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Good UX is Good Marketing: Brand Affinity Through Delightful Interactions. It’s one of my favorite feelings, and I’m sure you can empathize: the mix of wonder, excitement, and triumph you feel when stumbling upon a UX gem.

Good UX is Good Marketing: Brand Affinity Through Delightful Interactions

Suddenly, you’re distracted from your original task, and you want to share what you’ve found with anyone who’ll listen: “Hey! Do you want to see a really cool website?” Getting cheesy It started this past May. Whoa. For once I wasn’t irritated with a seemingly never-ending scroll, because every part of the page contributed to a great user experience: it was informative, provided what I expected to find (and more), and was complete with fun and engaging visual elements.

Unexpected animations Staying true to their rainy Pacific Northwest roots, Tillamook incorporated a scroll-triggered raindrop animation to explain the context of Oregon’s rainfall in comparison to other big cities, which makes for nice green grass and healthy, happy cows! This animation is just one of many found on the site. Creative content presentation Getting better with age. Why Customer Experience Matters. 25 Quick Tips to Involve Your Staff in Customer Experience. Executive’s Guide to Customer Experience. Do you want to improve your organization’s customer experience?

Executive’s Guide to Customer Experience

It takes more than making some superficial changes. This page will help executives understand what it takes to create significant, sustainable improvements. Start by watching this three minute video. It explains that customer experience is a reflection of the company’s culture and operating processes, which means the sustainable improvements will require focusing on four distinct CX competencies.

Download the free report The Four Customer Experience Core Competencies for more details. This excerpt from The State of CX infographic provides a quick snapshot of where organizations are along their CX journeys.. Here’s a short list of content that I’d recommend reading: The State of CX Management, 2014 (report). Keep up to date on leading-edge CX insights by signing up for monthly CX Matters Journal. Like this: Like Loading... How to profit from UX design.

Our users are the lifeblood of the products and services we make.

How to profit from UX design

We take their needs, desires, and actions into consideration for even the smallest of design decisions. Serious time and resources are spent during weeks, or even months, of design direction for these users, but is it really worth it in the end ? Absolutely. Not only does user experience design give us an increased understanding of our users’ desires, but it’s also very easily quantifiable in terms of analytical — and sometimes monetary — value. Quantifying the ROI of UX design For a long time, design was sought after, purely to make products look good. Having a fantastic user experience at all product stages can make or break a product entirely. How to profit from UX design. Turn Customer Metrics Into Business ROI. Metrics are an important topic when it comes to customer experience (CX).

Turn Customer Metrics Into Business ROI

They identify the value of good CX and provide a quantitative foundation for CX efforts to compete for funding with other areas of the business. More importantly, however, CX metrics also help identify where to best invest in changes by putting a spotlight on an organization's strengths and weaknesses. But CX metrics aren't a panacea; they are often misused. To gain the most ROI from customer experience efforts, companies must use CX metrics as a learning tool. When measuring the customer experience, companies should focus on four customer areas: behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, and interactions.

Temkin Group surveys organizations annually about how they use CX metrics. Implementing an effective CX metrics program is more complicated than just defining some measurements. First, they are consistent. Successful programs also have impact. In addition, companies make trade-offs across their business all the time. 2. Why You Can’t Ignore the Customer Experience. You work to make your company profitable—creating a strategic blend of market research, managing inventory and cash flow, improving productivity, strategic pricing, trimming costs and enlarging your customer base.

Why You Can’t Ignore the Customer Experience

However a key component of profitability, often missing from this list, is a stellar customer experience. “Too expensive,” or “not quantitative enough” are common responses. But statistics tell a different story. And while price and product matter, service can matter even more. 7k7hMzS6ZU. Forget About The ROI of Customer Experience. One of the most-asked questions in the world of customer experience (CX) is what's the ROI?

Forget About The ROI of Customer Experience

CX professionals want the answer to convince their organizations to focus more on CX while executives ask the question to calibrate how much time and money they should spend in this area. Stop Asking About the ROI of Customer Experience On it's own, the CX ROI question is somewhat silly. It's like asking what's the ROI of hamburgers for McDonalds, claims processing for State Farm, or bedding for the Marriott. Customer experience is an integral component of every organization that has customers. Unless you're holding your customers completely hostage, you will lose some business if your customer experience gets bad enough and you will generate more business if your customer experience improves enough.