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The Chicago Manual of Style Online: Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide - Iceweasel. The Chicago Manual of Style presents two basic documentation systems: (1) notes and bibliography and (2) author-date. Choosing between the two often depends on subject matter and the nature of sources cited, as each system is favored by different groups of scholars.

The notes and bibliography style is preferred by many in the humanities, including those in literature, history, and the arts. This style presents bibliographic information in notes and, often, a bibliography. It accommodates a variety of sources, including esoteric ones less appropriate to the author-date system. The author-date system has long been used by those in the physical, natural, and social sciences. In this system, sources are briefly cited in the text, usually in parentheses, by author’s last name and date of publication. Aside from the use of notes versus parenthetical references in the text, the two systems share a similar style. Notes and Bibliography: Sample Citations Book One author 1. 2. Pollan, Michael. 1. 2. Ex-Diplomats Report New Benghazi Whistleblowers with Info Devastating to Clinton and Obama - Iceweasel.

TOAST! – Obama To Benghazi Special Ops, “Stand Down Or I Will Relieve You Of Command” | I'm a Man! I'm 41! - Iceweasel. Barber: Satan Behind Obama Administration's Gay Rights Efforts, Bringing America Back to Days of Noah | Right Wing Watch - Iceweasel. Yesterday, Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber appeared on VCY America’s Crosstalk with Vic Eliason to continue to push his claim that the gay rights movement is Satanic and meant to destroy society just like in the days before Noah’s flood.

He told Eliason that “this celebration of aberrant and deviant sexual behavior, homosexuality and cross-dressing particularly” goes back “before even Sodom and Gomorrah to the days of Noah,” lamenting that “America has finally flipped.” Later, he continued his diatribe and alleged that Satan is behind the Obama administration's support for LGBT rights in order to spread “deception.” Eliason: I cannot believe Matt, I’ve lived a long time, I’m seventy-seven, and I cannot believe that I’m living in a country where this stuff is going on, it’s nauseating.Barber: It’s pretty scriptural though, isn’t it?

Scripture says woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Scripture also says there is nothing new under the sun. GOP Senator James Inhofe: Tornado Aid is ‘Totally Different’ From Hurricane Sandy - Iceweasel. GOP Senator James Inhofe from Oklahoma recently argued that there is no comparison between Hurricane Sandy relief, which he voted against last fall, and disaster aid for his state after the devastating tornado, because the two are “totally different.” In a report from the Washington Post on Tuesday, Inhofe claimed that the Hurricane Sandy relief bill was filled with pork projects. They were fixing roads [in the Virgin Islands] and putting roofs on houses in Washington, D.C.,” and that people were “exploiting the tragedy that took place,” He added: “That won’t happen in Oklahoma.”

Inhofe has voted against additional funding for FEMA in the past, though in 2008 he praised relief from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to Oklahoma counties that were affected by “severe weather.” Inhofe’s GOP senate colleague, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, said he would push for federal aid to Oklahoma to be offset by cuts elsewhere. Oklahoma Gives Massive Breaks to Oil Companies while Schools Lack Storm Shelters - Iceweasel. Keep a “Research List” to Track Long-Term Goals - 99U - Iceweasel. There’s never enough time. There never will be enough time. Time management is a doomed battle, especially for creatives who are constantly juggling a variety of projects. In an article on Quartz, writer and psychologist Tony Crabbe describes how our modern obsession with time management grew out of the Industrial Revolution, when factories needed to coordinate hundreds of people’s shifts in synchronicity.

That tidal shift from the concept of task management to time management is responsible for what has today become a monumental issue: We are all way too busy, scrambling to get way too much done, in an ultimately futile effort to clear our inboxes and complete our to-do lists often to the detriment of deeper, more meaningful output: [W]hen we complete more tasks, all that happens is more appear to take their place—send more emails, get more replies. We can’t change the basic unwritten code of how the modern working world operates. [via] Revenge, ego and the corruption of Wikipedia - - Iceweasel. In the wee hours of the morning of January 27, 2013, a Wikipedia editor named “Qworty” made a series of 14 separate edits to the Wikipedia page for the late writer Barry Hannah, a well-regarded Southern author with a taste for the Gothic and absurd. Qworty cut paragraphs that included quotes from Hannah’s work. He removed 20 links to interviews, obituaries and reminiscences concerning Hannah.

He cut out a list of literary prizes Hannah had won. Two edits stand out. Taken all together, the edits strongly suggest a focused attempt to diminish Hannah’s legacy. The answer to this question is on the one hand simple, almost trivial: Qworty turned out to be another author who had a long history of resenting Hannah. Qworty’s edits undermine our faith in this great project.

Qworty first came to my attention in late April, when I discovered that he was responsible for a series of “revenge edits” to Wikipedia pages associated with the writer Amanda Filipacchi. The emphasis is mine. The Trucost report – the final nail in the coffin for sustainable capitalism? | Sustainable Business Toolkit - Iceweasel.

Last month, the environmental consultancy firm Trucost published a report entitled “ Natural Capital at Risk: The Top 100 Externalities of Business. ” The report calls into question the validity of sustainable capitalism as a new paradigm. Detailing the total “unpriced natural capital” consumed by the world’s largest industrial sectors, the report found that, in 2009, the top 1,000 “global primary production and primary processing region-sectors” (a certain industry located in a certain region) failed to pay for USD7.3 trillion of natural resources and services they used. Standing at 13% of global economic output for that year, the majority of these costs were greenhouse gas emissions (38%), water use (25%), land use (24%), air pollution (7%), land and water pollution (5%) and waste (1%).

The environment, unlike other marketable resources (such as labour), is not “ divisible… almost never reach[es] equilibrium… changes are frequently irreversible ” and is demonstrably finite. Reading Activities Strategies Aligned with Common Core Standards - Wise Guys - - Iceweasel. Italian stuffed cabbage. Prior to November, what I knew of stuffed cabbage rolls were limited to the Jewish/Eastern European variety, which I make the way my mother-in-law does. I hadn’t given it further thought because as far as I was concerned, it was never broken, and needed little improvement, and when there’s little room for me to tinker in the kitchen, I quickly lose interest.

But if I had, it might have occurred to me that cabbage, being one of the ultimate peasant foods, has probably been wrapped around meat that’s been ground and then stretched (always budget-minded, those peasants) with other ingredients and cooked in a sauce in a zillion different ways over the centuries. And oh, the fun we might have been having this whole time. You could say I ran to the kitchen. Not this one; this one exceeded every expectation. Italian Stuffed Cabbage [Mondeghini al sugo] Adapted from Rachel Eats, who adapted it from from Giorgio Locatelli’s recipe in Made in Italy and Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book. Online dictionaries, maps, documents - languages & countries.

Wind Map - Iceweasel. An invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us—energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future. This map shows you the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US. The wind map is a personal art project, not associated with any company.

We've done our best to make this as accurate as possible, but can't make any guarantees about the correctness of the data or our software. Please do not use the map or its data to fly a plane, sail a boat, or fight wildfires :-) If the map is missing or seems slow, we recommend the latest Chrome browser. Surface wind data comes from the National Digital Forecast Database. If you're looking for a weather map, or just want more detail on the weather today, see these more traditional maps of temperature and wind. A Guide to Understanding Introverts. - Iceweasel. I knew I was destined for greatness... Harry Potter progression of scary. Never forget. You never know who your next best friend will be.

One day, one day Baby, you're like a white dwarf star... Pole Shift May Be Imminent , Please Educate yourself - YouTube - Iceweasel. Wheel of the Year | Oakwillow Circle - Iceweasel. Writing an Annotated Bibliography :: Academic Skills Resources, The Learning Centre UNSW - Iceweasel. What is an annotated bibliography? An annotated bibliography provides a brief account of the available research on a given topic. It is a list of research sources that includes concise descriptions and evaluations of each source. The annotation usually contains a brief summary of content and a short analysis or evaluation. Depending on your assignment you may be asked to reflect, summarise, critique, evaluate or analyse the source. An annotated bibliography may be a component of a larger project or it may be a stand-alone assignment. While an annotation can be as brief as one sentence, the standard annotated bibliography consists of a citation followed by a short paragraph.

Please note: the advice in this guide is general. Purpose of an annotated bibliography Depending on your specific assignment, an annotated bibliography might: When set as an assignment, an annotated bibliography allows you to get acquainted with the material available on a particular topic. Questions to consider. The Stamp Shak - card making, scrapbooking, papercraft and stamping suppliers - Iceweasel. 2000 Book Collections - Free PDF ebook Downloads. Book Lover's Paradise - Iceweasel. Witchosophy | Witchcraft In Philosophy & Practice - Iceweasel. Templates | PESTLE Analysis - Iceweasel. PESTLE Analysis - Iceweasel. Pestel Analysis | - Iceweasel. - The Subversive Copy Editor - Iceweasel. Coursera - Iceweasel.

OCW Consortium - Iceweasel. (Open) Text - Iceweasel. English Composition I: Achieving Expertise | Coursera - Iceweasel. About the Course English Composition I provides an introduction to and foundation for the academic reading and writing characteristic of college. Attending explicitly to disciplinary context, you will learn to read critically, write effective arguments, understand the writing process, and craft powerful prose that meets readers’ expectations. You will gain writing expertise by exploring questions about expertise itself: What factors impact expert achievement? What does it take to succeed?

Who determines success? Two overarching assumptions about academic writing will shape our work: 1) it is transferable; 2) it is learnable. Share why you want to improve your writing Learn what other says about their motivations **English Composition I has earned a Certificate of Recognition from Quality Matters, a non-profit dedicated to quality in online education Course Syllabus Unit 1 (Weeks 1-3): Critical ReviewHow do we become experts? Recommended Background In-course Textbooks Suggested Readings Yes. Main Page - Camopedia - Iceweasel. Social Me | Zeebly - Iceweasel. Writing Tips – Commas and Editing Checklist « DL Morrese - Iceweasel. There are two things I’ve found useful that I’d like to share today. The first is on comma usage.

I have noticed there is a lot of inconsistency not only in how commas are used by different writers but also in guidance on how to use commas. The link below is for a tip-sheet from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry Writing Program. I like this one because it is clear, succinct, and (I think) correct. The second thing I have to share is a self-editing checklist I made using guidance from multiple sources and my own experience.

One other thing I should mention — If you do use something like this, expect it to take several days (weeks or months) to methodically go through your book-length manuscript. Prose and Grammar Self-Editing Checklist: 1. 2. 3. 4. A. “had” [__]“was” [__]“were” [__]“up” [__]“down” [__]“that” [__]“then” [__]“as” [__] b. C. “went” [__]“walked” [__]“moved” [__]“ran” [__] d.

E. 5. Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth - YouTube - Iceweasel. Ancient mysteries van verdwenen high tech beschavingen - Iceweasel. Kids Without God - Iceweasel. National Ad Campaign to Promote on Buses and Online For Release Nov. 13, 2012 at 7:00 am Eastern Time Contact: Brian Magee, 202-238-9088, mobile: 202-681-2425, (Washington, DC, November 13, 2012) — In an effort to strengthen and support kids and teenagers who don’t happen to believe in a god, the American Humanist Association is promoting its newly created website: This engaging resource offers a welcoming home for humanist, atheist and other non-traditionally religious kids where they can find information untainted by supernaturalism on a wide range of topics, including religion in public schools, science, discrimination, sexuality, and reading suggestions. The various ad images being used can be found online here.

To make sure this new resource becomes familiar to kids across the country, the American Humanist Association is spending over $30,000 on an ad campaign promoting Occasional hell - infernal device - Iron Gag - Iceweasel. The Iron Gag, or Mute's Bridle was used to stifle the screams of a victim. The oblong box was forced into the mouth and the metal collar was tightly fastened around the back of the neck. A small hole in the front allowed air to pass in and out but muffled any screams. A torturer could press a single fingertip to the air-hole and create an extremely distressing situation for the accused. This was used often during the Inquisition's auto da fe, so the accused would not interrupt the ceremony with their irritating cries of distress.

The various iron gags are akin to the branks and scold's bridles and were often used interchangeably. The Holy Land Reborn: Pilgrimage and the Tibetan Reinvention of Buddhist India - Iceweasel. Lectures on Bhagavata | The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies - Iceweasel. This narrowly focused essay proposes to compare the Islamic god Allah as depicted in the Qur’an with the Hindu deity Krishna in the Bhagavata Purana. This paper concentrates on how these two respective texts define the two deities. More precisely, this essay focuses on such issues as transcendence and immanence, creative power and play, obedience and love, and the relationship between God and humans.

These various themes are examined from the perspective of comparative theology, which can be defined as an articulation of truths and a realization of a more complete knowledge of God in so far as it is possible by means of theology conceived broadly as inter-religious, comparative, dialogical, and confessional. This paper proposes to use a hermeneutical dialogue, which is an interpretative approach that is intended to lead to better cross-cultural understanding. Such a dialogue is risky because it entails entering the margins between oneself and the other.

Electronic library. Download books free. Finding books - Iceweasel. Fallen Angels from the book of Enoch. (FAIR USE) - YouTube - Iceweasel. Daniele Raffo - Home page. Kinesthetic learning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Iceweasel. List of thought processes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Iceweasel.

Theory of multiple intelligences - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Iceweasel. Portal:Thinking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Iceweasel. Outline of thought - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Iceweasel.

OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials. List of Chinese military texts. The United States Army | SWCS. Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. StudySuccessful. Danielle LaPorte: white hot truth + sermons on life. Tesla... Stuff they don't want you to know!!! - YouTube - Iceweasel. Seven Military Classics. Intelligence > Leaders > DIRINT > Reading List 3. Cumsprite - Iceweasel. Why bullets don't contains venoms? [Archive] - Physics Forums - Iceweasel. The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained - YouTube - Iceweasel. Stylish Easy Crochet - Iceweasel. Cybersecurity Policy-Making at the Local Government Level: An Analysis of Threats, Preparedness, and Bureaucratic Roadblocks to Success - Iceweasel. Flight 001 | Home page - Iceweasel. Cocoon - Cocoon - Iceweasel. ITS Tactical — Imminent Threat Solutions - Iceweasel.

404 Not Found - Iceweasel. Global Public Square - Blogs - Iceweasel. Cosleeping and Biological Imperatives: Why Human Babies Do Not and Should Not Sleep Alone - Iceweasel. Podcast Series: Security for Business Leaders - Iceweasel. Packet Pushers Podcast — Too Much Networking Would NEVER be Enough - Iceweasel. Podcast - Iceweasel.  Security Now! Episode Archive   - Iceweasel.

InfoSec Daily | Your daily source of Pwnage, Policy and Politics. - Iceweasel. APOVPN – Your Link Back Home - Iceweasel. MIS WINTER WONDERLAND album | ~§~Tags by WillowRaven~§~ Home Aquaponics Kit: Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food by Nikhil & Alejandro — Kickstarter - Iceweasel. Two important keys for writing your novel or screenplay - Iceweasel.

Writing for Success 1.0 | Flat World Knowledge - Iceweasel. My “Perfect” System for Storing, Organizing, Reading and Annotating PDFs | Librarian by Day - Iceweasel. The 16 Human Needs | Psychology Today - Iceweasel. Human Needs Psychology: The 6 Human Needs | Richer Life - Iceweasel. Rethinking the Core Human Needs « People-triggers - Iceweasel. Investors - Newsletter - Iceweasel. Simon Hertnon's theory of universal human needs - Iceweasel. Human Needs Psychology - Significance and Connection - YouTube - Iceweasel. The Political Philosophy of Needs - Iceweasel. Dan Gertler Earns Billions as Mine Deals Leave Congo Poorest Nation - Bloomberg - Iceweasel. Religious Freedom & the Military: An Ongoing History - Iceweasel. Social Science Research Network (SSRN) Home Page - Iceweasel.

RegNet occasional papers - RegNet - ANU - Iceweasel. All Australian Candle Making - Candle & Soap Making Supplies | Kits & Books | Wax & Moulds | ...ready set glow! - Iceweasel. Geography 20, 001|Spring 2009|UC Berkeley - Download free content from UC Berkeley on iTunes - Iceweasel. Geography C110, 001, Interdisciplinary Studies Field Maj C101, 001|Fall 2009|UC Berkeley - Download free content from UC Berkeley on iTunes - Iceweasel.

160 Free Textbooks: A Meta Collection | Open Culture - Iceweasel. Gregory Clark Econ 110A, Winter 1995 - Iceweasel. Economics C110, 001, Political Science C135, 001|Fall 2009|UC Berkeley - Download free content from UC Berkeley on iTunes - Iceweasel. Demographic Trends and Problems of the Modern World | University of Oxford Podcasts - Audio and Video Lectures - Iceweasel. 550 Free Online Courses from Top Universities | Open Culture - Iceweasel. Learn 40 Languages for Free: Spanish, English, Chinese & More | Open Culture - Iceweasel. Home - Iceweasel.