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Magica. Mystic Crystal Revelation. Oracula. Symbolica. Esoteric Endeavors. 100th Meme Keys. Think Well. The Dune Litany: Fear is the Mind Killer. Death Valley (Photo by: H Dragon) A lot of people don’t know this about me, but when I was young I was an avid reader.

The Dune Litany: Fear is the Mind Killer

I could read a 500-page book in a day and a half or two and actually digest it. Then, I went through a long period where I didn’t read at all, especially not in English. I didn’t particularly like fiction when I was young. In fact, I almost exclusively read non-fiction with two exceptions. Even still, I really didn’t care for fiction. Internal Martial Arts Masters. Multiple-Intelligences. Team SeriousFun Landing Page - Home. Home - SeriousFun Children's Network. The Magick of Spit. Amy Webb’s Data, A Love Story: Using algorithms and charts to game online dating. Courtesy of the author.

Amy Webb’s Data, A Love Story: Using algorithms and charts to game online dating

It was now July, a few weeks since my date with Jim, the weed smoker who refused to split our dinner bill. I knew matching algorithms weren’t perfect, but I kept dating and decided not to cancel my memberships with eHarmony,, and JDate. Online Etymology Dictionary. Magic (adj.) late 14c., from Old French magique, from Latin magicus "magic, magical," from Greek magikos, from magike (see magic (n.)).

Online Etymology Dictionary

Magic carpet first attested 1816. Magic Marker (1951) is a registered trademark (U.S.) by Speedry Products, Inc., Richmond Hill, N.Y. Magic lantern "optical instrument whereby a magnified image is thrown upon a wall or screen" is 1690s, from Modern Latin laterna magica. magic (v.) 1906, from magic (n.). magic (n.) Bouba/kiki effect. This picture is used as a test to demonstrate that people may not attach sounds to shapes arbitrarily: American college undergraduates and Tamil speakers in India called the shape on the left "kiki" and the one on the right "bouba".

Bouba/kiki effect

The bouba/kiki effect is a non-arbitrary mapping between speech sounds and the visual shape of objects. This effect was first observed by German-American psychologist Wolfgang Köhler in 1929.[1] In psychological experiments, first conducted on the island of Tenerife (in which the primary language is Spanish), Köhler showed forms similar to those shown at the right and asked participants which shape was called "takete" and which was called "baluba" ("maluma" in the 1947 version).

Although not explicitly stated, Köhler implies that there was a strong preference to pair the jagged shape with "takete" and the rounded shape with "baluba".[2] In 2001, Vilayanur S. More recently research indicated that the effect may be a case of ideasthesia.[5] Introduction to Psychic. Human beings have been attempting to learn the answers to the puzzles of the Universe since the beginning of existence.

Introduction to Psychic

The ancients looked at the stars, to many different gods, and even at the entrails of sacrificed animals for guidance into the future. The Bible is filled with words from great prophets. All other tribes and societies throughout history have had those who claimed the ability to see the future, to heal, and to have other powers and insights from the world of the unknown.

Today, people are just as interested in the unknown as ever. Astral Plane - A World Of Ethereal Being. As we enter the twenty-first century, with all its overwhelming confusion, stresses and disheartening material disappointments, it has come as no great surprise to learned people around the world that more and more people are looking inwards and turning to ancient spiritual practices with which to make order of their lives.

Astral Plane - A World Of Ethereal Being

We all sense a feeling of imbalance, of disconnection between body, mind and spirit, and as such, many of us are taking positive steps towards discovering what is possible with our other, etheric and astral forms. If you are reading this, the chances are you are just beginning your journey of self-discovery, and are relatively new to the world and concept of astral projection. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands, and have a wealth of knowledge, which stretches back thousands of years and has survived the rise and fall of empires and civilizations at your disposal! Rupert Sheldrake Online - Homepage.

God's Providence. FREQUENCIES OF THE ORGANS OF THE BODY AND PLANETS. Hertz frequencies chart from Barbara Hero Copyright © Barbara Hero 1996-98E-Mail Barbara Hero Electrical wave forms One of the benefits of working with electrical stimulation is the ability to generate precise and complex waveforms.


It is likely that specific waveforms have specific functions. The Social Network for Sustainability. GOOD Home Page. Sundown in America. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The Hermetic Library at Institute of Noetic Sciences. American Mindfulness Research Association Home - American Mindfulness Research Association. GROK. Societal Gumbo. Numismatica. Bothersome. Natura Mythica Deios. Rhapsodos. LORE. Histoire. Ethnobotany. Being Human.

Somnulus. Left Hand of Darkness. Spirits Align. Spiritual Succor. All Kinds. Ways Places Means.