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Pay Models in European News - Reuters Institute Digital News Report. Pay Models: A General Overview Pay models are becoming an important part of the business of digital news, as legacy revenues continue to erode, and digital advertising revenues increasingly go to large technology companies like Google and Facebook who are able to offer advertisers unduplicated reach, targeted advertising, and low rates.

Pay Models in European News - Reuters Institute Digital News Report

Matthew Kaminski, de 'Politico': 'El consumidor de un periódico tiene que pagar' The definitive guide to personal newsletters – Revue – Medium. Most of the newsletters we receive are rather annoying.

The definitive guide to personal newsletters – Revue – Medium

That’s because they are not really newsletters, but promotions. They are not intended for reading, but to grab our attention and make us click to see some sort of a deal or announcement. The personal newsletter is different. It’s like a little essay, sent by a real person, designed to be read right inside your inbox, and written in a much more intimate, less formal tone of voice. That’s a big difference, which clearly shows in the open rates that are often in the 50–60% range compared to an average of below 20% for commercial emails. As more and more people are getting interested in sending a personal newsletter, we thought it was time to provide a detailed guide. At Revue, we provide a tool for authors of personal newsletters as well as a directory of the best personal newsletters for readers. Publicidad y apocalipsis » Enrique Dans. Here’s how this Norwegian publisher built a successful digital subscription model for local news. Three years ago, the Norwegian publisher Amedia, which owns 62 local and regional outlets across the country, introduced a digital subscription strategy, starting with a universal login system across all its newspapers’ platforms it called aID.

Here’s how this Norwegian publisher built a successful digital subscription model for local news

And it’s found remarkable success: Since launching in April 2014, the company has signed up about 130,000 digital subscribers — more than any American newspaper aside from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. That’s in Norway, a country with a population of about 5 million people. (By way of comparison, Gannett — which includes over 100 daily newspapers and operates in the much larger U.S. and U.K. — just announced it had crossed 250,000 paying digital-only subscribers last week.) The current move to subscription models is a revolutionary shift for journalism – Poynter. This article, the third in a series, was first published on Medium and is being republished here with the permission of its author.

The current move to subscription models is a revolutionary shift for journalism – Poynter

Demonising the Duopoly won’t save journalism. On Monday The Press Gazette launched its ‘Duopoly’ campaign to stop Google and Facebook ‘destroying journalism’.

Demonising the Duopoly won’t save journalism

I love the Press Gazette dearly, but I won’t be signing the petition. Editor Dominic Ponsford kicked off the campaign by asking readers to imagine two news publishers being allowed to dominate digital media in the way that Facebook and Google do. He suggests that the Government would need to break up that imaginary Duopoly in the name of ‘Media Plurality’. La prensa escrita asiste al desprendimiento de los 100.000 ejemplares en venta.

Por mucho que un editor se prepare concienzudamente para soportar el varapalo reiterado de la OJD (Oficina para la Justificación de la Difusión), llegados a este punto se hace muy difícil saber a qué atenerse para no cesar de inmediato la actividad de los periódicos.

La prensa escrita asiste al desprendimiento de los 100.000 ejemplares en venta

18 formatos publicitarios online que ponen (con razón) los pelos de punta al internauta - Marketing Directo. Washington Post Licenses Publishing Technology to Tronc - WSJ. The Washington Post has signed an agreement to license its digital publishing platform, Arc Publishing, to rival publisher Tronc, the companies announced Monday.

Washington Post Licenses Publishing Technology to Tronc - WSJ

The Post also said it has plans to open up the Arc platform to all publishers via a self-service platform. Tronc said it will use the Arc technology to help power its entire portfolio of digital properties, beginning with the Los Angeles Times. Tronc’s other publications include the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore sun and Orlando Sentinel. The Arc technology suite includes a range of tools designed to help publishers produce, manage, publish, host and monetize their websites and apps, in addition to offering other analytics and optimization tools. “This partnership will provide us with the capabilities that our reporters need to deliver award-winning journalism across all platforms and new tools that allow our marketing partners to connect with our growing digital audience,” said Tronc CEO Justin Dearborn, in a statement. 3 razones por las que tu agencia de marketing debería utilizar un CRM. Sólo el 45% de las agencias de marketing en España utilizan de forma regular un CRM profesional.

3 razones por las que tu agencia de marketing debería utilizar un CRM

How Newsletter Metrics Can Turn Into Revenue. Seis modelos de negocio para el periodismo en la era de las plataformas. La economía del periodismo es un tema de conversación recurrente en los foros profesionales.

Seis modelos de negocio para el periodismo en la era de las plataformas

Flush from its Trump-bump, ProPublica is staffing up to cover the president – Poynter. Bleak about the future of journalism?

Flush from its Trump-bump, ProPublica is staffing up to cover the president – Poynter

Here are some encouraging statistics: In 2015, ProPublica ended the year with $450,000 in small donations (contributions less than $10,000 that weren't individually solicited).In 2016, that amount was $2.9 million.So far this year, that number is already more than $600,000.ProPublica received $4,500 from monthly recurring donations in the month of October.By January, that number had increased to $104,000. A subscription-based news ecosystem, if you can keep it — Quartz. By Frederic Filloux Several forces are pushing value-added news toward subscription-based models. Seizing the opportunity will require major changes—such as developing a strong customer culture. A long way to go. There are solid indications that more people are willing to pay for news.

This is reason for prudent optimism when contemplating the future — but a clarification is required before going further: this applies to genuine value-added/original news produced by newsrooms, not to ersatz, largely recycled, superficial commodity information. Rise of the Platishers - Recode. Ad-Supported Digital Media Isn’t Dying, Says Quartz President. Fears about the future of ad-supported digital media were stoked again this month when Medium co-founder Evan Williams described ad-driven internet media as a “broken system.”

But according to Jay Lauf, president and publisher of business site Quartz, ad-supported online publishing models still work. Quartz itself has been largely ad-supported since its inception in 2012, and generated around $30 million in revenue in 2016, according to people familiar with the site. “I don’t think there’s a death of digital advertising on the horizon,” Mr. Lauf said during this week’s episode of the Media Mix podcast. Rather, the problem with the online ad model is some of the ad formats and approaches publishers have adopted, Mr. The Financial Times passes another major digital milestone. The Financial Times has passed another significant milestone by securing more revenues from digital than print. It means that it can claim to be the first mainstream UK newspaper to be able to describe itself as a truly “digital content business.”

The paper had previously reported that it earned more revenue from content than advertising. Content now accounts for 60% of the group’s revenues. So the paywall is clearly paying off. Its total paid circulation, combining print and digital, stands at 843,000, up 75,000 (about 13%) year on year. Digital Ad Revenues Grow 19% Year-Over-Year in First Half of 2016, Hitting Landmark High of $32.7 Billion. Mobile Surges 89% Compared to Same Time Period Last Year, Representing Nearly Half of All Internet Ad Revenue, With Mobile Video and Mobile Search Seeing Unprecedented Triple-Digit Growth Digital Video Increases 51% Over Half-Year 2015 NEW YORK, NY (November 1, 2016) – IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) announced today that digital advertising revenues in the United States for the first half of 2016 have reached an all-time high, scaling to $32.7 billion according to the latest IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report released by the industry trade group and prepared by PwC US.

This represents a 19 percent increase over last year’s then record-setting half-year revenues of $27.5 billion. In step with that accelerated growth, revenue from the second quarter of 2016 reached $16.9 billion, an 18 percent increase over the $14.3 billion from the same time period last year. Don't hold your breath for Trump TV- POLITICO Media. He’s got an enthusiastic, dedicated following. He’s tested his potential audience with a faux-news program on Facebook. And his inner circle is not only enthused about the venture but also testing the waters with industry players.

From all the recent reports, Trump TV looks tantalizingly close to a realistic post-election plan for the Republican nominee should he fail on Election Day. Log In. Such is the disconnect between the content ad industry’s expressed hopes for what it wants to provide and what internet users end up seeing. “The vision is to index the entire web and bring the best, most personalized stuff to people,” Adam Singolda, Taboola’s founder and chief executive, said in an interview. “For the most part, a lot of the value Taboola brings is to introduce you to things people may not even know about but like.”

He listed examples like new TV shows, blogs and even music from Brooklyn D.J.s. Some Publishers Worry About Viability of Branded Videos on Facebook. Media companies are amassing increasingly large audiences for video on Facebook FB 0.33 % , allowing them to make more money from producing and distributing videos paid for by advertisers. But the more popular video becomes on the social network, the more some publishers worry about how Facebook’s policies will evolve regarding such branded content videos. Weaving sponsor mentions into videos or creating content specifically for marketers has become the primary source of revenue for publishers on the site because Facebook doesn’t take a cut of the revenue generated from such clips and it doesn’t allow pre-roll advertising like YouTube.

Sports Illustrated Teams Up With Fox Sports for Ad Deal. Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports have signed a new multiyear advertising and editorial agreement that they hope will provide a more robust competitor in a digital sports media landscape dominated by ESPN. Under the arrangement, Sports Illustrated, which is owned by magazine giant Time Inc., TIME 0.63 % and Fox Sports, owned by 21st Century Fox, FOX -0.43 % will share “significant” content, according to Rich Battista, president of Time Inc. Brands. A breaking news article from Sports Illustrated might also get posted to Fox Sports’ site, for example, while Fox could syndicate video highlights to Sports Illustrated’s properties.

Meanwhile, the ad sales units from Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports will be able to sell advertising across both entities, and the two companies will share in the revenue. They declined to disclose specific financial details. On their own, Fox Sports ranked third in the sports category in July, while Sports Illustrated came in 10th, according to comScore. Native Advertising: Another False Messiah? — Whither news? 98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target ads to you. Twitter Shares Research About Video Ad Impact, Tips For Working With Influencers. Twitter: Video Ads In Social Feeds Are Twice As Memorable As Pre-Rolls On Premium Sites.

¿Qué publicidad hacer según tu estrategia de precios? Brand content now part of half of CNN International ad deals. Havas presenta en sociedad su tercera red de agencias de medios: FullSix Media. Here are 6 reasons why newspapers have dropped their paywalls. Facebook limita el alcance orgánico para ser más rentable. MAC 2016 La televisió per IP : una realitat multidimensional.

Nuevos formatos publicitarios de Google basados en la geolocalización - Noticia - Medios. New Yorker Instagram Followers Debate Ads After Mag’s Paid Post. ¿Quieres hacer el favor de pagarme, por favor? 32 vías de ingresos para el periodismo. The SXSW16 Stolen Manifesto. ¿Cómo mejorar la publicidad en medios? Primera regla: satisface al usuario — Hoja en blanco. Quartz revenue strategy: ‘We'll do whatever makes sense for the user’ Quartz revenue strategy: ‘We'll do whatever makes sense for the user’ Si creía que la televisión había muerto, debería saber que ha resucitado con hambre de ROI. ABC Study Makes the Best Case Yet That TV Advertising Is Still Superior to Digital. 7 Ways to Ensure You Maximize Your ROI From Content. Cómo definir un perfil de audiencia o ‘buyer persona’ vía. El engagement está en crisis vía. ¿Qué son los activos digitales? ¿Qué es Publicidad Móvil?. Concepto y tipos. Guía para principiantes para calcular el ROI en redes sociales.

Diferencias entre CPC, CPM, CPL y CTR. Guía para principiantes para calcular el ROI en redes sociales. Cómo medir y calcular el Social Media ROI. Las 30 verdades del Social Media ROI.