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8 Tips for an Awesome Powerpoint Presentation. Leaving verbal feedback with Kaizena Tutorial. Explore all our learning and teaching solutions Create Account Sign In Don't lose your points!

Leaving verbal feedback with Kaizena Tutorial

Sign up and save them. Explore all our learning and teaching solutions. Five-Minute Film Festival: 8 Interactive Video Tools for Engaging Learners. It's no secret that I am a passionate advocate for using video in the classroom.

Five-Minute Film Festival: 8 Interactive Video Tools for Engaging Learners

When used well, videos can help students make connections to people and ideas beyond their usual frame of reference. From text to speech (speech synthesis) - Create your own comics! - Comic Creating Community. - Comic Creating Community. - Create your own comics! Create timelines, share them on the web. Online IB Diploma Programme Courses. Catalog your books online. Lecture capture and academic webcasting. 1000+ colleges and universities trust Mediasite - more than any other lecture capture system.

Lecture capture and academic webcasting

Why? Because our approach simply scales faster. In a Mediasite classroom, instructors teach. That’s it. No training, no software downloads, no need for faculty members to push a single button. VideoANT - Video Annotation Tool [Academic Technology Services, UMN] Annotation and Notetaking Tools. Definition: There are available downloads, applications, and plug-ins that allow you to take notes, share them with other researchers, attach them to digital resources, and more.

Annotation and Notetaking Tools

Tools: an "online annotation, collaboration, and indexing system for documents and images, supporting PDF and MS Office formats...lets you easily give, collect and store detailed notes on documents and web pages" (Free, web-based)Annotator's Workbench: "a software tool that enables depositors to create a collection from a set of existing video files, segment that collection at several levels, create annotations for those segments, assign controlled vocabulary terms to segments, and control access to parts of the collection. " Created by the EVIA Project. 5 online video tools for the future: interactive, automated and embedded in the web. A participant in one of my workshops recently said, “Our job is about storytelling […] and the best stories are told by people.”

5 online video tools for the future: interactive, automated and embedded in the web

I certainly agree with the first part, storytelling is at the heart of most of our work. The second part, however… (To avoid chaos on my Twitter: I do believe people are the only ‘thing’ able to tell engaging stories and I don’t see algorithms taking over anywhere in the next 20 years, at least.) One of the most powerful tools for (online) storytelling is without a doubt video. I often use video in my workshops to clarify key points or keep people focused. Although video is traditionally difficult and expensive to produce, I do think we shouldn’t neglect it in our (online) content strategy. In recent years online video has gone way beyond the linear, 480p stuff that made stars of Rebecca Black and Carly Rae Jepsen. 1. The Cartoon Strip Creator - Create, Publish, Share, Discuss!

Web2 - 4 Languages Teachers - Web2.0 tools. I am in the process of moving these links to separate pages as there are now too many on a single page!

Web2 - 4 Languages Teachers - Web2.0 tools

Click on the links below or the newly created pages in the side menu to access these tools. I have located many of these tools through Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers blog. Storify · Make the web tell a story. Docs Templates. 18 Free Screencasting tools to Create Video Tutorials. StoryKeepers - iPad StoryTelling APPS. StoryTelling continues to gain popularity as an educational experience creating MORE "sticking power" for concepts a la brain science as well as developing essential communication skills for a media-rich world vying for attention.

StoryKeepers - iPad StoryTelling APPS

StoryTelling stimulates deep thinking, creativity and basic literacies; it also enhances and enriches the learning experience for student voices.Storytelling is an art form that uses a story ARC regardless of digital tools used while modernizing the traditional oral storytelling. It is so much more than "tell about" or "explain something" - it NOT a fact-based unfolding with a beginning, middle and end! Expect students to deliver an artistic experience of a rich, powerful storytelling unfolding a dilemma - a struggle and a resolution organized around a story point or lesson learned.

Ensure that there is an insight or strong reflective conclusion that reveals the POINT of the storytelling or message! Digital Storytelling. JOL>Collections>Digital storytelling Collection The process of digital storytelling enables students to tell their stories with a compelling and competitive voice.

Digital Storytelling

On this page, find links to articles and resources about the process of digital storytelling, and how to get the most out of this terrific learning experience for students. TECHFORUM Digital Storytelling Resources This page contains links to visual literacy resources, authentic learning information, storyboards, and 21st Century Skills. Digital Storytelling Blog: A Competitve Voice. ARTICLES @ Foundation for a Digital Storytelling Program | this brief article discusses the importance of a pilot group in establishing a digital storytelling program, or any other technology initative for that matter. All the search tools you will ever need, in one handy place. Take Your First Capture. So you've installed Jing, but now what?

Take Your First Capture

Learn how to take your first capture, and we bet you'll get the hang of Jing very quickly. Do you see the sun? It looks like the image below--the faint one without the mouse cursor. It's discreetly tucked away somewhere on the edge of your screen, always ready when you need to make a capture. (Oh, and you can always move or hide the sun if you want.) Taking your first capture: National Archives Experience : Digital Vaults. 11 Good Digital Storytelling Resources. Digital storytelling comes in many forms.

11 Good Digital Storytelling Resources

Digital storytelling could refer to creating podcasts, creating videos, or creating multimedia ebooks to name of few of its forms. If you're considering developing your first digital storytelling project for your class, here some resources that can help you get started.Ebooks and web references for digital storytelling. One of the best people I know for advice about digital storytelling is Silvia Tolisano. Silvia Tolisano, the author of the excellent Langwitches blog, offers an awesome free ebook about digital storytelling. Tech2Learn - Digital Storytelling. Digital Storytelling has many definitions, but usually involves the telling of our personal stories combining digital technology to integrate text, sound, graphics and sometimes film.

It is a great way for students to begin working with multimedia projects because they tell their own story, learning the techniques and technical tools of this kind of creative expression, but within a familiar context. Technology and Digital Stories. 30+ Online Drawing Tools. Here are some great online drawing tools for those who like to draw and work online at the same time. Way back in 2006, online drawing tools were few and far between, especially anything with collaborative functionality for multi-user action.

A Web Whiteboard. Annotate with Drawing Tools. Google Reader Is Shutting Down; Here Are the Best Alternatives. The Core Rules of Netiquette (Summary) Create. Wiggio - Makes it easy to work in groups. The 2 Hottest Educational Social Networks You're Not Yet Using. The world of edtech is abuzz this week thanks to a smattering of exciting news. First, we had Stanford creating an entirely new position and office for online learning .

Now something that signals a seismic shift in the edtech world. Companies and startups alike are jumping feet-first into the edtech world , hoping to connect educators like never before. They’re doing this by creating their very own social networks with functionality that rivals Facebook and Twitter. But it all has an educational twist, making it clear that we’re going to keep seeing more and more organizations vying for the valuable attention of teachers, administrators, and students. There are two new educational social networks that have basically launched this week. If you’re an early adopter, you’re going to want to pay attention. The Pinterest For Education First, we have the new apps from Learnist. The Learnist apps are going to make Learnist in general take off. The Facebook For Education.

Classroom 2.0. Ways to use Facebook effectively in class. Can social media be used effectively in class? There is a growing number of education professionals that believe the answer is 'yes'. Although you may scan your Facebook or Twitter feeds in the morning and see nothing more interesting than what someone had for breakfast this morning, there are many valuable education resources that can be exploited by teachers in the classroom. A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media. Connect-Collaborate-Create with Web 2 Tools. Socrative. Age Restrictions. You may only use the Site and Services if you are: (i) at least 13 years of age; or (ii) if you are under 13 years of age, with the consent of your teacher or a legal parent or guardian. By using the Site and Services, you hereby represent and warrant that you are at least 13 years of age or, if you are under 13 years of age, that you have the consent of your teacher, legal parent, or guardian to use the Site and Services.

Verification of Identity. 60 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom by Category. KeepVid: Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more! TodaysMeet. Top 100 Tools for the Twittering Teacher.

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