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ChildLine. Get involved. Powerful Online Tools. Hosted By: Arfah Farooq from Spark+Mettle, Louise Kavanagh from Catch 22, Sam Sparrow from vInspired and Katie McPhee from EventBrite.

Powerful Online Tools

Friday 16th May, Ground Floor, 14:30 “A whirlwind overview of the latest online tools supporting organisations and young people to become more socially active and aware. In this session you’ll hear mini talks about, and see demonstrations of, those tools, including Spark+Mettle’s Up tool for young people that tracks and enables young employees to match what they’re doing with their personal career goals and soft skills development. Learn about Catch22 and their Plan.Do tool which is the first ever social action app that helps young people to make a difference in their community and gain employability skills. And also hear from vInspired about their Task Squad tool which fills short-term staffing needs by posting information on paid tasks to a community of 100,000 young people.

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