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Mini Eco Solutions. O Eco Solutions. Phillip Ross Molds Fast-Growing Fungi Into Mushroom Building Bricks That Are Stronger than Concrete. Mycologist Philip Ross is seriously into mushrooms, but not as a food -- instead, he uses fungi as a building material.

Phillip Ross Molds Fast-Growing Fungi Into Mushroom Building Bricks That Are Stronger than Concrete

Mushroom Tiny House: The part-grown portable home - Images. Ecovative Design is best known for making sustainable mushroom-based products which can be used as an alternative to Styrofoam, but the company has now turned its hand to making a tiny house on wheels from fungi.

Mushroom Tiny House: The part-grown portable home - Images

At least in part, anyway ... View all. The Future is Fungal: Interview with Phil Ross. Phil Ross wants to grow buildings and furniture from mushrooms Phil Ross (San Francisco) works in the realm of “biotechniques.”

The Future is Fungal: Interview with Phil Ross

He makes sculptural and architectural works from plants and fungi, and videos about live cultures. As the founder and director of CRITTER – a salon centered-around DIY biology events, he has organized events like “Enormous Microscopic Evening” at the Hammer Museum (2010). His multi-decade research into mushrooms has led to his “mycotecture” series, an experiment in using reishi mushrooms as a sustainable construction material (International Patent Pending). Mush Room.

We can feed the world without chopping down more forests. Maybe this is obvious, but expanding our agricultural footprint to feed the growing population — cutting down forests, plowing prairies — is a really bad idea.

We can feed the world without chopping down more forests

What’s less obvious, and more interesting/troubling, is that farmland expansion is so harmful on so many levels that it’s worth doing just about anything that helps us avoid opening up new land — even things that have their own environmental costs. I’ve been reading back through the papers of David Tilman, an ecologist at the University of Minnesota, from the last 15 years, exploring the effect of farming on the natural world. (I should mention that these are also the papers of his many deserving coauthors, who I can’t easily credit here.)

In a 2001 paper published in Science, Tilman et al. calculated what would happen if agricultural expansion continued, business-as-usual style: In 50 years, an additional billion hectares of land — larger than the entire area of the U.S. — would be cleared for farming. The Vertical Farm Project - Agriculture for the 21st Century and Beyond. Upcycling. Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless and/or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.


Background[edit] Awesome DIY Reuse Ideas. The mantra reduce, reuse, recycle has been an effective phrase for years now, and companies like Terracycle have been successful following the model of reuse and reduction.

Awesome DIY Reuse Ideas

The Junk House – Upcycling Local Trash » IzReaL. Villa Welpeloo is a residence designed by the Dutch firm 2012Architecten.

The Junk House – Upcycling Local Trash » IzReaL

The firm aspired to use as much surplus and waste materials as possible. Scouts employed by the designers have (re)searched the possibilities and availability of materials in the vicinity of the construction site during the design phase. Based on the findings there was a continuous stream of new incentives to develop the design further. The found materials resulted in new shapes and new ways of construction. Materials. Off-grid Malawi school built using shipping containers. The Legson Kayira Community Center and Primary School was completed earlier this year (Photo: Architecture for a change) Image Gallery (21 images) Shipping container-based buildings can suffer – indeed, usually do suffer – from significant insulation issues.

Off-grid Malawi school built using shipping containers

But Johannesburg-based firm Architecture for a change (A4AC) recently built a community center and school in Malawi from shipping containers that aims to mitigate this with an open design. The firm also installed rainwater harvesting and solar power to allow the school to operate off-grid. View all The Legson Kayira Community Center and Primary School is a simple structure, both inside and out. 100% Renewable Energy Isn’t Theoretical, It’s Reality.

100% renewable energy to some may sound like nothing more than a pipe dream, but in reality, it already exists.

100% Renewable Energy Isn’t Theoretical, It’s Reality

As giant countries like China, America, & India continue to pump out never ending streams of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, small, low-elevation islands are at risk of serious damage from rising sea levels and more intense and frequent storms. But some islands refuse to surrender and are doing everything in their capacity to do their part, even if that means overhauling their electricity grid as a means to achieve 100% clean, renewable energy. 101 PERMACULTURE DESIGNS, downloadable imgur album. The Ancient Art of Passive Cooling for Today's Green Living. Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems & Energy Efficiency.

Help Us Build a $300 House. Do Good – The Official Website of Samuel Mockbee. Low-cost Blooming Bamboo home built to withstand floods. The Blooming Bamboo home, by Vietnamese architectural firm H&P Architects (Photo: Doan Thanh Ha) Image Gallery (30 images) Vietnamese architectural firm H&P Architects has produced a new prototype dwelling constructed from bamboo.

Low-cost Blooming Bamboo home built to withstand floods

Dubbed Blooming Bamboo, the house is built to withstand heavy flooding, and is eventually intended to be mass-produced and sold as an affordable and attractive home. View all The Blooming Bamboo prototype measures 44 sq m (473 sq ft), is placed on stilts, and is built around a central frame constructed from bamboo. The ground floor features a living room, bedroom, bathroom, WC, and kitchen, while an additional multi-function upper floor is accessible via ladder. Blooming Bamboo's facade allows ample natural light and ventilation, and the property also includes rainwater collection facilities with integrated filtration system. Underground Building Links. Earth Home Plans and Designs - the Basics. Building a basic, minimalist earth home is not a difficult task, at least not for somebody who is prepared for this type of eco-friendly dwelling.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is more beneficial to ask for help from someone who has some experience in planning, designing and eventually supervising the construction of an earth home. Below is a list of some basic rules and that should be adhered to if one wants to succeed at building an earth home. How to plan and build a basic earth home? The World’s First Vertical Forest: An. I’d like to introduce you to the world’s first Bosco Verticale (Italian for Vertical Forest), which is being built right now in Milan. According to Christopher Woodward, a writer for the Financial Times, it’s “the most exciting new tower in the world.” This vertical forest will span across two towers that have fabulous balconies designed to house these trees. Keyline and Fertile Futures. Carbon Farmers of America, LLC. PRIORITY ONE - Together We Can Beat Global Warming by Allan J. Yeomans. P. P.A.Yeomans The City Forest. - Keyline Designs - Water for Every Farm -

The. By P. THE. By P. From brick and mortar shops to city planning, we cover sustainable trends in construction, renovation, and more. Eco-LCA: Ecologically Based Life Cycle Assessment. Thermal Depolymerization. Changing World Technologies. World’s largest sustainable city developed in China. The world's largest sustainable city, extending about 30 square kilometers, with urban living conditions has been developed in South Asian country of China.

Rising from wastelands in China, the globe's biggest eco-city of Tianjin is located 150 kilometres (93 miles) southeast from Beijing that means less than an hour on the new high-speed train line. The city, designed to be around half the size of Manhattan Island in the United States, is slated to be enriched by the hottest energy-saving technologies.