This period of Viking expansion, known as the Viking Age, constitutes an important element of the medieval history of Scandinavia, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, and the rest of Europe. Most Interesting Documentaries. Documentary Power. Education. Mitch Resnick: Let's teach kids to code. The future of User Interfaces. FILM (1/7): Richard Feynman The Character of Physical Law - Part 1.

3 Physics Experiments that Changed the World. CERN: The Standard Model Of Particle Physics. 3 World-Changing Biology Experiments. Well Read.