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Kompoz Indaba Music Cadavre Exquis Ill-disposed critics in 1925-1930 gave further example of their ignorance when they reproached us for delighting in such childish distractions, and at the same time suspected us of having produced such monsters in broad daylight, individually, and more or less laboriously. In fact, what excited us about these productions was the assurance that, for better or worse, they bore the mark of something which could not be created by one brain alone, and that they were endowed with a much greater leeway, which cannot be too highly valued by poetry. Finally, with the Exquisite Corpse we had at our command an infallible way of holding the critical intellect in abeyance, and of fully liberating the mind's metaphorical activity. All of this is as valid on the graphic as on the verbal plane. We must add that along the way a considerable enigma arose, posed by the frequent encounter of elements with similar associational origins in the course of the collective production of a sentence or a drawing.

Oomix: A new model for the music industry SoundCloud SoundCloud est une plate-forme de distribution audio en ligne sur laquelle les utilisateurs peuvent collaborer ainsi que promouvoir et distribuer leurs projets musicaux[1]. En juin 2013, le site compte 40 millions d'inscrits et 200 millions de visiteurs uniques par mois[2]. Historique[modifier | modifier le code] SoundCloud a été fondé en Suède (à Stockholm) par le designer sonore Alex Ljung et l'artiste Eric Wahlforss, mais s'est installé à Berlin en août 2007. Le site permet d'abord aux musiciens de partager leurs créations sonores. Par la suite, il évolue en une plate-forme et un outil de publication et de distribution musicale en tous genres[3]. « Nous venions tous deux d'un environnement lié à la musique, et c'était vraiment, vraiment problématique pour nous de collaborer musicalement avec d'autres personnes - je veux dire collaborer simplement, juste en envoyant des morceaux à d'autres personnes en privé, obtenir leurs retours, et avoir une conversation à propos de cette pièce.

Incorporated | NINJAM NINJAM [about] [download] [public servers] [music made with NINJAM] [NINJAM forum] What is NINJAM? NINJAM is open source (GPL) software to allow people to make real music together via the Internet. Every participant can hear every other participant. Each user can also tweak their personal mix to his or her liking. NINJAM uses compressed audio which allows it to work with any instrument or combination of instruments. Since the inherent latency of the Internet prevents true realtime synchronization of the jam2, and playing with latency is weird (and often uncomfortable), NINJAM provides a solution by making latency (and the weirdness) much longer. Latency in NINJAM is measured in measures, and that's what makes it interesting. The NINJAM client records and streams synchronized intervals of music between participants. Part tool, part toy, NINJAM is designed with an emphasis on musical experimentation and expression. How does NINJAM work? Download NINJAM A server setup guide is here.

The Nerdery | An Interactive Production Company: Better Interactive Development Through Science Remix Galaxy is more than an online music store. It’s sort of a fusion between iTunes and Garage Band. It’s a web community that offers the world’s largest inventory of music in multi-track stem format for remixing and the tools you need to customize or remix your favorite songs. A stem is an audio file that contains a particular element of a song such as the vocals or a particular instrument; these stems are the playthings of Remix Galaxy. After another web development company was struggling to deliver what the client wanted, Remix turned to The Nerdery to create an API call for Remix users to purchase MP3s not owned by Remix. Remix Galaxy users can now create cool music mixed to their liking, show it off, get feedback from other members and leverage the knowledge base of other Remix users to learn more about remixing. Got two audio stems and a microphone?