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Small in size but huge in heart

Home - Postech screw piles - Thermal Screw Piles - Experts. Unique Small Buildings. Silvertop Cottages - Storybook Designer Homes. Here is an awesome Bed & Breakfast Retreat complex situated midway between Erica and Rawson in Victoria –

Silvertop Cottages - Storybook Designer Homes

Located in a high bushfire zone, colorbond cladding and other non-combustible materials were selected for compliance and to minimise the bushfire risk. Hats off to the owners Noel & Julie who have created a wonderful forest experience & stay for their guests. Related Lapwing Place What to do with the wedge shaped site which narrows to the street, well maybe something like Lapwing Place Design is the answer. November 18, 2013 In "3 Beds" Designing for the Difficult Site Every project is a challenge, particularly when faced with a complex slope, existing cuts, a detailed wishlist, a restrictive budget &/or detailed council requirements. July 23, 2013 Moorooduc Views Under Construction. Impressive 380 sq. ft. tiny home has extra-tall bedroom built over gooseneck trailer (Video)

Smaller homes run a whole gamut of creativity: from hand-built earthen geodesic domes to the current plethora of interesting tiny homes that are emerging beyond the early Tumbleweed days.

Impressive 380 sq. ft. tiny home has extra-tall bedroom built over gooseneck trailer (Video)

Welcome To "Bestie Row": Lifelong Friends Build Row Of Tiny Houses In The Middle Of Nowhere. Some friendships last forever.

Welcome To "Bestie Row": Lifelong Friends Build Row Of Tiny Houses In The Middle Of Nowhere.

You hear of lifelong friends often living in the same towns just so they can socialize whenever they wish, be a part of each other’s family lives, and finally grow to be the grey-haired besties who rock on the porch and talk about the “good ol’ days”. Four couples who had been best friends for 20 years decided they were going to trump living in the same town. No way were they going to let the business of life keep them from enjoying that special connection that they’d grown to love. So they decided to literally create their own “Bestie Row.” They all were fans of the tiny house movement, and decided to build their own little compound based around that idea.

Because when you can say, “We’re going to be grey-haired friends,” you know you’ve found a bond that can only strengthen. They employed the assistance of architect Matt Garcia to make their dream come true. Via Alexander Stross They purchased land along the Llano River, just outside of Austin, Texas. Wikkelhouse - A HOUSE FOR YOU. Cracking The Code: Tiny Houses And Building Codes – The Tiny Life.

So many of you have heard about my ebook that I have been working on, I have been putting it together over the past few months and it is finally here!

Cracking The Code: Tiny Houses And Building Codes – The Tiny Life

You can check it out here This guide is designed to help you navigate all the red tape when it comes to tiny housing. I have designed this manual to help you quickly familiarize yourself with some of the key bureaucratic road blocks, suggest possible pathways to building your home from the legal perspective, and several strategies to make it a success.

Camping with Dad Just Got Cooler. A vision of an archetypal little cabin in the woods—reinterpreted with a contemporary aesthetic and a sustainable footprint—inspired Bill Yudchitz and his son, Daniel, both architects, to put their years-long dedication to the small home movement into action five years ago.

Camping with Dad Just Got Cooler

“Everything we saw was ugly, corny, and Spartan,” says Yudchitz. “We wanted to prove that architecture can be artful and soulful, but still tiny, affordable, and green.” With Yudchitz’s practice, Revelations Architects/Builders, in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and Daniel working for architecture and engineering firm HGA in Minneapolis, the experiment would also yield a pair of weekend retreats for their families.

Finding lakeside land proved surprisingly daunting; many idyllic spots, such as Wisconsin’s Door County, have zoning ordinances with minimum size requirements larger than what the Yudchitzes planned to build. E.D.G.E.: An Experimental Dwelling for a Greener Environment. Images Credit Dan Hoffman Architect William Yudchitz of Revelations Architects/Building Corporation designed EDGE to be an "experimental minimalist structure aims to meet basic human needs while still providing a qualitatively rich life".

E.D.G.E.: An Experimental Dwelling for a Greener Environment

Within just a 340 square foot footprint, it does a lot more than meet basic human needs. It looks rather comfortable. Hikari Box Tiny House Plans - Granny flats: a cheap housing solution? Shane Bray of Superior Granny Flats says it can be a challenge getting council approval to build a granny flat.

Granny flats: a cheap housing solution?

Photo: Justin McManus Granny flats could become a major source of cheap housing in Victoria, with the Andrews government to consider changes to strict rules preventing small backyard homes being rented out. Corrugated Bamboo Roofing Sheets — Guadua Bamboo. Corrugated bamboo roofing sheets on the other hand are cheaper, stronger, more durable, eco-friendly, and have better thermal and sound isolation.

Corrugated Bamboo Roofing Sheets — Guadua Bamboo

For all those reasons, bamboo proves to be a superior substitute for zinc roofing with an enormous market potential. The development of corrugated bamboo roofing sheets doesn't only make commercial sense, it also has a long term environmental and social impact as it offers income generating opportunities for rural communities involved in all stages of the production. A unit producing 500,000 m2 of roofing sheet per year will create direct and indirect employment for more than 200 people.

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