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World News Aggregates. Geo Loco. Close Quarters. Modern Earth Life. Contests, Events, Exhibits. Locales. USEFUL STUFF. Global Property Guide. Travel Like A Man. Emerging Trends. World Life Expectancy. World-wide Ancient Site Database, Photos and Prehistoric Archaeo. List of cities by time of continuous habitation. Flags of the World. Welcome to Flags of the World Flags of the World (FOTW), founded in 1994, is the Internet’s largest site devoted to vexillology (the study of flags).

Flags of the World

Here you can read more than 62,000 pages about flags and view more than 123,000 images of flags of countries, organizations, states, territories, districts and cities, both past and present. Searching for Flags on this Website There are many ways to find flags on this website. Choosing “Index by Country” will take you straight to the country’s page, once there you will find pathways to the national, state, municipal, military, historical, and cultural flags and ensigns of the country. Site Indexed by Country Site Indexed by Subject Search Site by Topic or Subject Search Site by Clickable Maps Other Search Methods Pages reached through the map indexIndex Page for vexillological (non-national) topicsInternational OrganizationsPages ordered by TitleSearch this site by keywordsSearch using the FOTW Search Engine PagePages ordered by date last updated.

User Manual. GeoNames has a simple edit interface that allow users to edit GeoNames information, move a point and add new place names to the GeoNames database.

User Manual

You find the edit interface on top of the google maps display. Click on a marker to open the information window with detail information about the place. In the information window you find a couple of menu links to view detail information like alternate names or the modification history of a place. The most recent updates are available as html page and as rss feed. In the information window you find also a couple of links to modifiy the information. In the following we will look at screenshots and cover the following topics : The GeoNames Information Window Click on a marker on the maps/satellite display to open the information window. Edit GeoNames Basic Information. About GeoNames. About GeoNames The GeoNames geographical database is available for download free of charge under a creative commons attribution license.

About GeoNames

It contains over 10 million geographical names and consists of over 8 million unique features whereof 2.8 million populated places and 5.5 million alternate names. List of tautological place names. Lists of countries and territories @ Lists of countries and territories From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search.

Lists of countries and territories @

Datasources. Earth Outreach. Category:Flag orbs. StatPlanet Map Maker ? Interactive Mapping & Visualization Software. Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before. The Leader In Online Imagery - Aerial Photos & Satellite Images. Picking Jobs - the international job site linking employers with seasonal workers. Working holiday visa. A working holiday visa is a residence permit which allows travellers to undertake employment (and sometimes study) in the country issuing the visa for the purpose of supplementing their travel funds.

Working holiday visa

For many young people, holding a working holiday visa enables them to experience living in a foreign country, without undergoing the usual costly expenses of finding work sponsorship in advance or going on expensive university exchange programmes. Most working holiday visas are offered under reciprocal agreements between certain countries, to encourage travel and cultural exchange between their citizens. Anywork Anywhere - Jobs & Resources For Work & Travel Worldwide.

City Mayors: Mayors running the world's cities. Multiple citizenship. Multiple citizenship, also called dual citizenship or multiple nationality, is a person's citizenship status, in which a person is concurrently regarded as a citizen of more than one state under the laws of those states.

Multiple citizenship

There is no international convention which determines the nationality or citizen status of a person, which is defined exclusively by national laws, which vary and can be inconsistent with each other. Multiple citizenship arises because different countries use different, and not necessarily mutually exclusive, criteria for citizenship. Colloquial speech refers to people "holding" multiple citizenship but technically each nation makes a claim that this person be considered its national. How to Exchange Money in a Foreign Country. Money. Index Mundi - Country Facts. Travel Guides, Hotel Reviews, Photos, Forums, Deals - - The world's top hotel price comparison site with over 700,000 hotels. Travel. Places Atlas Obscura. Places Food Republic.

6 Places To Eat Incredibly Well In Saint Thomas Where to eat on the beautiful U.S.

Places Food Republic

Virgin Island Nov 19, 2014 2:00 pm Sparkling, pristine beaches? Check. New York Barbecue Is Coming To Los Angeles So Cal sandwich chain enlists Brooklyn pitmaster Nov 18, 2014 1:30 pm Mendocino Farms, Southern California’s seasonal-themed sandwich chain, announced this week that it will be opening its own dedicated smokehouse facility in Los Angeles next month. 7 Bakeries And Restaurants That Are Changing The Los Angeles Bread Game A city most certainly not allergic to carbs Nov 17, 2014 1:00 pm Over the last few years, Los Angeles has become as fanatical about great bread as it has become about great coffee — and Gjusta is only the latest in this new wave of bakeries focused on the art of the dough.

Travel Guide and Travel Information. Travel Health Notices. Calendar Holy Days World Religions. Comes and Goes. Road Trip Planner and Online Travel Guide - TripCart. The nicest routes on RouteYou. Road tripping. New Politika. WORLD VIEWS. Modern Culture. Celebrations. NEW WORLD VIEWS. Live Long and Prosper. One World. IMAGES.