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You Are Not So Smart. Pokemon Infographic: Real Life, Creepier Than Ever [Pic] Don’t pull out your pokeballs yet, my fellow geeks, since many of these pokemon may be repulsive. While the animals may be repugnant, the Pokemon infographic is awesome in that some poor soul took hours of time to search the anals of the ecosystem and find these creatures to use for the real life pokemon infographic. Thank you, anonymous guy who is a web search master, has probably never left his house, and likes dill pickles. Also, Metapod? You can eat dirt, because you ruined me in nearly every single Pokemon game, and you look even lamer as a real pokemon. Magikarp vs. Thanks to 9GAG for this awesome quasi-infographic of pokemon.

I’ve always wanted to have my own Pokemon, but I had an epiphany after seeing these pictures of real life Pokemon. Tact Filters. I came up with this idea several years ago in a conversation with a friend at MIT, who was regularly finding herself upset by other people who worked in her lab.

Tact Filters

The analogy worked so well in helping her to understand her co-workers that I decided to write it up and put it on the web. I've gotten quite a few email messages since then from other people who have also found it helpful. All people have a "tact filter", which applies tact in one direction to everything that passes through it. Most "normal people" have the tact filter positioned to apply tact in the outgoing direction. Nerdy Day Trips.

20 Super Geeky Weddings. There’s nothing wrong with adding some geeky touches to your special day, like dancing to the Dragonborn song from Skyrim or sending Super Mario wedding invitations.

20 Super Geeky Weddings

But a theme wedding can get a bit crazy—and there’s nothing wrong with that either. (Because hey, you’re the one who has to live with the ridiculous photos for the rest of your life.) If you’re not sure just how geeky your wedding should be, check out these 20 super geeky weddings. Super Mario and Princess Peach Wedding Looks like Mario finally found the right castle and got to marry his princess. Twilight Wedding (They legally changed their name to Cullen) Sure, Bella had a beautiful dress and there’s nothing wrong with recreating the look of the Twilight wedding, but this couple took things a little too far by changing their last name to Cullen. Mental_floss Blog » 10 Awesomely Geeky Birthday Cakes.

GeekWeek. PopChartLab_Superpowers_FinalFinal-Large.jpg (JPEG Image, 1308x1734 pixels) - Scaled (39. The Web’s Best: Superhero Prints. A Crack in Time - Photos. So You've Decided to be Evil. From Steampunk image challenge T-shirt now... The Universal Fandom Quiz! There are tons of personality quizzes out there in fandom world, some of them amazing.

The Universal Fandom Quiz!

We wouldn’t dream of challenging the goddess herself (J.K. Rowling) with her Pottermore sortings, and we encourage all of you to take as many quizzes as you can. However, we’ve come up with something that’s never been done before: A quiz that tells you what you are in EVERY fandom! Tremendous thought has gone into this, with complicated formulas and lots of contributors. It was a blast! Michael Ausiello's photo "THIS JUST IN: I'm having a LO. Great Gifts for the Little Genius. FN P90 TR, Final by ~V1nce on deviantART.


Sites. Fandoms and Genres and Obsessions. Super Powers! Not My Trees Geek. Geek Learn. Toys & Gadgets & Stuff. 183813_199346213424741_198967863462576_743674_5806850_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 641x720 pixels) - Scaled (95%) 2224_8e49_480.jpeg (JPEG Image, 480x384 pixels) Cosplay Of The Day: Mrs. Nesbitt. How to Deal with Distractions in a Web Worker's World. Lesson 821 - Santa Claus. You're welcome, parents.

Lesson 821 - Santa Claus

Thanks to everyone for sticking around for 900 comics. Here's to 900 more. There are two days left in the STW store for standard holiday shipping to Canada, and 11 days left for standard holiday shipping in the U.S. Thanks for helping to support STW. Hobbit Ears - Frodo's (Smaller) Ears. Availability: Dimensions: 3.3" (H x W x D)8.4 cm For Hobbits-at-heart everywhere, here's a wonderful piece of The Lord Of The Rings to wear with pride - like a Hobbit.

Hobbit Ears - Frodo's (Smaller) Ears

Drawn from the original molds that Frodo Baggins' (Elijah Wood's) ears were drawn from for The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, these prosthetics are as authentic as can be. Hand made here at Weta Workshop by Makeup Supervisor Frances Hawker and her team. These are Frodo's ears and are slighty smaller than Sam's ears. The distance between where your earlobe meets your cheek and where the top of your ear meets your temple is 1.7in (45mm). See the middle image above for more info on how to measure.

DNA/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Infocom Adventure. History There was a time when computer games didn't have graphics.

DNA/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Infocom Adventure

Or at least they couldn't have graphics and sound at the same time. The A-Z of Awesomeness by Neill Cameron. A_is_for_ackbar.jpg (JPEG Image, 1920 × 1115 pixels) - Scaled (53%)